Green Cards Given To Migrants From Terrorist Sponsoring Nations

Green Cards Given To Migrants From Terrorist Sponsoring Nations

By Joe Guzzardi

Speaking in San Diego on October 14 to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that, after the Islamic terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel, the U.S. needed to remain on high alert.

Wray said that the FBI has seen an increase in reported threats. He advised citizens “to be on the lookout,” especially from lone actors who may be inspired by the Middle East warfare to commit violence on their own initiative. Online anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim posts have increaseddramatically. New York, home to 1.3 million Jews – the largest Jewish population outside of Israel – has emerged as an epicenter for hate.

The following Sunday evening, during a “60 Minutes” interview, President Joe Biden concurred with Wray that the Hamas war against Israel precipitates a greater likelihood of a terrorist attack on the homeland. Biden said after conferring with Department of Homeland Security and FBI officials, he was confident that a major effort has been made to deter terrorists and to dismantle plots against America that they may have developed. For the Americans taken hostage, Biden vowed to find those still alive and free them.

Neither Wray nor Biden’s words comfort Americans. The threat to the homeland is real, and Biden’s three-year welcome-the-world agenda has put citizens directly in harm’s way. Since October’s first week, two Iranians were apprehended at the Southwest Border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection found they had terrorism ties. Both were on the Terrorist Screening Database. In fiscal 2023, 659 known or suspected terrorists (KSTs) were apprehended attempting to illegally enter the U.S., according to CBP data.

Even countries listed on the State Department’s “State Sponsors of Terrorism” are welcome. During fiscal year 2022, nationals from Iran, which has been accused of aiding Hamas in its recent attacks on Israel, and is listed on the State Department’s State Sponsors of Terrorism, secured 9,400 green cards. More than 1,600 arrived as chain migrants, and more than 980 arrived through the Diversity Visa Lottery (DV). Syria, also on the State Department’s list, is another recipient of Biden’s largess. Syrian nationals received 3,200 green cards. About 720 came to the U.S. as chain migrants, and more than 150 arrived through the DV.

In all, in FY 2022, the Biden administration invited about 63,000 legal immigrants from nations previously travel-banned from the U.S. and rewarded them with permanent residency green cards. About 7,300 arrived as chain migrants, while more than 4,300 arrived through the DV. Chain migration, which allows permanent residents to petition nuclear and nonnuclear family members to join them in the U.S., and the annual DV are heavily criticized immigration policies that their opponents claim serve no national interest. Other banned countries included Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, North Korea, Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania and Kyrgyzstan.

With the historically high number of KST encounters, the president and the FBI director warn, correctly, that the likelihood of a major terrorist act committed on U.S. soil is high. Nationwide, heightened security measures have been taken, including around the U.S. Capitol where metal barriers were installed.

Alarmed realists who have watched the border crisis devolve into a free-for-all aren’t surprised that panic is setting in. The Secretary of State during the Nixon administration, Henry Kissinger, 100, commented on rioting Palestinian supporters living in Germany cheering for Hamas’ assault on Israel. Kissinger: “It [mass immigration] was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts.”

Kissinger’s words come too late to spare the U.S. from an inevitable assault. Too many legally present Middle Eastern immigrants, and too many unlawful border crossers, have already infiltrated the U.S. interior.

But Kissinger’s cautionary words shouldn’t be too late to fend off a congressional push to grant refugee status to Palestinians, a total that could reach 1 million. Since President Jimmy Carter’s Refugee Act of 1980, both sides of the political aisle have supported higher refugee admissions, and more than 140,000 Palestinians already live in the U.S. Although Republicans insist that no such plan to bring in Palestinians is afoot, don’t be surprised if it happens.

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Green Cards Given To Migrants From Terrorist Sponsoring Nations

US Depending On Luck To Avoid Terror Catastrophe

US Depending On Luck To Avoid Terror Catastrophe

By Joe Guzzardi

The U.S. has been lucky since 9/11. Despite the nation’s open borders, the country has so far avoided another major attack on the homeland. The operative words are “so far.”

