Pennsylvania Breaks Benford’s Law

Pennsylvania Breaks Benford’s Law — Benford’s Law is the observation that the number one is likely to be the leading digit about 30 percent of the time; two , 17.6 percent; three, 12.5 percent; dropping in sequence to nine at 4.6 percent.

 Physicist Frank Benford popularized it describing numerous naturally occurring situations where it happens.

Evidence based on Benford’s law is allowed in criminal cases at the federal, state, and local levels.

Among its uses is to determine fraudulent elections.

Get where we are going here? Oh yeah, based on Benford’s Law the 2020 Presidential Election reeks with fraud. Especially in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County as per this study by S. Stanley Young, PhD

Those who defend vote fraud, hate democracy.

Pennsylvania Breaks Benford’s Law
Pennsylvania Breaks Benford's Law

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