What Happened To Zeeke And Moose?

What Happened To Zeeke And Moose? — Nine months after taking office Chester County Sheriff Fredda Maddox announced the acquisition of Zeeke and Moose to her department’s K-9 unit.

This would have been in September 2020.

Well Zeeke and Moose are no longer there along with most of the units other dogs.

Whatever happened to them? Flyers are being placed around the county

If the K-9 unit had been fully staffed Danelo Cavalcante would not have had his two-week vacation.

On the other hand, Ms. Maddox can’t even keep the human side of department filled.

She’s trying for a promotion to Common Pleas Court judge, Nov. 7, and running as her successor is hand-picked Kevin Dykes.

Running against Dykes is Roy Kofroth. Ms. Maddox is one of 12 candidates for five open seats for for judge. If you want competency don’t vote for the Democrats.

What Happened To Zeeke And Moose?

What Happened To Zeeke And Moose?

Is Pennsylvania GOP Making Early Endorsements To Sabotage Working Class?

Is Pennsylvania GOP Making Early Endorsements To Sabotage Working Class? — Josh Prince has informed us that the Pennsylvania Republican Committee intends to endorse state candidates for the 2024 election-cycle during state committee meeting which is happening today, Sept. 29, and tomorrow in Harrisburg.

“Never before has State Committee even considered endorsing state candidates –although they have federal candidates on a couple occasions — prior to the November election preceding the applicable election-cycle,” he said.

He said if an endorsement was to be made it would be at the February State Committee meeting.

He said that some candidates have not even announced yet, since it isn’t even the election-cycle in which they’re running.

The candidates reportedly to be endorsed are for treasurer, auditor general, and the U.S. Senate seat now held by Bob Casey.

This appears to be a plan to grease the wheels for Dave McCormick, who lost a primary battle for the Senate in 2022 to Mehmet Oz.

McCormick is widely mistrusted by Trump supporters in the state.

Prince says there is also talk of an endorsement for attorney general.

Could this be an attempt to squelch a candidacy by popular York County District Attorney Dave Sunday who stood up to the Wolf administrations’ stupid, counter-productive Covid restrictions?

Family fights are fine for political parties but smart people know that unfairness make its harder to forgive.

The working class Republicans haven’t forgotten how the Republican political class had no problem stabbing them in the back to make Democrat Josh Shapiro the governor. Note that the names at the link include former Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio and former Montco GOP boss Mike Vereb. Yeah, they supported Josh.

Is Pennsylvania GOP Making Early Endorsements To Sabotage Working Class?

Is Pennsylvania GOP Making Early Endorsements To Sabotage Working Class?

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD’s Passing

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD’s Passing

By Bob Small

Since Netflix DVD has ceased to exist as of, today, Sept. 29, we have begun to investigate alternatives.

These are two of the mail-order alternatives; one is Scarecrow Video of Seattle. It offers a humongous list of titles.

Then there’s Cafe DVD, for which you can even pay for your DVD’d by check if you want to be really old-school.

Scarecrow and Cafe are two of the most recent listings of alternatives to Netflix.

Here are some lists of others.

7 Alternatives to Netflix for Renting DVDs – MUO

Five DVD Subscription Services to Replace Netflix – How-To Geek

With all of these alternatives, it may be helpful to check out CNET or another site that presents aggregate reviews. For the next month, many of these services will probably get a rush of customers and will have to learn to adjust.

If you’re ready to travel within Delaware County, there is a great old-timey store called Goodies that offers DVDs and even unopened videotapes for sale. Of course, stores such as Goodies also offer the opportunity for socialization. Many of us have been inside too long and would welcome the chance to meet and talk to other people who are also interested in movies.

There are also various thrift stores that offer DVDs and videotapes.

Here are some links:

THE BEST 10 Thrift Stores in Delaware County, PA – Yelp

Family Thrift Shoppe – 1011 Macdade Blvd – Foursquare and 

NANA’S ATTIC – 23 Photos & 16 Reviews – Yelp

Dollar stores sometimes sell DVD’s, although my friend Peggy observes that “you can’t buy anything there any more for a dollar!”

Then there is the Delaware County Library System, which has the added advantage of letting you search online before you go to the library.

Of course, there’s always Redbox, possibly the least social option for finding movies to watch.

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD's Passing

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD’s Passing

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited — Garrett Ziegler, the founder of Marco Polo and the guy who made Hunter Biden’s laptop accessible to the masses, spoke for more than two hours, last night, Sept. 29, at ChescoUnited’s Town Hall at The Desmond in Malvern, Pa.

