Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

Vince Rongione, who was the Democrat’s candidate in the Pennsylvania 163 District State House race last fall, has accepted a plea deal on charges related to voter fraud, according to a press release sent by the Delaware County Republican Party. Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

The  told ya so is appropriate. The GOP raised the issue in October after it was learned that Rongione did not live in the district for the required amount of time and lied on a a change of voter registration that he did.

Rongione surrendered himself to arrest, Feb. 18, waived his preliminary hearing, and was admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program for first time offenders. It was  part of a deal his attorney arranged with a special prosecutor.  According to news reports, under the terms of the deal Rongione must complete community service, serve six months of probation, and pay a fine for his actions.

Delaware County GOP Chairman Andy Reilly called the plea and sentence “vindication”.

“We  always maintained that in pursuing his candidacy, Vince Rongione committed voter fraud and signed election documents that he knew to be false,” said Reilly. “This is vindication of our complaints that Rongione knowingly and deliberately violated the Pennsylvania Constitution and election law by attempting to establish a bogus residency.  Despite this clear violation of the law, Rongione received the fervent and ardent support of the Delaware County Democratic Party in this deception of Delaware County voters.”

The 163rd seat had been vacated by Republican Nick Micozzie after decades of service and the Dems had high hopes they could snatch it. On Election Night the hopes came to naught despite the cheating as Jamie Santora beat Rongione 11,362 to 9,963 (unofficially).

Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

5 thoughts on “Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate”

  1. I think vote fraud, an act that steals or cancels my vote, should be treated as a felony.
    Let’s treat it at least as seriously as 2d degree burglary which carries a 10-year prison sentence.
    Vote fraud is a serious crime.
    These corrupt criminals must be sent to prison.

  2. Vince Rongione was at my polling place where I was working on election day. I suggested that if I had been wrongly accused, I’d have called the press, gone to Andy Reilly’s office with documentation proving I hadn’t done anything wrong. After his refusing to answer why he didn’t three times, he turned to his brother and said “see, that’s how ‘those people’ are”. I just laughed and said “oh, am I ‘those people'”? But it proved to me he had lied.

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