2 New Alternative Parties For Election Day 2022

2 New Alternative Parties For Election Day 2022

By Bob Small

For many years in Pennsylvania the three active alternative parties were the Constitution Party, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party.  All presented alternative views, from left to right.  All would frequently be challenged by either Democrat of Republican parties, so the years where three alternative gubernatorial, lieutenant gubernatorial, and senatorial candidates were on the ballot were rare but did happen.  During those years, Greens (including myself) might also help the Libertarians in their challenges while Libertarians might also help the Greens, and the Constitution Party would be in there also.

This year, there are four alternatives on the ballot albeit the Constitution Party is not one of them as they are in the process of reforming. 

So joining the Greens and the Libertarians are the Keystone Party and the Socialist Worker Party, formed by expelled Trotskyites in 1938.   

In the states adjacent to Pennsylvania, only Republicans and Democrats are seeking major statewide offices in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York albeit the New York Dems have the support of their minor league team, the Working Families Party; an SWP senate candidate is on the ballot in Ohio while Maryland has Greens, Libertarians, and Working Class Party candidates on their ballots. Lastly, the Americans Coming Together (ACT) Party has a Candidate on their ballot in West Virginia. The ACT website quotes Plato “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of government, then you are doomed to  live under the rule of fools”.  Luckily, we live in Pennsylvania.

 See Politics1.com for the other 43 state wide candidate listings.

The phrase “vote your hopes, not your fears”, comes into play here.  During the last election, my Swarthmore Democratic neighbors told me I had to vote against Donald Trump because Trump will (fill in the blank here).  However Joe Biden and his “machine”, and his family, also scared me.   As I’ve previously posted, there were policies where Donald Trump would have done no worse, and sometimes better, than the Delawarean now in office.  The Afghan withdrawal is one prime example.

In future articles we will discuss the alternative candidates, none of whom have a snowball’s chance in Hades, of winning in Pennsylvania.

2 New Alternative Parties For Election Day 2022
2 New Alternative Parties For Election Day 2022

2 thoughts on “2 New Alternative Parties For Election Day 2022”

  1. Alternative Parties I thought were a good thing if they are independent and really for the country they want to win in.
    I many years ago joined the Libertarian Party, but quit it when I learned they were a worldwide ONE World Party. My neighbor who had been very Liberal and now was disgusted with them decided to join and run in the Green Party, till he found out their agenda, and again they are he said a ONE World Order environmentalists, big spending, with connections all around the world too.
    All of our political Parties here in Canada have been infiltrated or set up by these One Worlders or WEF all by the United Nations and the sick elites? There are few actual Independent Parties for the country you live in, but theses two are not, at least that is what we discovered here in Canada of these “Independents” they are not for your countries sovereignty but for their world leaders. IMO and info we have found now mostly taken down.
    This is why Pres. Trump is attacked constantly he is for the USA and its people. The World needs him to remain free with strong countries, especially the USA the leader in the world.
    Canada has mostly been taken down, Lieberals+NDP+ Green equals all WEF, work together and demonize Conservatives, until a liar WEF leader was chosen or put in place finally. A new Conservative leader is being chosen again, the last was a WEF liar but the Party had enough strength to move him out and elections for a leader are on again and there is hope, one man claiming NOT to be WEF and wants a sovereign Canada he is leading and is being attacked already by our WEF government controlled media but with those running the Conservatives being WEF we are worried he will not get in, and we will loose our country. AS lieberal puppet PM Truedoper said right to us “Canada is a post national state”. We are very divided and ready to fall if the Conservatives jinx this new leader election, and if this man is not as truthful as he says but he is our last hope at stopping Canada’s collapse.
    Please Mr. Small look closely very closely at what you vote for it is life and death to billions of people if we don;t get this straightened out. IMO again.

  2. Our government really is a tw0-party system. Any alternative or new party ends up siphoning votes from the Republicans. The conservatives need to learn that we MUST be cohesive and simply stick together. We saw how the Dems put up only one candidate, Shapiro. We have to stop the calling each other RINO and act right!

    If any Republican is going to vote for a Dem, please just go over to the dark side completely and shut the hell up.

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