Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard — For those keeping track of the Swamp-inspired, pre-election accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore here they are:

Gloria Thacker Deason — Moore was 32 and Miss Thacker was 18 when they dated for several months in 1979. She said it never went beyond kissing and hugging and her parents knew they were dating. Moore doesn’t deny this albeit he takes issue with her claim that he bought her alcohol during dinner dates when she was below the then Alabama drinking age of 19.

Debbie Wesson Gibson — Moore was 34 and Miss Wesson was apparently 17 — the Washington Post story was not completely clear — when they dated for about three months in 1981. Her mother encouraged them. He played the guitar for her and read poetry to her. He kissed her twice during that time as per Miss Wesson. Moore doesn’t deny this one either.

Wendy Miller — Moore was 32 and Ms. Miller was 16 when Moore asked her mother for permission to date her in 1979. Her mother said no and that was that. Moore doesn’t deny this.

Becky Gray — Ms. Gray was 22 years old in the late 1970s when Moore asked her for her phone number several times. She became annoyed, complained and Moore stopped. By the way, Moore was never banned from the Gadsden Mall despite the reporting by some.

Gena Richardson — Ms. Richardson was 18 years old when Moore dated her in 1977. She said he gave her a “forceful” kiss. Horrors.

Those of us with 21st century, urban sensibilities find it troubling that a man in his 30s would date a girl in her teens and with reason as the expectation is now that a man dates for sex and not to seek a potential life-long mate. Once upon a time, though, these age differences were not scandalous as the man was understood to be looking for a wife to mother his children and the woman would be looking for an established breadwinner to be her husband and father her children. That this bewilders so many shows the degree to which our society has fallen. Moore was obviously not looking to abuse and lose these girls as no sexual impropriety occurred, as recognized by all,  which gets us to the remaining accusations.

Beverly Nelson — Mrs. Nelson said Moore tried to force her to have oral sex in 1977 when she was 16. Mrs. Nelson’s story has fallen apart. Her stepson is calling her a liar and In a public statement made with Democrat hack Gloria Allred, she neglected to note that Moore was the judge who dismissed her divorce case. Mrs Nelson also displayed a yearbook note purportedly signed by Moore that appears to have been forged.

Leigh Corfman — Mrs. Corfman said that when she was 14 in 1979, Moore took her for a ride in his car, took off his clothes and made her touch his privates. Pretty creepy. If true, Moore does not belong in public life. We don’t think it’s true.  Forty-year-old accusations without corroborating evidence made a month before an election should be rejected on principle. Moore has unambiguously denied this — along with the incident involving Mrs. Nelson — and the behavior she claims he exhibited is contradicted by how the other women used as examples of his bad character say he acted. You can’t have it both ways. Further, sickos don’t quit. If you want us to get off the Moore Express provide solid evidence of teenage mistresses after his marriage or how he hung out with Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton.

Can’t do that? Well, we will just continue to accept that it is a hit job by Swamp Dwellers who fear a Sen. Roy Moore can’t be controlled and hence must not be allowed near the secrets of their corruption.

Tina Johnson —  Ms. Johnson, the eighth accuser, said Moore complimented her looks and grabbed her buttocks during a review about a child custody matter in 1991. She was 28. So what is it? Moore goes for teenagers or moms nearing 30? We will note that Ms. Johnson has convictions for writing bad checks and third degree theft, and that any woman can make this allegation if left alone with any man hence the allegation should be rejected on principle if made after 30 years.

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard
Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard


Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard







William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-17-17

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-17-17

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Every one desires to live long, but no one would be old. Abraham Lincoln Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Every one desires to live long, but no one would be old.
Abraham Lincoln


Read Phil Heron at the Delaware County Daily Times

Gaming Beats Dementia Says Study

Gaming Beats Dementia Says Study — A clinical trial funded by the US National Institutes of Health using 2,800 people has found that older adults who practice specific computer training exercises that test how fast they respond to visual stimuli could face a 29 percent lower chance of developing dementia.

Used a specific brain-training exercise called “Double Decision,” a patented program by Posit Science that is available on

Of course, if you happen to be a mean old character Bioshock or Fallout 3 might be more to your taste.

Gaming Beats Dementia Says Study

Gaming Beats Dementia Says Study Involving 2,800 persons at

Al Franken Sex Assault With Photo

Al Franken Sex Assault — Ancient allegations of sexual misconduct are tough to buy, but every now and then there is evidence.

