Merrick Garland MIA During Campus Upheavals

Merrick Garland MIA During Campus Upheavals

By Joe Guzzardi

Last week, amid nationwide student protesting that threatened Jewish students and effectively shut down college campuses, 27 GOP U.S. Senators sent Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona a letter urging them to restore order and shut down the antisemitic, pro-Palestine mobs. The letter requested an April 24 update that detailed the steps that the AG’s office would take to restore campus order and allay the Jewish students’ fear for their safety.

From the Senators’ letter: “You need to take action to restore order and protect Jewish students on our college campuses. President Biden issued a statement on Sunday, purporting to condemn the outbreak of anti-Semitism. If that statement was serious, it must be accompanied by immediate action from your departments.” They continued: “Rioting violates federal law. Violence or attempted violence against anyone because of their Jewish heritage violates federal law. School administrators’ failure to protect Jewish students from discrimination or harassment violates federal law and is grounds for those schools losing access to federal funds. Espousing support for terrorists such as Hamas violates federal immigration law and is grounds for deportation.”

A week after the April 24 deadline, the senators have not received a formal reply, and the criminal protests have accelerated. Cardona is Puerto Rican and may not have as strong a commitment to resolving the campus crimes as the Jewish Garland whose indifference is inexplicable. At a House Judiciary Committee hearing last year, Garland emotionally testified that the Department of Justice’s function is to provide equal protection to all. He then tearfully shared the story that two of his grandmother’s siblings were Holocaust murder victims. The protection of the law provided equally to all, Garland continued passionately, is what makes America great, and what saved his immigrant grandmother’s life when the U.S. took her in. “Under the protection of our laws, she was able to live without fear of persecution,” Garland concluded. Garland’s refusal to actively support is a sign that Biden has intimidated him. But principled AGs stand up for what they believe in.

Last November, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-Florida), urged Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the stepson of a Holocaust survivor, to revoke the visas of agitators who support Hamas. In his statement, Rubio reminded Democrats that a visa is not a constitutional right but rather temporary permission for foreign nationals to visit the U.S. After Rubio filed a motion to deport terrorist sympathizers, Senate Democrats blocked it. President Biden also rejected Rubio’s suggestion and instead extended protections to “some Palestinians” from deportations.

Biden’s remarks regarding Palestinians’ protections are telling, and consistent with his open borders policy. The president said he has determined that with some exceptions “it is in the foreign policy interest of the United States to defer for 18 months the removal of any Palestinian subject.” First, Biden did not explain the thought process that led to his conclusion that “the foreign policy interest of the United States” is advanced by the non-removal of Palestinian subjects. Second, U.S. presidents do not have the constitutional authority to determine which foreign nationals remain and which must be removed. Third, Biden pressed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to reward with work permission Palestinian “non-citizens whose removal has been deferred.” Biden then pressed the secretary “to consider suspending regulatory requirements with respect to F-1 non-immigrant students who are Palestinians,” presumably a recommendation that students be granted employment authorization, an affirmative benefit that their visa forbids. Mayorkas does not have the sole authority to defer deportation or to grant work permission to non-immigrant visa holders or visa overstayers. Congress, not the Executive Branch, has the ultimate authority over immigration. Finally, more foreign-born authorized workers depress native Americans’ job opportunities; since 2019, all the net job growth has gone to immigrants.

Biden’s sweeping statement for Palestinian protections could include rabblerousing students who may be present on F-1 visas. The non-immigrant student visa is a program that allows international students to study at American universities, with the understanding that after graduation, they will return home to use their U.S. degree to improve their native countries’ quality of life. Many, however, overstay their visas, and because of the relative ease with which foreign graduates of U.S. colleges may remain in the U.S. and seek employment, recent American graduates frequently compete with their foreign peers for jobs. Because employers view corporate diversity as positive, they give preference to international candidates over equally qualified Americans. In FY 2022, an estimated 850,000 visa holders, including 55,023 student and exchange visitors who overstayed.

The F-1 visa is an unwieldy program that has no annual limit on incoming students. For the 2022/2023 academic year, 1,057, 188 international students were enrolled in U.S. universities including 19,001 at Columbia, the epicenter of the ongoing student chaos. To help assure a safe and orderly academic environment, the State Department must review the F-1 visa, impose an annual numerical total that does not exceed 500,000, and work with DHS to institute a vigorous post-graduate enforcement policy to ensure that students return home when their visas expire.


