Romney To Appear In Delco

Mitt Romney is scheduled to appear at 12:30 this afternoon, April 23, at Mustang Expediting, a transportation company at 35 Stanley Drive, Bridgewater Business Park, Aston, PA 19014, which is actually in Chester Township. He is expedited to be joined by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida who is said to be on his short list as a running mate. 

Mustang Expediting president Stephanie Fleetman is a consistant contributor to the GOP.

Can’t say I feel the thrill but this Pennsylvania campaign stop a day before the primary maybe shows that the former Massachusetts governor has a nagging concern about an open convention. Guess one can’t blame him for not wanting to take chances.
Go Newt. Go Paul.

2 thoughts on “Romney To Appear In Delco”

  1. Bill:it’s time to get 100% behind romney and stop the newt/paul stuff!!!
    I would vote for just about any sane person rather than Obama.
    The more we snipe now against the obvious Republican candidate,the more likely Obama wins again IMO

  2. I’ll vote for Romney in the general but I’d just as soon see him not the nominee.

    The same “let’s debase the currency some more” crowd that gave us Obama has now ordained Romney.

    Take heart though my little primary vote isn’t going to make much difference and come November I”m ABO.

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