Fayette County Plaintiffs Want Change Of Venue

Fayette County Plaintiffs Want Change Of Venue — We just heard from Gregory Stenstrom about the latest from Fayette County, Pa.

He says that he has yet to hear back from Commonwealth Court regarding a motion for reconsideration regarding the claim he along with candidates John R. Marrietta Jr. and Geno Gallo that enough errors were made in the primary that a recount is warranted.

He says they are now asking for a change of venue.

The county Common Pleas Court has ruled against them.

Marrietta is a Republican and Gallo is a Democrat.

He says, ironically, that polls are indicating Gallo and Marrietta are both on track to unseat two long-time incumbents. Gallo did make the Democrat ballot in the primary. Marrietta is running a write-in campaign.

Faytette County is south of Pittsburgh and Republican stronghold — just like Fulton County, Pa.

Fayette County Plaintiffs Want Change Of Venue
John Marrietta

Fayette County Plaintiffs Want Change Of Venue

Biden Urgent Address Omits Border Crisis

Biden Urgent Address Omits Border Crisis

By Joe Guzzardi

During his Oval Office address to the nation about Russia’s invasion into the Ukraine and Israel’s offensive against Gaza, President Biden quoted former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who had once called America “the indispensable nation.” The reference to the U.S. as indispensable struck many viewers as curious since the president, starting on the first day he entered the White House, has worked with such determination to destroy American sovereignty.

Since Biden assumed office, about 8.6 million foreign nationals have crossed the border and settled in the interior. Their personal histories, health statuses and intentions are mostly unknown. Worth noting is that Albright is one of a long line of secretaries of state who can turn a patriotic phrase but are, at heart, devoted globalists. The line, post-Albright, includes Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

As expected, Biden pleaded for more money to fund the two wars and will send a $105 billion package to Congress where it will face an uphill battle. The bulk of the funding, $61.4 billion allocated for Ukraine at a time when Americans have grown tired of sending their tax dollars, without accountability, toward what appears to be an endless, distant conflict. Within the $61.4 billion is $481 million to support Ukrainians arriving in the U.S. through the “Uniting for Ukraine” program which provides a two-year parole that includes work permission and other affirmative benefits. In other words, more immigration – another Biden policy that Americans are weary of, especially as they watch thousands of migrants cross the U.S. border unchecked daily.

Israel’s share of the $105 billion pie is a mere 25 percent of Ukraine’s – $14.3 billion. Biden’s proposed national security package will provide Israel with $10.6 billion in assistance through the Defense Department, including air and missile defense support, industrial base investments and replenishment of U.S. military stocks that have been drawn down to support Israel.

The $105 billion total also allots $10 billion for humanitarian assistance. Tucked into the $10 billion is $850 million for what’s referred to as “migration and refugee assistance” at the U.S.-Mexico border. Again, more immigration and more facilitating of immigration which voters oppose.

Biden’s address flummoxed viewers. The president passionately made the case for the U.S. to aid in defending the Ukraine and Israel, and few dispute that both embattled nations need U.S. aid. But Biden has created a U.S. border crisis and then continuously ignored the calamities that an unprotected border spawned; among them, migrant deaths, drug smuggling, human trafficking, sex trafficking and environmental damage. Key administration officials like Vice President Kamala Harris and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have rubbed salt into concerned citizens’ wounds by, in defiance of ample evidence, insisting that the border is secure.

While Biden, imploring Congress and the Americans it represents, to act as the “agents of democracy,” he never in his 15-minute address mentioned the border and the terrorism threats that leaving it unprotected represents.

Maybe – but only maybe – the latest Customs and Border Protect report will awaken Biden, et al, to the homeland dangers percolating. Border officials arrested 18 people on the FBI’s terror watchlist in September, making fiscal year 2023 a record year for such encounters at the southern border. The watchlist, now officially called the Terrorist Screening Dataset, is the U.S. database that contains information on terrorist identities and includes not only known or suspected terrorists, but also affiliates of watch-listed individuals.

CBP statistics released Saturday showed that 169 people on the FBI terror watchlist were encountered between ports of entry at the Southern border in the past 12 months, a number that exceeds not only FY 22’s record-setting total, 98, but the last six fiscal years combined.

Including encounters between northern border entry ports, the total for FY 23 rose to 172. Thousands of “special interest aliens” from numerous countries, including the Middle East, have been arrested by Border Patrol agents while attempting to cross the U.S. southern border illegally over the last two years. Special interest aliens are people from countries the federal government identifies as having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat. Iranians, Syrians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Afghans, Egyptians, Chinese and other nationalities have been stopped.

If the administration wants to avert what looks like the inevitable – a major terrorist attack on the homeland – it will have to get immediately busy shutting the border and deporting illegally present aliens.

Biden Urgent Address Omits Border Crisis

Biden Urgent Address Omits Border Crisis

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months — GOP Chester County (Pa) Sheriff Candidate Roy Kofroth points out in this ad that the department under Fredda Maddox and her subordinate Kevin Dykes separated a valuable K-9 from his partner and put him on ice for four months.

Once you get past the indifference and cruelty look at the stupidity and incompetence.

Ms. Maddox is now seeking to be a county Common Pleas Court judge and Dykes is now looking to be sheriff.

Vote for Kofroth for sheriff. Don’t vote for Ms. Maddox for anything.

If the Sheriff Department under Fredda hadn’t gutted its award-winning K-9 unit, Chesco Prison escapee and multiple-murderer Danelo Cavalcante would not have terrorized the county for two weeks.

Here’s the ad:

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months

Albert Harshaw Wants American Dolls To Be Made In America

Albert Harshaw Wants American Dolls To Be Made In America

By Bob Small

A theme of Albert Harshaw presidential campaign is the insanely large number of “All-American” brands that are actually made in other countries.

Harshaw, of Jackson Township,N. J., is running as a Republican.

He points out that Major League baseballs are made for Rawlings in Costa Rica. The American Girl dolls, of course, are made in China. Other countries to which manufacturing is outsourced include, but are not limited to, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Taiwan.  Other brands not made state-side include, but are not limited to Brach’s Confections, Chevy Silvarado, L. L. Bean, Levi Strauss and New Balance,  

Harshaw discusses this outsourcing trend in copious detail. Two of the many points he makes are his assertion that the future of manufacturing will entail robotics and , “will require, instead, individuals who can manage the robots, and the A.I. components”.

Harshaw says he is a US Navy vet who traveled to Africa, South America, and the Ukraine while in the Navy, and that he recieved a Maritime Law Certificate during his service

He has also worked, as a civilian, he worked for the New Jersey State Police.

He has been married since 2007.

Harshaw is president of the Albert Harshaw Tree and Landscape Service.

Other websites about Albert Harshaw include:

Jackson, NJ Resident Launches 2024 Campaign For President

ALbert harshaw for president – YouTube 

Albert Harshaw – Republican Candidate for 2024 Presidential … – LinkedIn 

AlbertHarshaw4President (@albertharshaw4president) | TikTok

Jackson Township, N. J., is named for President Jackson. Six Flags Great Adventure (the second largest theme park after Disney) is located there. 

Albert Harshaw Wants American Dolls To Be Made In America
Albert Harshaw

Vows made in storms William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-24-23

Vows made in storms William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-24-23

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Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms. Thomas Fuller Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms.
Thomas Fuller

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