Tom Wolf Corporate Tool

Tom Wolf Corporate Tool
Tom Wolf Corporate Tool

Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing cutting Pennsylvania’s corporate tax in half — 9.99 percent to 4.99 percent on net income — by 2018.

It’s probably a good thing. Comcast will certainly appreciate it.

And what are corporations but entities created by a legal process? Good lawyers and accountants can minimize net income by creating marketing and administrative expenses  that would other otherwise not be considered. These invariably benefit the lifestyles of those running the corporation.

So good for Wolf.

But we kind of wonder about his priorities. Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the nation — thank you Tom Corbett. It has an extremely burdensome property tax, which puts disproportionate pain on the elderly and unemployed, which to Wolf’s credit he says he wants to address. It also has a sales tax, which,  while on the low end does not account for the reality that the most populated part of the state is a half-hour ride from tax-free Delaware.

The income tax is also on the low end, but that is something Wolf wants to raise.

Overall,  tax burden for a resident of Pennsylvania is in the nation’s to 10.

Yet, the first thing Wolf talks about is cutting the corporate tax.

The ease of living in Pennsylvania does not look like it will improve.

Unless you are a corporation.

Tom Wolf Corporate Tool


Telemedicine Common And Growing

Telemedicine, which is defined by the American Telemedicine Association as the use of medical information exchanged . . . via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status  was practiced by 33 percent of US healthcare practitioners according to an October survey with another 29 percent planning on doing so, according to Telemedicine Common And Growing
The ATA estimates that 500,000 patients saw a doctor via webcam in 2014.
Telemedicine Common And Growing

Anti-Vaxxers Take Issue

Chris Freind’s column Vaccination Mandates Are Necessary is getting  negative feedback on Twitter.  Young robot redhead trying to be creative?  That’s cold.  Anti-Vaxxers Take Issue

Anyway, a friend has sent us the other side regarding why vaccinations should not be mandated.

Many may  think something calling itself Off The Grid News should be an object of mirth rather than be taken seriously but it is a huge mistake to dismiss it and similar sites, and fail to discount their influence.

The anti-vaxxer movement should be proof enough of that.

Regarding vaccinations, the principles that should be followed are freedom, honesty and information not force, intimidation and mocking.

It is quite appropriate for a hospital to require its workers to be vaccinated. If one wishes not to be vaccinated one has the freedom not to work there.

It is also appropriate for a public school to require its pupils be vaccinated — providing opportunities are provided for children whose parents wish them not to be. Cyber-charter schools — and they exist in Pennsylvania — would be one example. Property tax exemptions for parents who home school their children works as well. And funding via vouchers for like-minded parents who want to have communal schools without a vaccination mandate also solves the problem.

It should be noted that not mandating vaccinations is not banning them. If people trust the information they get they will act on it. The Amish are noted for their suspicions of modern ways. Did you know that most of the Amish population –63 percent — is vaccinated?

Anti-Vaxxers Take Issue



Modumetal Is Rearden Metal?

Modumetal Is Rearden Metal

Seattle-based Modumetal has created a nanolaminated alloy that is stronger and lighter than steel which is being tested in oil fields reports   MIT Technology Review.

The companies founders are Christina Lomasney a physicist, John Whitaker, a chemical engineer, and Leslie Collinson, a mechanical engineer.

Technology Review claims the Modumetal product is 10 times stronger than existing steel and much more resistant to corrosion.

A big plot point in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged concerns Rearden metal, a radical alloy lighter and stronger than steel.

It looks like it’s now here and just in time for 2016 which is when the fictional alloy was to come to be.

Modumetal Is Rearden Metal?

Capitol Bean Soup As Per Chef Bill Sr.

Joseph Cannon Capitol Bean Soup
Congressman Joseph Gurney Cannon, the father of Capitol Bean Soup.

Chef Bill Sr has gotten a query regarding one his favorite dishes — the U.S. Capitol Bean Soup. The dish is served every day in all 11 Capitol dining rooms at the demand, according to legend, of Speaker of the House Joseph G. Cannon.

Cannon, a Republican, represented various parts of Illinois from 1873 until 1923 with a two-year hiatus coming when he lost the 1912 election.

He served as Speaker from 1903 until 1911 and was the man who graced the first cover of Time Magazine on March 3, 1923.

The story is that one day during his Speakership,  he sat for lunch, looked at the menu and shouted “Thunderation, I had my mouth set for bean soup! From now on, hot or cold, rain, snow or shine, I want it on the menu every day.”

And so it came to be.

Here is the recipe courtesy of Capitol Bean Soup As Per Chef Bill Sr.

Strain the water from the soaked beans and put in a big pot with 3 quarts of water and the ham bone or ham hocks. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours.

Stir the veggies and herbs into the pot–and  the mashed potatoes for the Senate version–and cook over low heat for another hour–until the beans are nicely tender.

Remove the bones from the pot then  the meat into  bits and return that to the pot. Discard  the bones.

For authenticity crush a few of the beans in each bowl to thicken the broth.

Capitol Bean Soup As Per Chef Bill Sr.

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