Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win — The establishment media consensus is that Joe Biden is president-elect and allegations of a fraudulent election aren’t serious.

The problem isn’t that the allegations are being ignored — as bad as that is considering that President Trump has not conceded and that very accomplished people like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Shiva Ayyadurai are insisting, dramatically, that massive vote fraud has occurred — but that it’s not.

The Washington Post reported, yesterday, that that Trump was dropping his challenge that 682,479 ballots counted in secret in Pennsylvania should be voided. Pretty big deal. It was carried by news outlets throughout the country via the Associated Press.

Of course, it is fiction. The claim is most certainly not being dropped. Why would it be reported? It’s too stupid a mistake to be made honestly.

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win
Richard Hopkins being interviewed by Project Veritas

Richard Hopkins, a mailman from Erie, Pa., told Project Veritas that he overheard supervisors talking about backdating late ballots to Nov. 3. He was soon, rather bizarrely, interviewed by a federal postal investigator named Russell Strasser after which it was reported by The Washington Post and other large media outlets that he recanted.

He never, ever ever did.

Why was it reported as such? Why didn’t the Post et al interview Hopkins directly? If the partisan propagandist who work at these places didn’t think he might be telling the truth they would have simply ignored it rather than debunk it.

By the way other Pennsylvania postal workers have come forward regarding law-breaking by the postal service on Biden’s behalf.

Whoever ends up as president is going to be rejected by half this country. The lying scum who claim to give us fair and objective news deserve the blame.

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win

3 thoughts on “Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win”

  1. It is incredible to me that the news outlets are blatantly lying.

    While showing video of more than 1.5 million people in the streets of DC, the newscastor reported that only a “few thousand” showed up to march on Washington. Also, again with video showing BLM members beating up on Trump supporters, it was reported that the Trump supporters started the violence.

    What is most disconcerting to me is that these “reporters” actually believe the BS they are pedalling. They must believe the BS because they don’t believe their own eyes!

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