Merrick Garland MIA During Campus Upheavals

Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Merrick Garland MIA During Campus Upheavals

Palestinian Supporters Set Tents In Swarthmore

Palestinian Supporters Set Tents In Swarthmore

By Bob Small

(Update: We have been told that the tents have been pulled)

We’ve put off for a long time discussing the “third rail” of American Politics, which is the Middle East.

 As someone who maintains “we will always need an Israel, just not this one,” I’ll say that both sides have blood on their hands, going back to 1947.

Further back, we have the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

 Though not all Jews are Zionists, they hold sway, partly because neither Europe or North America were welcoming to the concept of a Jewish state.

Israel’s founding, unfortunately  is another case of “the oppressed becoming the oppressor”.

To move on to today, Swarthmore College has it’s own Pro-Palestinian Tent City courtesy of Swarthmore Students for Justice in Palestine.

There email is  

Among their demands, according to Spokesperson Ragad, are that Swarthmore College should divest from HP, Lockheed Martin, and Vanguard, because they support Israel.

Ragad compared this to the previous divestment campaign regarding South Africa.

The only outside group that had an easily visible tent was Jewish Voice For Peace (JVP) which describes itself as “ the largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization in the world”  and to which I subscribe, although I don’t always agree with their sentiments.

When we brought up Joe Biden, whom we said, could easily tell Israel, that “we’re only sending you bows and arrows after Tuesday, but won’t”, Ragad responded with the Leahy Law which the current president has consistently ignored.  This was last brought up concerning South Africa.

On the issue of what they wanted, they suggested a Palestinian state, where they thought Jews could also peacefully live, which I find to be a very naive answer.

Meanwhile, Gov. Josh Shapiro, who went to Georgetown and the University of Rochester, who said in Politico “If the universities in accordance with their policies can’t guarantee the safety and security and well-being of the students, then I think it is incumbent upon a local mayor or local governor or local town councilor, whoever is the local leadership there, to step in and enforce the law.”

Palestinian Supporters Set Tents In Swarthmore
Protestor tents in Swarthmore
Palestinian Supporters Set Tents In Swarthmore
And what they are protesting

Palestinian Supporters Set Tents In Swarthmore

Border Crisis Creates Enviro Worries; Happy Earth Day

Border Crisis Creates Enviro Worries; Happy Earth Day

By Joe Guzzardi

If Earth Day’s founders were alive to see the tattered remains of their noble mission, they would shake their heads in dismay. The essential requirement for a sound environment is a stable population, a basic guideline that the Biden administration has trampled on in its quest to destroy sovereign America. For three years, Americans have been lectured to about how the arriving migrants, a euphemism for illegal aliens, are simply searching for a better life. But that trite observation is incomplete. “A better life” means that illegal immigrants came to America to become consumers—of goods, services and, most critically to Earth Day advocates, the nation’s precious, scarce and irreplaceable natural resources.

Look back to January 1969 when Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson (D), the driving force behind Earth Day, and many others witnessed the ravages of Santa Barbara’s massive oil spill which eventually sent 9,000 gallons of oil per hour along California’s pristine coastline. For Nelson, who had long been concerned about the United States’ deteriorating environment, the massive oil spill was his defining moment in launching an activist movement. By the time Union Oil stopped the leakage, the spill rate hit 24,000 U.S. gallons per day, the worst spill in the nation’s history. Devastation was everywhere; oil-coated loons and Western grebes piled up along the unspoiled California coastline. Despite attempts to clean and care for the oil-slicked birds, conservationists estimated that 9,000 died. “The Santa Barbara incident,” Nelson said, “has frankly touched the conscience of the American people.” The disastrous spill motivated Nelson to launch a nationwide teach-in about environmental awareness similar to the teach-ins anti-Vietnam War protestors were conducting.

Environmentalists celebrated the first official Earth Day on April 22, 1970, and momentum to protect America the beautiful quickly surged. A decade later, the 1980 Earth Day event was held in Washington. D.C. across from the White House and capped ten years of new, major U.S. environmental laws that included the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Toxics Substances Control Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Earth Day spearheaded a decade of significant advancement— the Environmental Protection Agency’s formation and the banning of DDT and of lead in gasoline. During the 1980s, Earth Day’s reach expanded internationally. By 1990 Earth Day was global; environmental concerns activated two hundred million people in 141 countries. In 1995, President Bill Clinton gave Nelson the coveted Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award.

