Panicked Biden Building Trump’s Wall

Panicked Biden Building Trump’s Wall The Federalist reports that Biden has signed waivers for 26 federal laws — including the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Endangered Species Act — to build, at least part of, Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

To be built are 17 miles of barrier in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

Is Joe reading us?

Panicked Biden Building Trump's Wall

Stollsteimer Woman-Bullying Is Backfiring

Stollsteimer Woman-Bullying Is Backfiring — The male feminist in his heart hates women. See for example Delaware County, Pa.’s progressive Democrat D.A. Jack Stollsteimer.

Stollsteimer attended the non-partisan Delaware County Bar Association Judicial Retention event, last night, Oct. 4, as did Beth Stefanide, who is the Republican candidate for district attorney.

Beth went to shake his hand, we are told, and Jack went crackers. He berated her screaming “just you wait”. He wagged his finger in her face.

An attorney who works in the district attorney’s office tried to deescalate and later apologized to Beth for his boss’ behavior.

Stollsteimer Woman-Bullying Is Backfiring
She triggered Mad Jack Stollsteimer

Beth is a mother of three and has a long, well-respected career as an attorney which included time as a prosecutor.

She has refrained from name-calling and personal attacks at Jack.

She has, however, been talking about the 25-percent increase in crime that has occurred on Stollsteimer’s watch, and the general incompetency in Delco’s justice system that has caused death and suffering such as at the prison.

This is obviously hitting a nerve and might indicate the GOP will do better in Delco, Nov. 7, than some think.

And we really doubt Jack would have been this abusive to a man.

By the way, did we call it in 2019 or not regarding the consequences of electing Jack?

Yes, “Progressives” have always hated women.

Stollsteimer Woman-Bullying Is Backfiring

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

By Joe Guzzardi

To add to the hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of words that have been written about President Biden’s unconstitutional, criminal disregard for protecting the homeland would serve little purpose. Now is the time for outlining what must be done, assuming a patriotic administration replaces Biden’s.

Simply put, with a new administration, an effort to return aliens home – removed compassionately, but nevertheless sent back to their native countries – will have to begin immediately.

Assuming the incoming administration makes immigration enforcement a priority, a significant decrease can be made in the presence of those who willfully mocked U.S. laws, aided and abetted by the president and his corrupt staff. If anyone doubts what Biden is up to, the president explained his mission:

“I’ve also directed my team to make historic increase [sic] in the number of refugees admitted from Latin America. People fleeing violence and persecution, who simply want their kids to have a better life.”

Wrong! Biden was purposely deceptive. The arrivals aren’t refugees or escaping so-called violence; they’re coming for jobs and social services.

Naysayers will claim that removing what could be more than 10 million illegal aliens, the total that’s predicted to have entered in a single Biden term by January 2025, is an impossible task, and they’re right. As an example of what could be accomplished given the hypothetical new administration’s commitment to enforcing immigration law, consider that the Department of Homeland Security, created from scratch 14 months after 9/11, is today the third largest federal agency, a behemoth that employs 240,000. Only the Departments of Defense and Veteran Affairs are larger. With political will, desperately needed, much can be achieved in little time.

For starters, the newly dedicated-to-preserving-U.S.-sovereignty 119th Congress could focus on the nearly 750,000 Venezuelans that have received Temporary Protected Status, a total which includes the 470,000 that the Biden administration recently designated for the sole purpose of saving New York Mayor Eric Adams’ political hash. Manhattan, wrote one critic, looks like a refugee camp. Doling out work permits is certain to lure more Venezuelans to the border, and eventually to New York.

On September 23, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s right-hand man in the subversive plot to destroy historic America, designated Venezuela’s TPS for 18 months. Conveniently for the hoped-for new White House team, Venezuelan TPS will expire March 2025. The three-month time period between the January 2025 inauguration and TPS’ expiration date is plenty of time for the incoming president to assemble a dedicated team of immigration officials. And while those officials are investigating Venezuela, they might as well look hard at other “temporary” foreign-born residents like Somalians whose TPS designation was granted in 1991 – three decades ago. TPS should be, if not eliminated, dramatically cut back.

The incoming administration should also review the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who have received parole improperly. Parole status allows for an individual to temporarily come to the U.S.; there are time limits. From the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website:

“We typically grant parole for no more than one year, although we may grant parole for a longer duration depending on the reason for the parole. Parole ends on the date the parole period expires…”

Since the parolees have no compelling reason to remain, and assuming they’ve exceeded their fixed time limits, they must be deported.

Cleaning up the TPS and parole mess would just be the iceberg’s tip, but nevertheless a good start. Since TPS and parole include work authorization, the designees’ removal would open up hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs for Americans And the chance is good that once the word got out that enforcement is a reality, self-deportation could follow, at least to some degree. Self-deportation means that illegally present individuals, aware that removal may be at hand, decide to leave on their terms rather than on the fed’s timetable.

A huge outcry would follow attempts to remove unlawfully present aliens. But the reality is that once a foreign national decides to enter illegally, he knows that he faces three possibilities: 1) remain indefinitely and undetected, 2) be legalized in a sweeping amnesty and 3) be deported. For decades, the first two outcomes have played out. But Biden’s refusal to protect the country is so devastating that Democratic bastions nationwide like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles, all brought to their knees by the migrant invasion, are begging the White House for relief, pleas that are ignored.

The invasion cannot continue. Schools, hospitals, housing and budgets are at near-collapse. Immigration expansionists have prevailed for more than half a century – too long. Herbert Stein, economic advisor to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, summed up today’s chaos best. Stein, referring to the shift in the U.S. balance between foreign debts and foreign assets, but in a remark applicable to the ongoing invasion, said: “If it can’t go on forever, it won’t.”

Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

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