Ziegler’s report can be read — and searched — online for free here.

Or a hard copy can be purchased here.

The report only contains verifiable criminal activity. Every claim is based on at least two primary sources, and is irrefutable, Ziegler says. The team that compiled it included private detectives and lawyers.

The only things redacted from it are genitalia, Social Security and credit card numbers, and a phone number belonging to the president.

He says they will pay $1,000 to anyone finding a material error in the report.

Hunter Biden left three laptops for repairs on April 12, 2019, at The Mac Shop, a computer store in Wilmington, Del. run by John Paul Mac Isaac. One computer was unsalvageable and the second could be fixed with an external keyboard. The data on the third could be transferred to an external hard drive if Biden would provide one.

Biden dropped one off five days later and Isaac transferred the files that afternoon.

Hunter never returned. The shop’s policy was unclaimed items became property of the business after 90 days. Isaac looked at the hard drive’s contents and found evidence of major crimes.

In October 2019, Isaac reached out to the FBI using his father — a retired Air Force colonel — as intermediary. The father was rebuffed and actually threatened.

On Nov. 21, FBI agents Wilson and Dzielak met Isaac at his home, though,, and on Dec. 9, served him a subpoena and took the items.

The FBI, however, appeared to shelve the case so Isaac got the data to people associated with Rudy Giuliani in August 2020.

Giuliani’s team gave it to The New York Post which published a story, which major social media outlets banned.

And 51 high ranking intelligence officials including former CIA directors published a statement in baldly lying that it was Russian disinformation.

Ziegler notes that most of those signing were Republicans from the Bush eras.

Giuliani’s group would give Ziegler a copy of the hard drive, and he spent 18 months making it accessible.

The files start in 2008 and include emails, audio, video and photos.

Ziegler says that as bad as the sex and drug stuff is, the real horror is the money.

“If the US president is compromised…. What is the recourse?” Ziegler says. “Vote him out? The election has to be fair.”

He notes that President Biden has stopped talking about Chinese intellectual property violations since taking office.

Ziegler says Hunter blatantly violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) to avoid leaving a paper trail.

Hunter’s job in the Biden family was to be approached by foreign bosses seeking favors from America, says Ziegler. Most of the emails concern this representation, and, no, he never declared he was doing such in violation of FARA.

He says that Beau was the chosen child. Hunter was raised to be the bagman.

Ziegler has been the subject of smears, lawfare and other harassment.

He says a dead cat was left on his parents’ doorstep.

He says the Bidens have a connection with Microsoft and users of its Edge browser will receive a warning before visiting his website

Ziegler says there is always a mole in his audience who is associated with the Biden family.

He says he has the data backed up in places throughout the world and even if they kill him it will remain accessible.

Ziegler says his project surprisingly gets attacks from the right as he takes pains to check his facts while others pander with untrue but salacious claims. Mmany Biden opponents reflexively believe them and become angry when told to beware.

He said the Chinese putting out much of this disinformation.

Ziegler says he gave every member of Congress a copy of his report. Most of the Republicans believe it but about a quarter fear nasty stories in the establishment media notably The Washington Post, he says.

He happily noted, however, that his Malvern appearance coincided with the start of Biden’s impeachment hearings.

Ziegler says his project included creating a Biden family tree and he found another unacknowledged daughter besides Navy Joan Roberts.

This one is the child of the president’s youngest brother, Frankie, and her name is Megan Walker.

Ziegler says that after Hunter’s sister-in-law/lover Hallie alleged he was being sexually inappropriate with her daughter, Hunter had her removed from the family payroll.

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited

Ziegler says Obama biographer David Garrow has read his report and praised it.

He says that the found diary of Ashley Biden was made a theft case by then Attorney General Bill Barr.

Ziegler cited other sites relating to Biden scandals.

BidenLaptopEmails.com has the emails from the laptop.

BidenLaptopMedia.com has video and pictures.

BidenSARs.com concerns suspicious activity reports.

ShowersWithJoe.com concerns Ashely Biden’s diary.

In other matters it was noted that federal spending has increased by 30 percent in the Biden years while federal revenue is up by just 19 percent. A pickup truck is about $20,000 more than in 2019.

It was also pointed out that Democrats are spending big money in school board races trying to make people believe that their opponents are bigots who want to ban books while the porn they are pushing is but “diverse reading materials to empower young minds.”

One man described himself as a whistleblower and recommended all watch this video concerning Toll Brothers developer.

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited

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