Today, environmentalists face a different but equally grave challenge than the one that concerned those decades ago. While not as dramatic as millions of washed-up dead waterfowl, unchecked population growth has an equally devastating effect on the environment. In 1970, the U.S. population stood at 203 million; in 2024, more than 336 million residents inhabit the U.S. The Census Bureau Population Clock shows that arriving net international migrants come at the rate of one every 27 seconds and represent the major population driver. The population growth formula: births, one every nine seconds, minus deaths, one every ten seconds, plus net international arrivals, one every 27 seconds, equals a net gain of one person every 20 seconds.

President Joe Biden’s welcoming open border policies which have allowed about 7.2 million illegal immigrants to resettle in the U.S. have exacerbated the population crisis, and have established an unsustainable, but nevertheless ongoing policy. Non-immigrant visa overstays add another 650,ooo-850,000 annually to the existing population. About 1.5 million got aways is a population concern and also a homeland threat. The U.S. has successfully lowered its fertility rate to 1.786 births per woman, well-below the previous 2.1 replacement level. But the advancement in lowering the birth rate is obliterated by the arriving illegal immigrants. While some social scientists are troubled by falling birth rates, low fertility offers advantages: easing ecological pressures, preventing overcrowding and reducing the infrastructure costs that come with a growing population. The ignored variable in the population growth formula is immigration.

One month ago, on March 22, the United Nations observed World Water Day, an event that should raise consciousness about how immigration-driven population growth has dried up vital water bodies. The final scorecard: Roughly 40 percent of wells have hit all-time lows since 2010. The seven states that signed the Colorado River Compact in 1922 had a combined population of 2.8 million in 1900. Their combined populations today exceed 62 million. More immigration means more sprawl—people need water for personal consumption. Homes, hospitals and schools must be built. If immigration is not reduced, the West’s arid regions will have millions more people, fewer farms, and more expensive, and perhaps severely rationed water. The Colorado River loses 19.3-million-acre feet of water per year to cities, farms and evaporation, roughly the amount of water used by the 50 largest U.S. cities each year. The river can be saved but not without significant reductions in water use, especially from the irrigated agriculture industry which could adversely affect the nation’s food supply.

Although some media outlets have reported on the open Southwest and Northern borders, few have emphasized that chain migration allows illegal immigrants, once they obtain legal status, can petition non-nuclear family members. Once on U.S. soil, they may either grow their existing families or begin new ones. Within two decades, chain migration and new family formations could increase the 7.2 million aliens by a multiplier of three. Princeton University researchers established the three-times multiplier. Within a generation, today’s non-existent border enforcement and foolish immigration laws policies will eventually lead to twenty-one million new residents whose histories are linked to illegal immigration.

Immigration is politics’ third rail. But Nelson considered population stabilization a key component to environmental stabilization. To immigration expansionists, Nelson said, “It’s phony to say, ‘I’m for the environment but not for limiting immigration.’”

Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst. Contact him at

Border Crisis Creates Enviro Worries; Happy Earth Day

Border Crisis Creates Enviro Worries; Happy Earth Day Border Crisis Creates Enviro Worries

Pennsylvania Auditor General Primary 2024

Pennsylvania Auditor General Primary 2024

By Bob Small

The Pennsylvania Auditor General “monitors how public dollars are spent.” This is done by “conducting financial audits” and other reviews.

The primary election Tuesday, April 23, includes two running in the Democrat primary and the Republican incumbent running unopposed.

Republican Incumbent, Tim Defoor, is the first person of color to win a statewide office in Pennsylvania, as a Republican. The first, Austin Davis (Democrat) is the current lieutenant governor.

Defoor, from Dauphin County, is a graduate of Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. He has served as Dauphin County controller, a special agent for the State Attorney General, and fraud investigator for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Defoor says that a dozen school districts had raised local taxes, while holding millions of dollars in their general funds.

During his first term he created the first (DEI) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office among many other initiatives.

See also Timothy DeFoor

Malcolm Kenyatta, of Philadelphia, graduated from Drexel and Temple. He represents the 181st District in the Pennsylvania House and is the first openly Gay person of color to serve in the General Assembly. Kenyatta, says I’m running for Auditor General because it’s time for the underdog to be a watchdog for Pennsylvania’s working families. “

He says that  “I will stand up for our workers by creating the first ever Bureau of Labor and Worker Protections and use the power of the office to take on wage theft, employee misclassification, and union busting. “

(Ed note: Will stopping union busting apply to Delaware County’s George Hill Prison?)

