Sarah Gets New Lung

Sarah Murnaghan has a lung.

A six-hour operation was performed this afternoon (June 12) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the 10-year-old did extremely well, her family said.

Sarah who has  cystic fibrosis
desperately needed a lung transplant but was denied due to antiquated rules prohibiting those under 12 from being eligible for an adult lung. The adult lungs are much more common than children’s lungs.

Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama administration refused to waive the rule causing a national outcry and leading her family to seek relief in federal court due to age discrimination.

The relief was granted by Judge Michael Baylson allowing her to be put on the list for an adult lung.

Sarah Gets New Lung

Sarah Gets New Lung

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  1. God was watching and he answered our prayers. It’s important to keep on praying though.

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