Look at the large number of unvetted people flooding into America, and the surprising reality is that the nation has, at least to date, avoided an attack. August numbers from the Department of Homeland Security are the latest publicly available monthly data and show an all-time record number of illegal alien border encounters. August encounters totaled 304,162, up from July’s 245,286. During fiscal year 2023, more than 2.9 million illegal aliens were encountered; most were processed and released into the interior.

In all, the number of known aliens who entered unlawfully and are still living in the U.S. under temporary or conditional status is a record 3.6 million. President Joe Biden’s administration, in violation of established immigration law, uses humanitarian parole as a major component of its lawless border abuse. Parole, which includes work authorization, is intended for emergency case-by-case bases, and not for collectively green-lighting thousands of illegal immigrants.

The 3.6 million paroled migrants is exclusive of gotaways which since January 2021 totaled nearly 1.6 million. Also excluded are the thousands who have arrived through the CBP One app, an entry-facilitating mechanism outside of immigration law, but nevertheless illegally implemented by the Biden White House.

In January, DHS promised that the newly created app would be limited to (unlawfully) admit 360,000 foreign nationals; in July, CBP announced that the program would be expanded to 522,000 admissions. The administration originally designed the app to minimize bad optics and the critical press that border overcrowding generated during the Haitian surge of 2021 at Del Rio, Texas. Because of technical malfunctions and user unfamiliarity, however, migrants often disregard the app in favor of illegal immigration’s traditional crossing method — they wade across the Rio Grande unimpeded.

No checklist of how aliens arrive is complete without mentioning the middle-of-the-night flights from the border into major hubs like New York City or to less populated cities like Scranton, Pa. Those destinations may or may not be jumping-off points to join relatives, also often illegal immigrants. At taxpayer expense, and using a transportation system described as a “breathtakingly complex network,” Boeing 737s flew as many as 240 passengers per journey under cover of darkness.

When analyzing the unprotected border, and the terrorism threat it represents, add “no one knows” to “so far.” Since the arriving aliens are unvetted — their past histories, their intentions and current locations unknown — “no one knows” sums up what the future may bring. The migrant-sending nations include countries that have unbending anti-American sentiments. Arrivals, mostly single adult males, originate in China, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Turkey.

Terrorists determined to perpetrate death and destruction on U.S. soil play the long game, undeterred when their early efforts fail. After 9/11:

· On 5 November 2009, the Fort Hood, Texas, shooting: U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, who served as a psychiatrist at Fort Hood and was the son of Palestinian immigrants, opened fire on his fellow service members, leaving 13 dead and 29 wounded.

· On 15 April 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing: Dzhokhar, 19, and Tamerlan, 26, Tsarnaev planted two bombs near the Boston Marathon’s finish line. The explosion killed three and injured more than 180 people.

· On 2 December 2015, the San Bernardino Attack: Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 29, shot off more than 100 rounds during a holiday event. The Islamic-inspired terrorists killed 14 and wounded 22.

· On 31 October 2017, the NYC truck attack: ISIS-inspired Sayfullo Saipov, 29, used a rented Home Depot flatbed pickup truck to drive down a bike path which killed eight and injured 11.

As of July, Homeland Threat Assessment alarmingly reported that immigration officials encountered what they described as a “growing number of individuals” who appear on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist and were detained while trying to enter via the U.S. southern border. Compared to fiscal year 2022 when CBP apprehended 100 individuals whose identities matched those on the Terrorist Screening Dataset, as of 30 Sept. 2023, the total had increased to 160.

Given the sovereignty-breaking reality about alien arrivals, their numerical totals, their countries of origin and the always-welcoming Biden administration, the odds are increasingly high that, as long as the border remains unguarded, terrorism attacks against U.S. citizens are a near-certainty.

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US Depending On Luck To Avoid Terror Catastrophe

US Depending On Luck To Avoid Terror Catastrophe

MSG IS Anti-Left Democrat From Connecticut

MSG IS Anti-Left Democrat From Connecticut

By Bob Small

Mark Stewart Greenstein (MSG) is a Connecticut Democrat who posits himself as an “anti-left” Democrat. On his web site, he lists reasons for Republicans to vote for him, including, but not limited to the following: “elimination of the income tax, faster dismantling of Obamacare, faster immigration reform, and forced socialism”.

But he also lists reasons that Democrats should vote for him, such as his dislike of the two-party system, the fact that he “likes Bernie but prefers he stays in the Senate” and the fact that he is “not enamored with any of the staged candidates”. 