He has been chosen for  the Bertelsmann Leadership Fellow in the Digital Economy, the bipartisan Hunt/Kean Leadership Fellow in Education, and American Jewish Committee (AJC) Project Interchange.

See also Philadelphia’s rising Democratic star on another school …

Mark Pinsley is a graduate of Indiana University and Northeastern University. He is a businessman and a US Army Veteran. He’s currently Lehigh County Controller.

He owns Dermamed Solutions DermaMed Solutions. His goals as Auditor General are included in the following article Jewish Democrat Mark Pinsley Running for Auditor . See also Mark Pinsley For Auditor General

Pennsylvania Auditor General Primary 2024

Full Ticket In Pennsylvania 12

Full Ticket In Pennsylvania 12

By Bob Small

Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District is mostly Allegheny County with some of Westmoreland County.

The current Congressperson is Summer Lee, widely acknowledged as Pennsylvania’s most progressive congressperson. How you feel about that will probably determine your vote.

She voted for a ceasefire in Gaza and is supported by Justice Democrats Pa.

She is the first Afro-American to represent Southwestern Pennsylvania in the state legislature.

Her opponent in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary is Bhavini Patel, the daughter of a mother who emigrated from India.

After Graduating from Pitt, the site of her family’s food truck, she earned her masters in International Relations from the University of Oxford.

She was cofounder and CEO of Beamdata which helped people connect with their elected officials during Covid and has continued to use data technology to advance social justice. She is on Edgewood Borough Council. She has the support of Modsquad which is a PAC that declares itself moderate and funds candidates of both parties.

See The Moderate Democrats for the April 7 Debate between her and Summer Lee.

On the Republican side, there is James Hayes.

Hayes, an African-American, declares himself to be a supporter of Israel which contrast himself with his probable November opponent. He has degrees from Case Western (doctor in Business Administration) Georgetown (bachelors in International Economics, Princeton (masters in Economics and Policy) , and the University of Chicago. ( MBA in Finance and Accounting)

He has three children with his wife, Brenda Diaz,, whom he met while working in Mexico in the 1990s.

Finally, there is Laurie Macdonald. She was originally a Democratic candidate but was challenged off the ballot. She then announced a write-in campaign to be the Republican nominee.

She is president and CEO of Center for Victims.

“Good leadership requires the vision to see both sides, coalesce the ideas and bring people together,” she says.

Full Ticket In Pennsylvania 12

Both Sides Agree That Border Bill Would Keep Invasion Going

Both Sides Agree That Border Bill Would Keep Invasion Going

By Joe Guzzardi

An Associated Press story that three of its leading reporters contributed to is a grand example of journalists not seeing the forest for the trees. Colleen Long, Zeke Miller, and Seung Min Kim, whose titles respectively are White House law enforcement and legal affairs correspondent, chief White House correspondent, and White House reporter, teamed up to write “Biden Determined to Use Stunning Trump-backed Collapse of Border Deal as a Weapon in 2024 Campaign.”

The story’s gist about the collapsed Senate border deal does not address the most crucial point: would the bill fulfill its stated purpose of securing the border? While President Joe Biden moved forward on his never-ending quest to seek additional funding for Ukraine, he gambled that as part of the same package he could satisfy Americans’ demand that he secures the U.S.-Mexico border. In his press release, Biden wrote that the bill “includes the toughest and fairest set of border reforms in decades. I strongly support it. It will make our country safer, make our border more secure….”

Naturally, Biden’s take away would be positive. The deal was negotiated by two Democrats, Arizona’s faux Independent Kyrsten Sinema who caucuses with Democrats, deep blue Connecticut’s Chris Murphy, and one Republican sacrificial lamb, Oklahoma’s James Lankford, whose home state is safely six hundred miles away from Eagle Pass, the landing point for thousands of arriving illegal aliens. A more appropriate choice to join the negotiating team would have been Texas’ Ted Cruz or Florida’s Marco Rubio whose constituents are under siege. The bill had input from impeached Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), two Biden confidants. In his 35 years in Congress, Schumer has unfailingly voted against border and interior enforcement as well as in favor of more liberal asylum standards and increased annual refugee ceilings.

