Sharon Devaney Guest On Don’t Back Down

Sharon Devaney Guest On Don’t Back Down — Sharon Devaney was among the guests of the May 22 Don’t Back Down program on WWDB -AM Talk 860.

Sharon has been speaking out about the irresponsibility of county officials to distinguish between those who emigrate to America legally and those who don’t.

She was crippled in 2017 when a illegal smashed her car in blatant violation of traffic signals. The illegal was never punished for her action.

The show is worth listening to and here is a link.

Don’t Back Down is a great program and can be a great part of one’s week. It’s hosted by the entertaining and enlightening Andy Teitelman and Stan Casacio. It runs Wednesdays 1 to 3 p.m.

Starting noon, today, May 24, on WWDB is The Conservative Voice with Gary Heasley. Guest include Steve Edenbo, who re-enacts Thomas Jefferson; economist Joel Griffith, Geri Perna, the aunt of J-6 victim Matthew Perna and Samad, a Philadelphia activist.

Sharon Devaney Guest On Don't Back Down
Sharon Devaney of Haverford with Charlie Alexander of Marple, another person calling attention to the dangers of indifference to immigration laws in Delaware County, Pa.

Sharon Devaney Guest On Don’t Back Down

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  1. Thanks Stan and Andy for having me on . Also thanks to Bill for giving me a chance !

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