Lastly, he seeks the Independent vote as well, stating that he’s a candidate “who prefers small government” and “who wants to return to Constitutional governance”.

MSG IS Anti-Left Democrat From Connecticut
Mark Stewart Greenstein

It’s pretty evident that his stances — only a quarter of which are stated above –are fairly contradictory. Many, for example, would say Bernie Sanders stands for “forced socialism”.

MSG takes so many contradictory stances that he could probably debate himself.

In an insanely long meet-the-candidate article from his run for the Connecticut State Senate — 26 pages printed out; take on a train ride to read — we learn that MSG is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He founded and currently runs Ivy Bound, a company that helps prepare students for the ACT and SAT college-entrance exams and does academic tutoring.

During this state senate campaign, one of MSG’s goals was to bring an NHL team back to Hartford, Connecticut — previous home of the Hartford Whalers, as you no doubt knew — and the slogan was “Make Connecticut SKATE again”.

 Greenstein was the first Democratic candidate for the presidency to file in New Hampshire.

RFKJ Is Breath Of Hope

RFKJ Is Breath Of Hope

By Bob Small

Most of the time, I read about history, but a week ago, Oct. 9, I was at the National Constitution Center as history unfolded.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  generated excitement among the highly diverse crowd in attendance, many, like me, returning to Philadelphia for the first time in many years. It felt like a combination of rock music, politics, and sports. It was a time to let hope overcome fear and regain belief. It was a new time feeling like some old times.

We may think we know about this Kennedy but on his website, you will discover how many times he has fought big corporations  including Ford, Mitsubishi, Mobil, along with various departments of our own US government, while representing the under-served American Indians, family farmers, Mexican fisherman, and migrant workers.

A film that highlight one of these batttles is Mann V. Ford (TV Movie 2010) – IMDb 

One part of his philosophy is to disengage from empire building. 

“We have to stop seeing the world in terms of enemies and adversaries,” his website says. “As John Quincy Adams wrote, ‘Americans go not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.'”

RFK Jr. will revive a lost thread of American foreign policy thinking, the one championed by his uncle, John F. Kennedy who, over his 1000 days in office, had become a firm anti-imperialist. “

The speech was a good hour long and we spent almost two hours standing, cheering, singing, talking, listening, and hoping.  When was the last time a candidate spoke and gave you hope?

Mostly, people vote for better than, the “lesser of two evils”, “he won’t start a nuclear war”.

There was a saying among us Greens “vote your hopes, not you fears”, knowing that Ralph Nader, etc. could never win but we wanted to hope.  

Now here was a candidate that giveas us hope and whom we think, just maybe, could win.

This is not to say that he doesn’t have some negatives, but we’ll leave that for the Democrats, and  Republicans to point out. 

Just for now, for one bright shining hour, hope is allowed.

RFKJ Is Breath Of Hope

RFKJ Is Breath Of Hope

Defend Borders or Close West Point and Annapolis

Defend Borders or Close West Point and Annapolis

By Joe Guzzardi

The troubling news that U.S. veterans hoping to see the Army-Navy game in Foxboro, Mass., had their hotel reservations canceled to provide illegal aliens shelter could be a blessing in disguise, assuming the vets vote in unison to preserve the country they’re sworn to defend.

Kicking vets out of their lodging to reward aliens with coveted hotel rooms represents the latest afront to Americans by open borders advocates. Open borders are a continuing, shameful offense and assault on U.S. sovereignty. Most offended are veterans. Data that the Department of Veterans Affairs released showed that the veteran population is 19 million.

Imagine the 19 million plus their spouses, children, siblings, friends and neighbors disgusted by the audacity of federal and state officials sanctioning the unceremonious booting of vets from their rooms, leaving them to fend for themselves to find alternate housing for an event that’s sold-out months in advance. Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Maura Healey claimed to be “distressed” when she learned that a New Jersey travel agent had displaced the vets to make rooms available to the migrants. Healey’s “distressed” claim cannot be taken at face value. Like most of Massachusetts, Healey is an immigration expansion advocate.