Critics, including former President Donald Trump, insisted that the bill was hurtful for the homeland, and did nothing to secure the border, but instead assured that illegal crossings would persist, and that many illegal aliens would continue to get affirmative benefits. At a rally in Nevada, after solidifying his position as the far and away GOP front-runner, Trump made his feelings known. “As the leader of our party, there is zero chance I will support this horrible open border betrayal of America. I’ll fight it all the way.” Then he added, “A lot of the senators are trying to say, respectfully, they’re blaming it on me. I say, that’s OK. Please blame it on me. Please.” Trump’s statement provided Biden with the fodder he intends to use during the intense summer campaigning months. Again, Trump’s position, like Biden’s, is predictable. He knows that immigration is voters’ top concern, and his statement plays to his base.

The bill cannot be both “the toughest and fairest set of border reforms in decades,” and “an open borders betrayal of America.” AP should have focused on Biden and Trump’s disparate views on the immigration bill, S. Amdt.1388 to H.R. 815, and delved into whether the bill is bad, as the former president claimed, or whether the incumbent is on solid footing when he insisted that the bill provided the solution to the border crisis. Digging into the bill’s weeds would be challenging for AP since the senators’ proposed four hundred-pages long legislation was written with typical congressional obfuscation. Immigration law is tough for laymen to grasp, especially four hundred pages of it.

AP missed an opportunity to reach out to legal experts to help answer the straightforward question: is the Senate bill good or bad for the nation? Nolan Rappaport, a Democrat who opines in “The Hill” has excellent credentials. For three years, Rappaport was detailed to the House Judiciary Committee as an Executive Branch Immigration Law Expert and subsequently served a four-year period as an immigration counsel for the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims. Before working on the Judiciary Committee, he wrote decisions for the Board of Immigration Appeals for 20 years. Rappaport’s summary of the amendment was concise: “the Border Act would not secure the border. Among other weaknesses, it fails to provide a solution to the most serious problem, which is that Biden has released so many asylum seekers into the country that our asylum system has broken.”

Another professional legal opinion came from the Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew Arthur whose 20 year-plus career includes a period as Counsel on the House Judiciary Committee where he performed oversight of immigration issues. After five years at the House Judiciary, he was appointed to the immigration bench, serving for eight years as an Immigration Judge. Arthur reached the same conclusion as Rappaport: “the bill fails to close the vast majority of loopholes smugglers have been exploiting for a decade to move illegal migrants (and migrant families and children, in particular) into the United States. Worse, it codifies some of them.” Among the loopholes Arthur referred to were “the low “credible fear” standard for border migrants seeking asylum.” 

In short, the amendment would legalize border chaos by allowing up to 5,000 illegal entries per day, potentially 1.85 million illegal aliens annually, before border closure is required. The border closure guidelines are time-limited, however, and the untrustworthy Biden and Mayorkas have the discretion to determine how and when to use the authority provided. Biden does not need legislative action to close the border, and the administration’s support of the bill, which the Senate rejected, is an open admission of its failures. The proposed cap of 5,000 illegal entries per day proves that Biden could close the border to illegal aliens in an instant if he had the will to do it. The border solution that Americans want is to enforce existing immigration laws; no new legislation required.

Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst. Contact him at

Both Sides Agree That Border Bill Would Keep Invasion Going

Both Sides Agree That Border Bill Would Keep Invasion Going

Haverford Library Only Letting Staff Read?

Haverford Library Only Letting Staff Read?

By Sharon Devaney

I had my children’s books published while learning to walk again after being t-boned by a illegal alien in Havertown.

When I recovered I went to the Haverford Free Library and donated my children’s books and said I would be available for some story hours and book signings. They had said they were all booked up. Then come to find out they allowed a drag queen to read a couple weeks later .

This Tuesday I went to the makeshift library in Manoa Shopping Center in Havertown because they had received $1 million from Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon to reconstruct the standing library. I waited until story hour was over to speak to the librarian.

After story hour I spoke with her and said that I would be available to come in for story hour and read my books since I am a local author.

She said that only library workers read for the story hour . She asked if I was a teacher. I said I used to teach pre-kindergarten although I’m now a massage therapist.

She asked about having clearances .

I said I have all of them. Therapists renew licenses every two years and the renewal now includes education about child trafficking. She got really quiet and proceeded to the front desk. She handed me a little piece of scrap paper and told me to write my name, phone number and email.

I smiled as I gave her the information and said I’m left handed so you may have trouble reading it.

She made sure she had it right, though.

I hope to hear back.

Please support local authors.

