Scary Report From Panama About Illegal Influx

Scary Report From Panama About Illegal Influx Noted war correspondent Michael Yon has been in Panama covering the impending surge of immigrants as the Biden administration prepares to abandon Title 42 on May 11.

Title 42 was the health law imposed during the coronavirus pandemic to control migration at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Yon, in a terrifying tweet, described it as a “war invasion”.

“These people will later be armed, uniformed, and informed they can take your life and your property,” he said. “Folks who have followed my war work for many years know that I do not write flippantly or inaccurately. And that I am careful with my words. You. Are. At. War. Lethal war. Ultimate consequences. Including genocide. Randomly pick any of my work over the past twenty years. Read a dozen random dispatches. Do an audit of my accuracy. Inaction now is death later.”

He also says that the masses of people have made disease rampant in Panama and that the Chinese have weaponized dengue fever.

Scary Report From Panama About Illegal Influx
Scary Report From Panama About Illegal Influx

One thought on “Scary Report From Panama About Illegal Influx”

  1. Wow scary is right I guess we had better convince all these newcomers that it is our corrupt puppets running the whole of North America that need to be taken out and not all of us and we can join them in the fight. I s this why they want to take/steal all our guns away on us to cheaply supply their secret army attack? I am sorry to keep saying these things because it is now illegal in Canada to have an honest opinion or listen to truth speakers one law is already passed and more are about to get passed so they are about to make it more so with more illegal laws. You probably heard how our elections were fixed too by now and so many Canadians do not pay attention either.

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