Trump Syria Riddle Me This

Trump Syria Riddle Me This Conventional American forces landed in Syria in March 2017, to crush the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Trump Syria Riddle Me This
Keeping his promises

Airstrikes and Special Forces engagements had been occurring against the Jihadis since September 2014 but they were generally ineffective and by December 2015 ISIS was in control of territory containing 8 million persons.

When President Trump took office, though, things got real. By December 2017 ISIS was crushed — at least in Iraq and Syria.

The usual suspects as expected condemned and criticized the Trump intervention.

So riddle me this: Now that the President has declared victory against ISIS– at least in Syria and Iraq — why the conniptions among the “peace” party types about his bringing the troops home?

Is somebody making money off this war or something?

By the way, ISIS remains active in Africa, Yeman and even the Philippines.

Maybe even Mexico.

Build the wall. Use the money we had been spending on the Syrian intervention.

Trump Syria Riddle Me This

2 thoughts on “Trump Syria Riddle Me This”

  1. Bill, With all due respect, this is wrong headed. We have very limited forces in Syria. One casualty of ours is tragic and one too many but casualties have been quite limited. The footprint is small and not a huge resource taker.

    We need to keep on destroying ISIS and those forces could and would do that. We also should not abandon loyal allies –the Kurds. And we would be doing just that. And abandoning them to our enemies, Russia and Iran. We need to keep Iran from building its own base of operations all the way to the Mediterranean and threatening our friend, Israel. All being done now with very limited forces.

    Abandoning our allies and helping our enemies won’t fund the Wall. We need the political will to get that done.

    Trump rightly criticized Obama for cutting and running in Iraq and causing a whole host of problems. There is no difference here. We shouldn’t “blow sunshine up Trump’s skirt” when he is wrong. Trump was right to put the forces on the ground in Syria and he should be praised for that. Those forces have done great things and should have the opportunity to continue that.

  2. Trump promised during his campaign, we will not be the policeman of the world. In Afghanistan for 17 years. Have we not left enough bodies and body parts all over the world. Russia and Turkey will continue to decimate ISIS, do we need to be involved in Syria’s civil war? The Globalists will always find a war we can be involved in, we went into Iraq and that is the move that eventually spurred on Iran. If those in the congress want to have our boys stay in Syria as some have suggested, let them man up and declare war, that is their responsibility. Enough of our boys being used as cannon fodder around the world!

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