Springfield 1922 Advertisement

The below advertisement appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1922 for building sites in Springfield, Delaware County, Pa.

It called the town “The Leading Suburb and noted it was just 12 minutes and one fare from the Sixty-ninth Street Terminal.

It boasted that it has been developed with “substantial stone highways and cement sidewalks winding through the rolling hills for over a mile along the westerly side of the Media Short LIne.”

It described it as a “fast-growing development” and called attention to the three stone passenger stations on the trolley line.

The developer, A. Merritt Taylor of the Springfield Real Estate Co., sold building lots of between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet that contained “ample space for fruit trees and flowers”.

He noted that there were “a few especially desirable hill-top locations of exceptional size and commanding extended views”.

He also noted that he had “two well-designed old farm houses in poor repair which can be converted into unusually attractive homes at moderate cost”. The farm houses were surrounded by old shade and fruit trees.

The properties started at $1,500 and he had an agent daily opposite Springfield (presumably Springfield Road) station.

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Springfield 1922 Advertisment

Springfield 1922 Advertisement

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