Pa. Bill Takes On ObamaCare

A bill that would prevent significant parts of ObamaCare from being enforced in Pennsylvania has been introduced in the State House where it appears to be languishing in the Appropriations Committee.

HB 42 was introduced
Jan. 19 — two weeks after the session started — by Matthew Baker (R-68) and 61 other representatives.

It prohibits state law enforcement and regulatory agencies from
participating “in compliance with any Federal law, regulation or policy”
that would compromise the “freedom of choice in health care” of any
resident of the state.

The bill also says A law or rule shall not compel, through penalties and fines, directly or indirectly, any individual, employer or health care provider to participate in any health care system.

It also specifically says that an individual or employer may pay directly for lawful health care services and shall not be required to pay penalties or fines for doing so; and specifically allows  health care providers to accept direct payments without penalties.

HB 42 was reported out of the House Health Committee on Feb. 7 by a 14-9 party line vote with Delaware County’s Nicholas Micozzie (R-163) and John Sabatina (D-174) not voting. It was submitted to Appropriations the next day which is chaired by Springfield’s own Bill Adolph (R-165).

Adolph was accused of sitting the bill by Steve Lonegan, the director of the New Jersey chapter of Americans For Prosperity, Saturday, at an event sponsored by AFP in Valley Forge. Lonegan encouraged supporters of the bill to contact Adolph’s offices .

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