Massachusetts’ migrant crisis is so acute that Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll urged Bay State taxpayers to open their homes to illegal aliens. Reacting to Healey’s declaration that migration has put the state in emergency mode, Driscoll asked residents who might have “…an extra room or suite in your home, [to] please consider hosting a family. Safe housing and shelter is our most pressing need.” Driscoll said that Massachusetts is spending about $45 million monthly in taxpayer dollars on migrants’ shelter needs.

Some support Driscoll, and cited Massachusetts’ history as one of the first colonies founded by European migrants. The supporters have ample chance to back up their words with action. Massachusetts has 5,600 illegal alien homeless families that include infants and pregnant women, an 80 percent increase from the 3,100 families a year ago.

The governor could also step up to the plate. Healey has a four-bedroom, single family home in Arlington, Mass., that she shares with her partner. Healey’s living arrangement frees up three bedrooms, and would take some of the burden off the state she governs. Or, Healey could make sheltering aliens a condition of continued employment for the state’s 438,000 workers. As long as the northern and southern borders remain open, and unchecked migration continues, no solution that immigration advocates dream up is, in their view, asking too much. Remember Driscoll’s overview of the role residents should play in the state’s right- to-shelter crisis: “Everyone has something they can share.”

As long as the federal government welcomes millions of unvetted, impoverished aliens, including convicted criminals and FBI terrorist suspects, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis might as well shut their doors. The mission of the graduates of the institutions is to protect the homeland, a goal that the White House actively undermines. Under Biden, the homeland is wide open for the world to access. A House Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement report found that through March 2023, 99 percent of the arriving 2.1 million foreign nationals remain in the U.S. Only 6 percent have been thoroughly vetted, showing a complete disregard for citizens’ “safe housing” that Driscoll rhapsodized about.

In the Biden administration’s latest nonsolution to a state’s migration catastrophe, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will send a team to Boston to, in government-speak empty words, “assess the current migrant situation and identify ways to improve efficiencies and maximize our support for communities that are addressing the needs of migrants.” The feds have already sent $2.8 billion in taxpayer funds to help Massachusetts out of a problem that has no monetary resolution.

New West Point grads, new Annapolis grads and veterans, along with their relatives and friends, might total 50 million, a large enough bloc to swing the election toward a much-needed candidate committed to enforcing U.S. immigration laws.

In the 2024 presidential election, other simmering issues will be hotly debated – abortion, the economy, crime, war in the Ukraine and the Middle East – but nothing will be more important than restoring U.S. sovereignty.

Joe Guzzardi is a Project for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Defend Borders or Close West Point and Annapolis

Defend Borders or Close West Point and Annapolis

White House Beckons A Kennedy Again

White House Beckons A Kennedy Again

By Maria Fotopoulos

Even a Kennedy from a long-term Democrat Dynasty has come to terms with the demise of the Democrat party. No Camelot, it’s a party unrecognizable from earlier times. Robert Kennedy Jr., who was running for the 2024 presidency as a Democrat, announced Monday, Oct. 9, to a large crowd in Philadelphia that he will continue his run, but as an independent. He intends to “wrest power from both parties and return power to the people” with a populist movement that cuts through left/right division.

This is a wise decision by Kennedy. Although some may see his exit from the party as slow in coming, no one can begrudge Kennedy the time to process his former party’s abhorrent treatment of him. Coming to terms with the reality of the moral collapse of the Democrat party that his family had been so closely connected to for 140 years surely requires processing. This was the party of his father, who might have been the 37th president of the United States, had he not been assassinated, and the party of his uncles, President John F. Kennedy, also assassinated, and Sen. Ted Kennedy.

One of the legacies of Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy was a sense of unfulfilled promise and hope. What RFK’s son most definitely conveys in his campaign is hope – not the faux hope of Barack Obama’s “Hope,” but real hope to bridge the tremendous chasm in America and heal.

In watching many of the long-form interviews Robert Kennedy Jr. has given in recent months, he is grounded and centered. This may be the basis of his skill in addressing issues without attacking others. Given the frequency with which we hear Joe Biden attack those not bowing to party narratives, it’s a welcome change to hear Kennedy engage calmly, respectfully and with common sense. As well, like when listening to Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, there’s no disputing how smart Kennedy is. He peppers his responses with historical details that show a wide knowledge base, and he has many relatable lessons learned as a scion. Add on a very active and long career as an environmental lawyer committed to the protection of waterways and the rights of indigenous people, as a writer and as the founder of Children’s Health Defense and the Waterkeeper Alliance, and Kennedy has a commanding presence.

