Kim Jong-un Burned Alive Ends The Interview

Kim Jong-un Burned Alive Ends The Interview

Here is the ending to The Interview, the movie that Sony Pictures has pulled from distribution due to threats from North Korea and having had its cyber-stored secrets revealed in a hack attack.

The man being burned alive is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, which is something he’s been known to do to his political opponents.

The movie is allegedly a comedy by Seth Rogen who is sort of a modern day Three Stooges minus two stooges. Note we didn’t say Charlie Chaplin. We said Three Stooges minus two stooges. There are no tender moments of pathos in a Seth Rogen film.

The movie gives Little Kim the same treatment the Stooges (and Chaplin for that matter) gave Adolph Hitler except in an edgier way.

Anyway, Kim felt the film was a threat to his power so he took action against the Japanese-owned, Hollywood-based studio thereby guaranteeing a massive hit when the movie is inevitably released — you know movies can be released online now, not just in theaters, right Kim? This means that just about everyone in the world will see his ugly face get its just deserts.

And if Kim really has managed to dig up some uber juicy blackmail stuff on the Sony honchos to keep them continuing to make copyright complaints against the forces of samizdat, well, having the film distributed by  bootleg and become super hip and cool will only make things worse for the dictator.

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Kim Jong-un Burned Alive Ends The Interview

Kim Jong-un Burned Alive Ends The Interview



Philly Paramedic Calls Police “Real Enemy”

Philly Paramedic Calls Police "Real Enemy"

Marcell Salters, a Philadelphia Fire Department paramedic, posted the above picture on Instagram with the caption “Our real enemy…need 2 stop pointing guns at each other & at the ones that’s legally killing innocents.”

Salters is paid by the city of Philadelphia and has to work on a daily basis with Philadelphia Police.

The image comes from a music video for “Hands Up” a rap song by Uncle Murda and Maino.

Salters then doubled down and said in a since-deleted Facebook post: “never did or will like police.. . .Because of what i do i have to work with them but dont have to like them,”

Mayor Michael Nutter appropriately condemned Salters calling what he did “reprehensible”  and directed Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer to investigate. Salters posted the photo off duty, but If it is found that, as expected, Salters made a comment about the post while on duty he will be disciplined.

The song “Hands Up” is a response to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, black men who died last summer at the hands of white police officers.

Brown was shot, Aug. 9,  while charging Ferguson, Mo. Police Officer Darren Wilson after committing a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store

Garner died after police wrestled him to the ground when he became upset while being arrested on July 19 for selling cigarettes illegally in Staten Island, New York City.

Garner is the more sympathetic figure as his crime did not involve hurting anyone and he did not appear to be trying to hurt the arresting officers.

Still, police are not the ones who write the often stupid laws they are required to enforce and it borders on slander to say that murder — the desire to see the subject dead rather than in custody — was in the arresting officers’ hearts in either of these instances.

Through the first nine months of this year, Chester, Pa. had 24 murders with all of the victims being black. As the city’s population is but 34,000 this gave it one of the highest murder rates in the world.

On Sept.26, a massive sweep by police netted 35 men — all black — who were running a drug gang in the city.

We believe there has not been a murder in the city since.

The police are not the enemy of blacks.

Philly Paramedic Calls Police “Real Enemy”

High GPA Now Liability

It appears a high grade point average from a top school is now a liability.

At least at Google. The web goliath has spent years analyzing who succeeds at the company and have learned it isn’t the know-it-all with the pedigree, reports

Apparently those with high grades lack the integral “intellectual humility”.

In other words, they take credit for when something good happens and blame all but themselves when something otherwise happens.

Further many schools don’t deliver on what they promise. A whole lot of money seems to be going to waste.

Google is now looking for people with learning ability — which means be able to process on the fly and pull together disparate bits of information — and the skill to argue passionately for a point yet be able to concede that someone else has a better idea.

It is turning out that often  the most exceptional people are those without college, says QZ.

High GPA Now Liability

High GPA Now Liability


Jeb Bush Sent Open Letter

Open Letter to Jeb Bush


Governor Bush,

There is something more than troubling about you, Jeb Bush running for President on the heals of your brother, your father and lets not forget great grandfather (about 7 times I guess) Franklin Pierce on your mother’s side.  We fought a war so we could avoid the isolation of power in ad infinitum samples of the same gene pool.  Its just not healthy.

No, its not like you are the spawn of Elvis, or an Osmond,or a Marx brother but you not exactly a member of New Kids on The Block, either. They can sing. They would at least
bring new blood to the office.

You’re not even a Wahlberg, or a Jonas brother for that matter. In other words, Jeb, you and George W should have arm wrestled for the opportunity back in the day and at least one would have walked away with dignity.  There is something unsettling, even desperate about your choice to run for President.  We know Mom liked you best, but since you are running now, will Marvin run in 2024?  Or why not for that matter let Dorothy Bush Koch run instead?  The left would love that one.

She and Hillary could mud wrestle instead of debate.  Talk about must-see TV!

Rumer already has it that when you speak, Hillary’s lips move.

Your running is almost an insult to the rest of America.  After all, one of us should be able to grow up and be President, too.

Pat Carfagno  broadcasts at Freedom Radio Rocks

Jeb Bush Sent Open Letter

Jeb Bush Sent Open Letter

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