Ms. Devaney’s books can be found on Amazon.

Haverford Library Only Letting Staff Read

Haverford Library Only Letting Staff Read?

Five Pinocchios for Gavin Newsom

Five Pinocchios for Gavin Newsom

By Joe Guzzardi

Add California Governor Gavin Newsom’s name to the list of prominent elected officials who blatantly lied about their personal histories. Senator Elizabeth Warren lied for years about her alleged American Indian heritage. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal falsely claimed to have been a Vietnam war combatant. Instead of slinking silently away under the cover of darkness, Warren and Blumenthal shrugged their lies off and successfully campaigned for re-election. Warren first identified as an American Indian in the 1980s and listed under race on her State Bar of Texas registration form as American Indian. In her 2019 presidential bid, voters disregarded Warren’s brazen misrepresentation; 49 percent polled said they considered decades of lying about her heritage didn’t matter. In her telephone call to the Cherokee Nation’s principal leader Bill John Baker, Warren apologized, then went about her Senate career unscarred.

Blumenthal claimed to have served in Vietnam, a falsehood that the New York Times exposed. Truth be told, Blumenthal never went to Vietnam. Instead, he obtained at least five military deferments from 1965 to 1970 and took repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war. Blumenthal claimed that he “misspoke” about Vietnam, but he nevertheless has been elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010, 2016, and 2022.

Although not as outrageous as Warren’s and Blumenthal’s lies, Newsom’s whopper is notable, and an effort to enhance his shadow presidential campaign. As Newsom tells the story, he was headed to a community college until Santa Clara University’s baseball coaches phoned with a partial scholarship offer which, he said, “changed my life, my trajectory”. But former coaches and teammates countered that Newsom’s baseball biography, repeated again and again through interviews and glossy magazine profiles and coverage of his 2021 baseball-themed children’s book on overcoming dyslexia, inflated his baseball credentials, and gave the impression that he was a more accomplished player than he was.

A junior varsity recruit who played only during the fall tryouts in his freshman and sophomore years, Newsom left the baseball program before the regular season began without ever playing an official game for the Broncos, an NCAA Division-1 school. Newsom does not appear on the Broncos’ all-time roster or in media guides published by the athletic department.

Rumors persist that the Democratic National Party is plotting to dump Biden and his miserable poll ratings. Newsom waits anxiously in the wings. But from a national voters’ perspective Newsom’s curriculum vitae makes him increasingly unelectable. Should Newsom ever reach the campaign trail, he’d be on the defensive from the get-go. California has amassed an enormous $73 billion deficit, in large part because the dysfunctional state has driven taxpayers away. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) in its February update added $15 billion to its original $58 billion budget current deficit projection. The massive, mounting debt coincides with the large numbers of fleeing taxpayers, one of California’s primary sources of revenue. Census data shows that California’s population dropped by about 75,400 between July 2022 and July 2023. Many of the people leaving California are taking significant resources with them. California experienced a net loss of more than 27,000 tax filers with an adjusted gross income of over $200,000 between 2020 and 2021, according to the Tax Foundation. The state’s budget deficit is more stunning when compared to 2022’s $97.5 billion surplus which quickly morphed into a $31 billion-plus deficit.

Newsom will push more Californians out of the-once Golden State if the legislature approves his energy bill plan. California lawmakers propose to change the way electricity is billed to households, part of Newsom’s tax the rich scheme. Instead of paying for the electricity consumption a household uses, the home will also be billed based on its income. A draft of the new law requires that people earning $28,000-$69,000 be charged an extra $20 to $34 per month. Those earning $69,000-$180,000 would pay $51 to $73 per month, and people earning more than $180,000 would pay a $85-to-$128 monthly surcharge. California has one of the nation’s highest costs of living and ranks third in highest residential energy costs. Residents making $28,000 annually are struggling financially, especially if they’re supporting large families, and cannot afford an energy surtax. They too may soon be heading for the highway. The California Public Utilities Commission has until July 1 to implement the new rule into the billing process.