Like a photo.

Al Franken Sex Assault

That’s Saturday Night Live comic, U.S. Senator and Democrat  (three strikes) Al Franken. His victim is Leeann Tweeden, a news anchor for KABC in Los Angeles. She is asleep. The incident occurred on a   C-17 cargo jet coming back from a USO tour in Afghanistan in 2006.

Ms. Tweeden had made several USO trips as her father served in Vietnam and her husband, then boyfriend, Chris is an Air Force pilot. Franken came along on this one. She said he groped her and tried to kiss her throughout leaving her feeling violated at several points. She didn’t know this happened, however, until she got a CD from the photographer chronicling the trip.

She has written about it detail here. 

Franken has represented Minnesota since 2009. Franken is described as a  male feminist (four strikes) but that just means he’s pro abortion and mouths the right things before the right ladies-who-lunch groups.

So Mitch McConnell, you going kick this pig out or what?

Al Franken Sex Assault




Cuban Bicycle Diary Shows Socialism Fails

Cuban Bicycle Diary — A friend has forwarded us the below article:

TRIP TO CUBA . . .well worth the read!

A 77 yr. old guy goes to Europe, Canada, Mexico and now Cuba for bicycle road trips.  I  thought you might enjoy reading his report of his bicycle trip to Cuba:

On February 1st I flew to Atlanta, met some friends  and we flew to Cancun, Mexico.  We spent 4 days there, mostly touring  the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza and getting ready for the next  part of the adventure.  Seven more people flew in and we all boarded a Mexican airline, Interjet, and flew to Havana for a week of bicycle riding in Cuba.

Cuba, where nothing works, including the people.  Unemployment is 48% and of those who do work, 8 out of every 10 work for the government.  Before heading to the western part of the island, we spent a night in Havana at the Riviera Classic, the finest hotel at the time.  20 stories with 3 elevators, but only one worked.   Contrary to what I found in the rest of  the country, my shower only had hot water.  Turn the knobs all you want, but you only got hot, scalding water.

The stories about the old cars is quite true, but many of those cars are used to take tourists on tours of the city.  $30.00 gets you 2 hours in 1952 Cadillac convertible and you can pile in as many people in as you want.  Old Chevys seem to be the most  popular and a few are quite nicely restored.  They all fell in the 1941 to 1957 range.  I saw nothing newer than a 57.  By restored, I  mean they look good on the outside but, as our Cuban tour guide said, there would not be a V8 under the hood.  The original had failed decades ago and with no parts to fix it, other means had to be found.  Generally that involved putting a 4 cylinder Russian made diesel in and making the necessary changes to get it to fit and mate up with an unknown transmission.

Outside Havana, the country is still in the 19th century.  Many people walk, but equally as many use horses, both to ride and to pull carts.  I saw wagons pulled by oxen on the highway.  We traveled by motor coach, stayed in crude motels, and ate in restaurants – all owned by the government.  Staying clean was a challenge.  In the public restrooms, washing your hands was interesting.  You need 3 things to wash your hands — water, soap, towel to dry.  Well, the towel was your shirt or pants, because there never were any towels.  In 1/3 of the toilets there was no water and in one case there was a lady standing beside the sink with a bottle of water to pour over your hands.  In an equal number of places, there was no soap.

If you thought not having soap and water in the restroom was a problem, imagine not having a toilet SEAT.  Yep, no toilet seat and it wasn’t just confined to public facilities.  One of  the rooms we stayed in had no toilet seat, which was matched by the fact  there was no toilet paper.  In its place, somebody had carefully torn individual sheets of toilet paper from a roll and placed them on the back of  the toilet.

Free health care and education is one of the things Castro brought with his revolution.  The health care is generally limited to the bigger cities.  Our guide told us that a taxi driver in Havana earned more in tips each day than a medical doctor earned  in salary in one month.  Oh, and the doctor can be arrested and jailed if he attempts to treat people on the side for extra money.  Education is free, but the reality is that most people cannot afford to stay in school.  Our tour guide was the exception.  He completed college and got a Master’s degree in computer technology, but can’t find a job in that field, so he conducts tours.

