Trumka Joins Trump Train

Trumka Joins Trump Train
MAGA all the way.

Trumka Joins Trump Train — AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka praised President Trump in a March 8 tweet saying The real trade war is the war on workers – and we’ve been getting our butts kicked for decades. Just look at southwestern PA. Targeted tariffs are the best way to start fighting back and hold cheaters accountable.

Welcome to the Trump Train Trumka.

So where were you in November 2016?

Organized labor isn’t the enemy. There are employers who are complete SOBs and someone needs to look out for those who find themselves trapped in their employ.

What is the enemy, though, is corruption and the leaders of organized labor are corrupt. Even at the local level, they get six-figure guaranteed salaries  when the dues are automatically deducted from the paychecks. The certain income also means the bosses can cozy up to the special interests  for even greater wealth and power.

Why did Trumka’s AFL-CIO back Hillary in the first place, despite her association with NAFTA and TPP? Hmm?

The very good and necessary National Rifle Association, whose administrators do not not depend on guaranteed income, have been far more successful at getting what its members want over the last 40 years than the AFL-CIO.

Think about it.

Trumka Joins Trump Train

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