A stumping Newsom would meet strong headwinds on his immigration agenda, national voters’ biggest concerns. Newsom’s welcoming immigration laws will make it impossible for him to pose as an enforcement advocate. His latest affront: effective January 1, 2024, all illegal aliens, regardless of age, will qualify for Medi-Cal, California’s version of the federal Medicaid program for low-income individuals. Newsom estimates conservatively that 764,000 illegal aliens will enroll, exacerbating the already strained Medi-Cal system that provides for 14.6 million Californians, about a third of the state’s population. An LAO estimate calculated that providing Medi-Cal to California’s illegal alien population would cost the state over $6.5 billion annually, a tough pill for taxpayers to swallow when the budget is $73 billion in the red. For the DNC, pushing Biden aside to make room for the potentially less electable Newsom would be a roll of the dice. The party is better off with the devil it knows, Biden, than to gamble on the duplicitous Newsom.


Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst. Contact him at

Five Pinocchios for Gavin Newsom Five Pinocchios for Gavin Newsom

5 Dems Seek To Be Pennsylvania AG

5 Dems Seek To Be Pennsylvania AG

By Bob Small

Though there are five Democratic Candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General, only Eugene Depasquale and Jack Stollsteimer have name recognition.  The others are Philadelphians Keir Bradford-Grey, Joe Khan and Jared Solomon.  None are endorsed by the state party.  If you like what Jack or Eugene has done, you can stop right here. If not, read on.

Keir Bradford-Grey would be the first Afro-American to be elected to this post.

She was head of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, and Chief Defender for Montgomery County. In Philadelphia, she led the Pre-Entry Initiative and Participatory Defense Hubs.

“I’m running to be the people’s lawyer, and that’s what the attorney general is in every other state other than Pennsylvania,” she said in a debate.

Boston-born, she went to Albany State University and Ohio Northern Pettit College of Law

Khan and Solomon are graduates of Swarthmore College, but that needn’t be held against them. Both now reside in Northeast Philly.

Khan is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School. Speaking of his upbringing;  “when my parents got together in the 70s, he was Muslim and my mom was Catholic, so they settled on a Jewish neighborhood as a place to raise their kids. “

He has been an assistant district attorney in Philly and assistant US Attorney for the Pa. Eastern District. He also spent three years as Bucks County Solicitor. He mentioned starting a “Housing Justice Unit”, among other plans.

According to Meet Joe Khan he plans to “enact a 67 County Strategy for Public Safety”

Jared Solomon, State Representative for the 202nd District, has worked in both private law and as a Jag Officer in the Army Reserves.

He also mentions the Colorado Method among other innovations.

He also believes that police officers should engage with the community, as they used to.

Below is the link for the latest debate between the five candidates FULL DEBATE: Democratic candidates for Pa. attorney general

My favorite fictional cowboy lawyer was The Big Valley ‘s Jarrod Barkley.

5 Dems Seek To Be Pennsylvania AG

5 Dems Seek To Be Pennsylvania AG

7th District Wild Congressional Race

7th District Wild Congressional Race

By Bob Small

The 7th Congressional District was the bailiwick of such icons as Pat Meehan, Joe Sestak, and Curt Weldon and even a Mary Gay Scanlon before it became the District of Allentown’s Susan Wild. The shape of the District was described as “Goofy kicking Donald Duck”

Susan Wild became infamous recently for saying, with a later apology, that she was “dismayed” to have Trump-leaning Carbon County added to her District, which also includes Lehigh, Northampton, and a small parcel of Monroe counties.

Though she doesn’t have a Democratic opponent, there are three Republicans vying to take her on in November.

The primary election is April 23.

Maria Montero is bilingual and a first-generation American on her father’s side while her great-grandfather was a Carbon County coal miner.

She grew up in Carbon County.

She is a graduate of St. Joe’s and Widener Law. She has led the Pennsylvania Commission for Women and The Pennsylvania Latino Commission.

Kevin Dellicker with his wife, Susan, wrote Twenty-Percent Soldiers, Our Life in the National Guard

They are the co-founders of Dellicker Strategies Dellicker Strategies – Technology, Solutions, Services a technologies solution company.

He was an economic policy advisor to Tom Ridge and has degrees from Air University, Liberty, Penn State and Syracuse. His family, including three sons, live in Lehigh County. There are 22 issues on his platform.

Ryan Mackenzie is the State Representative for the 187th District.

He is a descendant of a Northampton County Militia soldier in the Revolutionary War.

He is a graduate of NYU and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He wants to prohibit congresspeople from trading stocks based on insider information. He also wants term limits.

As a state rep, has voted to eliminate state cars for legislators and for curriculum transparency in K-12 schools.

He lives with his wife, Chloe, and their rescue hound dog, Ruckus, in Lower Macungie Township.

7th District Wild Congressional Race