Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek

Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek — We just finished a nice stroll along Darby Creek in Upper Darby, Pa. from Delaware County’s Kent Park on the left bank to the township’s Gillespie Park on the other side now connected by a nice, new pedestrian bridge.

The round-trip was about three miles.

We also managed to catch the season’s last tour of the Lower Swedish Cabin guided by Ray King –apologies if we misspelled or misheard.

He said another one recrossing the creek is planned another from Gillespie Park allowing the trail to reach Garrett Road.

Private property prevents a straight path from Kent Park to Garrett Road.

The cost of the bridges are reportedly $1 million each.

Here’s some photos of the stroll.

Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek
At the end of the trail by the Swedish Cabin
Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek
The Lower Swedish Cabin was a frequent setting for movies made by Lubin Studios in the first decade of the 20th century.
Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek
The trail in Gillespie Park with the saplings.
Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek
Darby Creek looking north from the new bridge.

Sunday Stroll Along Darby Creek

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  1. Happy to see taxpayer money being used for something to benefit all residents of Upper Darby and the surrounding areas. People getting outdoors and taking that hike, preferably with their phones off, would improve public health and maybe even generate some positivity. Glad you got to see the cabin, too.

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