Sliced Americana Jim Watkins

Sliced Americana Jim Watkins — Just finished Sliced Americana by Jim Watkins and Sharon Green. It’s a great book. It’s a discordiate beatnik novel for the 21st century.

It’s Chandler Brossard with a heavy salting of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and a dollop of Thomas Jefferson.

What’s it about? Well, the plot elements include string theory, extra-dimensions, metaphysics, an exotic dancer, her twin children, extraterrestrial abductions, politics, and the adventures of the narrator and Chuck, his drag queen buddy.

Sliced Americana Jim Watkins

There were honest belly laughs and historical tidbits. We never knew Spain invaded Cambodia. They did.

There are some rather graphic parts but it is not gratuitous and makes sense in context.

If you do decided to read and want to skip Chapter 2 which is a bit heavy on the string theory stuff, it still comes together in the end.

Watkins, besides being a writer, is the founder and owner of the legendary 8kun message board where the mysterious Q posted.

You can get Sliced Americana here; on Amazon and probably other palces.

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