Jeb Bush Sent Open Letter

Open Letter to Jeb Bush


Governor Bush,

There is something more than troubling about you, Jeb Bush running for President on the heals of your brother, your father and lets not forget great grandfather (about 7 times I guess) Franklin Pierce on your mother’s side.  We fought a war so we could avoid the isolation of power in ad infinitum samples of the same gene pool.  Its just not healthy.

No, its not like you are the spawn of Elvis, or an Osmond,or a Marx brother but you not exactly a member of New Kids on The Block, either. They can sing. They would at least
bring new blood to the office.

You’re not even a Wahlberg, or a Jonas brother for that matter. In other words, Jeb, you and George W should have arm wrestled for the opportunity back in the day and at least one would have walked away with dignity.  There is something unsettling, even desperate about your choice to run for President.  We know Mom liked you best, but since you are running now, will Marvin run in 2024?  Or why not for that matter let Dorothy Bush Koch run instead?  The left would love that one.

She and Hillary could mud wrestle instead of debate.  Talk about must-see TV!

Rumer already has it that when you speak, Hillary’s lips move.

Your running is almost an insult to the rest of America.  After all, one of us should be able to grow up and be President, too.

Pat Carfagno  broadcasts at Freedom Radio Rocks

Jeb Bush Sent Open Letter

Jeb Bush Sent Open Letter

Fructose Makes One Hungry

A study is claiming that high-fructose corn syrup  is less likely to decrease  one’s hunger. This means one is likely to keep eating even after the acquisition of calories.

This means one is going to get fat.

Glucose — which comes from starches and is mostly produced commercially from corn starch — does not appear to have this tendency as per the study.

The subjects of the study were given pure glucose and pure fructose.

High-fructose corn syrup contains about equal parts glucose and fructose as does table sugar so it would appear unlikely that table sugar (sucrose) is a safe substitute.

Traditional corn syrup would be mostly glucose.

The study was performed by Dr. Kathleen Page at the University of Southern California.

The Corn Refiners Association said the study doesn’t count because it wasn’t in a natural setting.

Fructose, by the way, is what  naturally sweetens peaches, plums, berries and honey.

Fructose Makes One Hungry

Fructose Makes One Hungry

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-18-14

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-18-14

Lgoraxky gxk lotmkx vuyzy ut znk xugj zu ginokbksktz.
I. Y. Rkcoy

Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.
George Orwell

Swill bucket advertising

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Cheyney U Financial Collapse

Cheyney University, the nation’s oldest black college, is on the verge of financial collapse reports Reuters.

It’s rather remarkable since it’s owned by the State of Pennsylvania and is heavily subsidized by the taxpayer.

Reuters reports that its student body is now about 1,000 –down two-thirds from its 1983 peak — and its four-year graduation rate is just 9 percent.

The school’s fiscal problems are laid upon the feet of the students unable to repay debt and increasing pension costs.

The school was founded in 1837. Reuters describes Cheyney as “located in the Philadelphia suburb of the same name”. Good luck in finding such a suburb. The school’s 275-acre campus spills across Thornbury Township, Delaware County and Thornbury Township, Chester County.

Cheyney U Financial Collapse

Cheyney U Financial Collapse



Mary’s Law Looms In Pa

The excellent Commonwealth Foundation is pushing a proposed Pennsylvania law called “Mary’s Law” which would end taxpayer-funded collection of political money.

Mary is a college professor in Williamsport and a 20-year member of the PSEA. This fall, Mary’s husband received a letter from the PSEA asking him to “Please join Mary in voting for Tom Wolf.”

Mary never gave permission for her name to be used to solicit votes from her family. Neither did she agree with the politician the PSEA was pushing.

To add final insult to injury, it was Mary’s union dues that were spent on that political mailing – not a voluntary PAC contribution, but dues.

Mary’s Law is new legislation that will soon be introduced by State Senators John Eichelberger and Gene Yaw—along with 10 other senators, among them the President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader. It would end the taxpayer-funded collection of political money.

Mary’s story represents why we need this law. But it’s not just for Mary, notes Commonwealth Foundation. It’s for all teachers whose dues have been used for politics they don’t agree with. And for all taxpayers who fund the collection of this blatantly political money.

Public resources should never be used for politics. Click here to write your lawmakers about this critical issue.

Mary's Law Looms In Pa

Mary’s Law Looms In Pa

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