To a rational, thinking person, Kennedy would seem The Choice to be the Democrat nominee for the White House, similar to 2020, when Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard ran for the Democrat nomination. Of the long, weak list of Democrats running in 2020, Gabbard was also calm and respectful. Sharp as a tack, she exuded the most presence, composure and command, and she spoke common sense. Two strong Democrat candidates for the presidency in two different elections have been sidelined and maligned by their own party. Instead, the Democrat party’s new standard is to look for the least competent.

Not only did Kennedy’s party abandon him – Biden would not even provide Secret Service protection for this candidate – members of his family have been ugly. Apparently not the recipient of the brains in the family, sister Kerry Kennedy tweeted on the morning her brother announced his independence:

White House Beckons A Kennedy Again

Perhaps the fortunes of the Robert F. Kennedy siblings are so closely connected to The Borg that is today’s Democrat party that they had to toe the line for “the party.” Stay with us, comrades.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” might have been a better path for the siblings to take. With a family like that …

Of course, being family, they may know more. Kennedy has not been without his failings, including drug and sex addictions. We used to be more forgiving and open to redemption, but now all failings are used as weapons. Look for an increase in attacks on Kennedy’s personal failings as his popularity mounts. For those who commit to his candidacy, hopefully his demons are well at bay now at age 70, and he won’t disappoint followers.

Heading into the 2024 presidential election, anyone concerned about the direction of our country who is voting should listen to any of Kennedy’s long-form interviews with Tucker Carlson, The Joe Rogan Experience, Elex Michaelson, Russell Brand or others, and top it off with the Philadelphia speech. I considered recapping the Philly announcement, but decided it’s most impactful to listen to it in its entirety.

While media has downplayed the momentum of Kennedy – not surprising given the number of corporate media that act as the PR arm of the Democrat party – it’s clear there’s growing enthusiasm for Kennedy who is inspiring those beaten down by eight years of pronounced polarization in America. Kennedy believes, “The people are ready to take back power.”

It’s always interesting to read the comments after video, and Kennedy’s Philly speech is no exception. People are encouraged by Kennedy and see possibility of shifting the current trajectory of ever-growing rancor, division and ugliness in the country, which would be a significant achievement in our current environment. In one interview, Kennedy was asked what leadership lesson he’d learned from family. Kennedy responded that his dad wanted his children to understand that the path to happiness is through service to others. Kennedy is committed to service, and this is one reason people are drawn to his campaign.

As well, from his uncle and former U.S. President JFK he learned: “The primary job of a president of the United States is to keep our country out of war.” Kennedy in his Philly announcement said, “Peace and diplomacy first.” This is essential for the 2024 election, as current U.S. leaders – after dumping more than $124,000,000,000 into the Ukraine war – want more money for the proxy war and undoubtedly will start asking for more money for Israel (on top of that country’s annual $3 billion they receive from the U.S.). A Biden official said the U.S. can address the needs of the Ukraine, Israel and – should China make a move – Taiwan. Big talk for a country with $34 trillion in debt

America cannot stand four more years of the tyranny and totalitarian rule of this corrupted, broken iteration of the Democrat party that is completely disassociated from its name, headed by a mentally incapacitated puppet. The power in Robert Kennedy Jr.’s run for the U.S. presidency can be assessed in a number of ways. On a numbers level, 63 percent of Americans want a third party, the highest percentage in 20 years of Gallup asking that question, and Kennedy appears to be the one who can deliver. Most telling for me is the view from my partner, a man who has never voted for a Democrat. He told me he’d consider voting for Robert Kennedy Jr. Now that’s something!

Maria Fotopoulos writes about the connection between overpopulation and biodiversity loss, and from time to time other topics that confound her. On FB @BetheChangeforAnimals and

White House Beckons A Kennedy Again

White House Beckons A Kennedy Again

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

By Bob Small

The latest transoversy: Should there be separate leagues for transexuals engaged in amateur athletics.?

