Toomey Gets Ridge Endorsement

Former Gov. Tom Ridge has endorsed Pat Toomey in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race.

There was speculation that Ridge would challenge Toomey for the nomination after incumbent Arlen Specter switched to the Democrat Party in 2009 when it appeared Toomey would beat him in the GOP primary election.

Ridge, who is socially liberal on many issues and hence more appealing to certain moneyed elements of the state GOP establishment, quickly quashed the speculation, however.

The Ridge endorsement, announced today, indicates a unity among state Republicans and is a significant boost for Toomey who appears to be surging past Democrat nominee Joe Sestak, the congressman from the 7th District.

Ridge in his statement said he was endorsing Toomey “because he is an honest, principled leader whois unafraid to stand up for what’s right.”

“As a member of Congress, Patconsistently fought for taxpayers, and in today’s economic climate, thattrait is more important than ever,” Ridge said.

Yesterday, Toomey was endorsed by the state chapter of the FraternalOrder of Police.

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