Why “Non-Profits” Are Lies

For those who believe in the inherent goodness of academia and trust the altruism of those who run “non-profits” we are here to bust your bubble and remove the scales from eyes which can be done by simply pointing out that Graham Spanier, the enabler of child abuse who ran Penn State for 16 years, was the highest paid college administrator in the nation when he was forced out in November 2011.

Spanier received $2.9 million in 2011-12, including $1.2 million in severance pay and $1.2 million in deferred compensation.

And how can we seriously call an institution that pays it top dog nearly $3 million a “non-profit”.

People have got to wake up and understand that our institutions are abusing our trust.

Why "Non-Profits" Are Lies

 Why “Non-Profits” Are Lies

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