We visited a tobacco farm, where we had the opportunity to purchase genuine Cuba cigars for $3.25.  The farm had been in this man’s family for 3 generations, but only recently had actual title been put back in his name.  The  government claimed it after the revolution.   After harvest, the  government takes 90% of the tobacco, leaving the farmer with just 10% for his own personal use.  He chose to demonstrate how to hand roll a cigar, then sell it to tourists.  I asked our guide if all farmers lost 90% of their crop to the government.  His reply, “Oh no, vegetable farmers only give up 60% of their crop.”

The roads looked like they had been carpet bombed with huge pot holes everywhere.  Add that to the very steep hills we encountered and it made for slow biking.  While I am no speed demon, one day I averaged just 4.5 MPH as I attempted to find bits of pavement between the holes in the road.  In many cases, there was no road, just dirt.  When trucks went past, we were engulfed in a storm of dust and exhaust fumes.  A few of the  trucks were leftover Russian military vehicles.  Personal  transportation in the rural area was provided by stake bodied trucks.   People would stand by the side of the road and climb aboard when such a  truck came by.  The fare was around 8 cents and you stood packed in the bed of the truck with several dozen other people.

Those on welfare receive $25 a month, plus a ration of beans, rice and  cooking oil.  The money came from the Cuban government, but the Russians provided the food.  Each month a supply cargo ship docks with beans, rice and cooking oil sent by the Russians.  Speaking of them,  the Cuban version of the Missile Crisis is quite different from what we heard in the US.

Glad I went, but have no desire to return.  Cuba makes our inner cities look like paradise and the poverty is staggering.  After 2 weeks abroad, we flew home and I spent the night in a Hampton Inn at the Atlanta airport, before catching an early morning flight back to Seattle.  Took the longest hot water shower ever after having a cheeseburger, fries and two gin & tonics for dinner.  I was really glad to be back.

Dedicated to all Bernie Sanders supporters and others who believe “Government Socialism” is so much better than our country that was built on “Capitalism.”


Cuban Bicycle Diary Shows Socialism Fails

Cuban Bicycle Diary Shows Socialism Fails



William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-16-17

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-16-17

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My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth. George Washington Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth.
George Washington


Check out Kim Kennedy’s It’s A New Day on WFYL 1180 AM

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 11-15-17

Captain Billy Wilford Fawcett — Fawcett Publications’  was the nursery for the authors who would rule the American literary world of the second half of the 20th century with a roster including John D. MacDonald, Richard Matheson, Louis L’Amour, William Goldman and Kurt Vonnegut.

It was founded by Wilford Hamilton Fawcett who served as an army captain during World War I. He took on the sobriquet Captain Billy from whence came the name of the magazine of naughty jokes which led to its  success: Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang.

If you should recognize the name it’s likely due to its reference in the song Trouble from Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man.

Captain Billy Wilford Fawcett


Captain Billy Wilford Fawcett

Kurt Holland In The 91st District

Kurt Holland In The 91st District
Kurt Holland with wife Janet and John Quincy Adams.

Kurt Holland In The 91st District — School teacher Kurt Holland has announced that he will take on long-time incumbent State Rep. Dan Moul in the 91st District Republican Primary, May 15.

The district is in Adams County.

Moul has represented  it  since 2007. Is he a bad guy? Don’t know, but the Pennsylvania GOP hasn’t done squat since he’s been in regarding the issues crushing its citizens (pension reform, banning school strikes, fighting union corruption) and Moul hasn’t made a lot of noise about them.

He seems to be content enjoying his $85,338.65 salary (not counting health benefits, pension and per diems) and sponsoring routine legislation such as bills that amend the Scrap Material Theft Prevention Act.

Nothing that makes us think that he’s worth $85,338.65 anyway.

Holland, a resident of Cumberland Township, served in the Army and National Guard from 1988 to 1999 as a medical specialist ending with a rank of E-5. He now teaches special education in Baltimore city schools. His wife Janet is a human resources specialist  at The Daughters Of Charity in Emmitsburg.

Holland says he has worked on farms since he was eight. He has served as an Adams County committeeman, state delegate on several occasions and was vice president of the Young Republicans.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree from Liberty University.

He is conservative on the important issues.

One can either fuss and fume about why legislators like Moul don’t have term limits or give guys like Holland a chance.

We say, give Holland a chance. Drain the swamp in Harrisburg.


Kurt Holland In The 91st District