Wolf Delco Rally Dem Fiasco As Budget Becomes Issue

Wolf Delco Rally Dem Fiasco As Budget Becomes IssueGov. Tom Wolf this Halloween afternoon came to Media, Pa. to try to get a Philly union boss’ brother elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court but was instead met with a crowd demanding he  “sign the budget” and “give us books.”

The Democrat rally held on Veterans Square was probably more than half Wolf opponents. At least 100 persons attended.

One protester from Saint Dorthy’s School in Drexel Hill noted that the children have no textbooks and teachers are mimeographing lessons.

Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler expressed anger and disgust with the governor’s political actions.

“I don’t think it’s fair  or even ethical for state law to require a school district to pass a budget on time, collect our money and then hold the money hostage,” she said.

That’s what your ego has wrought Governor.

The state legislature passed $30.179 billion budget on June 30 that was a 3.6 percent increase over the previous year and would have increased education spending by $100 million.

Wolf Delco Rally Dem Fiasco As Budget Becomes Issue
Little children plead for Gov. Tom Wolf to set his ego aside and get them school books.

Wolf vetoed it.

He also rejected a recent proposal to increase education spending by $400 million if he agrees to liquor privatization and pension reform.

He also has refused to use line-item veto power to make changes that he doesn’t want and, most tellingly, arrogantly refused to sign temporary spending measures.

Wherever one stands on the political spectrum one must be ashamed of this governor and his ego-driven agenda.

Attending the rally with Wolf and those seeking local office were the Dem Supreme Court ticket and U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. significantly adding to the embarrassment.

It should be noted that Wolf was the only speaker that got significant grief from the crowd.

Wolf Delco Rally Dem Fiasco As Budget Becomes Issue


5 thoughts on “Wolf Delco Rally Dem Fiasco As Budget Becomes Issue”

  1. The budget sent to the gov had a structural deficit built into it. That means it didn’t fund the programs or the funding increases in it. Real compromise from all sides-including gov wolf- and sustainable revenue sources need to be a part of the budget. Parading children around to support a flawed agenda that doesn’t reinvest in them with actual money, not funding gimmicks, is sad, partisan posturing.

      1. Both. Pension reform doesn’t address the unfunded liability. Regardless of any potential changes to the system, it doesn’t change what’s owed. It could potentially take money away from investing/funding those liabilities Democratic and Republican administrations alike underfunded pensions. PA workers paid in to them and the legislature mismanaged them. appreciate your insight but there’s more to it than that. Blame and partisanship aside, let’s hope for a budget agreement that helps the children of PA.

        1. Great. So why not go for one of these temporary spending bills and then seek to negotiate without, literally, making children suffer? An ego driven politician is not one that deserves support.

          Wolf, if he were to accept one of these temporary spending bills and if he were so inclined — which I doubt that he is — could offer common-sense compromises sought by the GOP like pension reform in exchange for his dubious severance tax and put the ball in the Republican court. Personally, I suspect they will go for it but even if they didn’t Wolf would at least he show himself to be a leader rather than the petty martinet that he is revealing himself to be.

          For the record, the revenue from a severance tax may not be what he expects it to be — energy prices have dropped a lot in the last year — and the concern that drillers will shut down rather than stay here is not unfounded.

          Has Wolf offered any cuts in spending? How about he take back the $20 million Corbett offered to Temple for their proposed football stadium. They just lost to Notre Dame after all.

          How about Wolf cut the funding to the University of Pennsylvania until the President’s salary is cut in half or three-quarters even. http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/morning_roundup/2014/09/penn-president-amy-gutmanns-salary-rises-to-2-82m.html

          Why should an organization that can afford to pay someone $2.8 million get any state money? The private institution does get state subsidies you know.

          And concerning the pension money “owed” are you seriously defending forcing working class people to cover six-figure pensions for former public employees, some of whom are literally in the 1-percenter class?

          How can you justify asking a family making $50,000 to pay an extra $1,000 per year in taxes without asking someone making $477,000 to take any kind of hit? http://www.nationalreview.com/article/355603/repeating-detroits-error-pennsylvania-matthew-brouillette

          Who are you the Queen of France?

          And how about doing something as simple as ending prevailing wage? The law adds an estimated 20 percent to the cost of public projects. Ending it would save millions at all levels of government annually.

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