President Trump Fighting Robocalls

President Trump Fighting Robocalls — One of the more destructive aspects of the connected globe is robocalls, something many of us have despairingly accepted as a fact of life.

Not President Trump.

President Trump Fighting Robocalls
Yes, things are getting better.

His Justice Department is going pedal to the metal against these cretins.

On Jan. 28, it sought court orders restraining two groups of companies — one operating in New York and one in Arizona — from facilitating fraudulent calls most of which originate in India.

One of the Arizona companies carried 720 million calls over 23 days.

Yesterday, Jan. 29, the Federal Trade Commission — which is now controlled by Republicans — gave notice to 19 internet-based phone companies that facilitating robocalls will land them in legal trouble.

Thank you President Trump.

Why didn’t Obama do this?

President Trump Fighting Robocalls

3 thoughts on “President Trump Fighting Robocalls”

  1. Bill, Obama didn’t do this because he had no interest in doing anything to benefit the citizens of this country.

  2. The House has also passed a bill that restricts the activities of these annoying bozos, requires better authentication by phone companies, and increases penalties for scammers. It passed 417-3 (what were those three dissenters smoking?) Now let’s see if the Senate can take 15 min. from the impeachment stuff to read it, rubber stamp it and hand to Trump to sign!

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