Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool? — The below message was sent from us from well-connected Republican and we are going to share it.

(The next State Republican Chair) cannot be Bernadette Comfort.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?
The only sane choice

How she got the nod: Bernie was a Never-Trumper. She is supported, and a tool, of Bob Asher.

Bob Asher is the ultimate Republican Never-Trumper. At the 2016 GOP convention he was the force behind the last minute push for a rule change to un-bind the delegates so they could be corrupted to change their vote to an unnamed candidate other than Trump (most likely Kasich.) Asher has never publicly uttered the words “President Trump” in public. Asher only backs candidates he can control – this is important and the reason he wants Bernie.

• David Urban is a 30+ year friend of Bob Asher.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?
Val II

• Rob Gleason, the party chair before Val, supported Lawrance Tabas. Gleason was early for Trump in the Primary. His reason for backing Tabas is he knows Tabas can raise money and re-establish the party.

• David Urban hates Rob Gleason. It is said he hates him with every fiber of his body. •

Urban backs Bernie to stick it to Gleason. It also gets him points with his buddy Asher. Putting him and Asher in affective control of the state party.

Urban gives Trump bad intel for Don jr. to tweet his support for Bernie. Urban tells the Trump campaign that it’s a done deal and the come July 4th Bernie will be the only nominee for State Chair.

• Lawrence Tabas sees what is going on and understand how it will end. Tabas knows that Asher is behind Bernie and with Bernie as the head of the party they will do the least possible in 2020 while pocketing as much money as possible.

• Ted Christian takes his orders from David Urban

We need to support Lawrence Tabas. • Email the state committee people. • Show up at the state convention with your Trump Flags and homemade Lawrance Tabas posters.

Editors note: The GOP State Committee will pick the next party chairman Saturday. It will be broadcast live at 1 p.m. on PCN.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?

7 thoughts on “Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?”

  1. I’m proud to announce my candidacy for Congress 2020 in PA District 1 to replace our FAKE REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN, BRIAN FITZPATRICK! I need your help, advice, and support! We need all hands on deck to fight the BIG MONEY BUCKS COUNTY ESTABLISHMENT that rewards RINOs and ignores regular conservative working people like you and me. Please consider connecting with our campaign as an advisor, a volunteer, or contributor. Thank you, and God bless!

    Sincerely, Andy Meehan







    PO BOX 1153, SOUTHAMPTON PA 18966
    TOLLFREE: 866-ANDY401

    WED 7-10-19 CITY&STATE PENNSYLVANIA “Andrew Meehan, president of an investment advisory firm and grandson of the late longtime Philadelphia GOP party boss Austin Meehan, announced on social media that he will run against U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick in the Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District next year, Politics PA reports.”

  2. Ran ads for Asher’s candies when they were in Germantown, PA. He was involved in Montgomery County politics and I led a march to his Springfield Township Board of Commissioners, which had two deaths at a corner refused a traffic light. SE PA is hotbed of never Trump old line, crooked GOP, and kickbacks were extremely common when I reported on county in 60s and 70s.

    1. Very true. They are wicked people, looking out only for themselves. Known Asher 20 yrs, I’ve lived it and he’s my neighbor here in Voting District 1-4. SE PA is swamp central!

  3. Bill: Thanks for printing details about the shadow figures who actually run the R estabishment in PA. Thanks also for specifics re “shade” being thrown at the Trump campaign–we can only hope that those who know the truth can and will get through to the campaign. Sadly, in SE PA R circles, it’s pretty obvious that most of “our” state committee delegates are establishment hacks, part of that line of incompetent and/or ignorant Rs waiting in line for the next government job or patronage. These are not people who have anything in common with us, Pres. Trump, or anyone who loves this country and the hardworking people who have built it. MOST ASSUREDLY, R PA voters know it and will desert the sinking ship if it’s being run by Captain Candy.

  4. Bernie Comfort must not become Party Chair. This is very pertinent backdrop information ahead of Saturday’s vote. BC protected and covered for VD boy to gross and unethical proportions.

    “Even more disturbing is a narrative in which a [party staffer] is reported to have been the object of unwanted sexual advancements” by another staffer, and that DiGiorgio “was unwilling to address or remedy the matter,” Ryan wrote.

    Republican Party spokesman Jason Gottesman declined to comment on the harassment allegation, saying, “if it was a personnel matter, it would be confidential,” and Ryan said she didn’t want to divulge details that might expose the victim.

    But in a July 1 email she sent to state committee people, Comfort acknowledged that there had been a “staffer personnel issue” which she said “was handled by the former chairman privately, without telling me about it. … As it was a personnel matter, I will not comment any further.”

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