One reason for this is purely statistical.  Shouldn’t we have four lanes for stats;  i.e., men. women, MTF and FTM, or do the numbers really matter?

Well, even amateur sports declare a champion and winners of individual meets, so, rightly or wrongly, most societies emphasize winning, and, mostly, in what is considered a “fair” manner, without any performance enhancing drugs or operations, etc .

“If you go through male puberty you should not be able to take away medals away from females,” said Trans Activist Caitlin Jenner. At the same time “Trans women who transitioned before male puberty do not have a performance advantage”.  

My addition to this is that, however you do it, it should be post op transexuals.

TheWorld Boxing Council believes this also.

Two of many dissenting views are Trans Girls Belong on Girls’ Sports Teams – Scientific American  and Myths About Transgender Girls in Sports | ACLU of Iowa 

Note “The Olympics have had trans-inclusive policies since 2004, but a single openly transexual athlete has yet to qualify.

Another voice for separate competitions is Let Trans Athletes Have Their Own Sport Competitions 

“What about male transsexuals? Are they to have no competitive arenas of their own? Due to their use of estrogen, they are weaker and less competitive than otherwise would have been the case, but still far stronger than undrugged girls. And their female to male counterparts are stronger and thus more competitive than they were before, thanks to doses of testosterone, but still nowhere near the level of males. No, they should not be banished from sports rivalry. They, too, deserve to experience the joys of competition. They should be allowed to organize their own events, whether in high school, college or the Olympics. We already have the Paralympic Games. Why not also organize athletic games for transsexuals? 

However, there have been some FTM exceptions (see below)

Ethics Explainer: The Other – THE ETHICS CENTRE 

One more voice;

An 8th Grade Girl Explains Why Male Athletes Should Not Be Allowed in … 

In March of this year, the WAC (World Athletics Council) voted to exclude male athletes who have undergone male puberty from female World Ranking competition”.

Lastly, can we advance to the place where we are no longer “otherizing” Transexuals, athletes or not, once we’ve found agreement on the above issues.

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

Feinstein Replacement Assures 2024 Chaos

Feinstein Replacement Assures 2024 Chaos

By Joe Guzzardi

During much of Dianne Feinstein’s 20 years in the U.S. Senate, I lived in California and wrote political commentary for two San Joaquin Valley dailies. Regardless of my topic, out of professional curiosity, I asked my subjects’ off-the-record opinion about the California governor and their local congressional representatives. When I inquired about Feinstein, most replied with indifference. At no point did I sense voter enthusiasm about Feinstein, or detect the feeling that, in their minds, her re-election was paramount to California’s well-being.

Yet, after Republican Sen. Pete Wilson resigned in 1991 to run for governor, Feinstein won the 1992 special election, and was then re-elected five times – 1994, 2000, 2006, 2012 and 2018, a remarkable achievement. Prior to her Senate success, Feinstein came in third in the 1975 San Francisco mayoral election to winner George Moscone, and lost the 1990 gubernatorial general election to Wilson. As so often happens in politics, death, retirement and shifting winds played a major role in Feinstein’s ascendancy.

Elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969, Feinstein served as the board’s president in 1978, during which time Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated. Feinstein succeeded Moscone as mayor, and Wilson’s decision to give up his Senate seat opened up national office opportunities for Feinstein which she capitalized on. When fellow Democrat Alan Cranston retired in 1993, Feinstein became California’s senior senator.

Once an established incumbent, and even though California was not yet the solidly blue state it is today – Republican Wilson was, after all, just a few years removed from his governorship – Feinstein coasted. Feinstein’s uninspiring GOP challengers, Tom Campbell, Dick Mountjoy and Elizabeth Emken eased her path.

As Feinstein’s Senate seniority advanced, she got plum assignments, including with the Senate Rules Committee. Feinstein also chaired the Select Committee on Intelligence, an ironic appointment since, as later discovered, she was chauffeured by a Chinese operative that the FBI suspected of gathering government secrets before he absconded back to China.

Considered a moderate when she arrived in Washington, Feinstein quickly adopted the established Democratic positions especially on an issue that roiled Congress from her career’s inception to its end: immigration.

In the early 1990s, at a press conference on the California-Mexico border, Feinstein said that illegal immigration was too costly to allow it to continue. In California alone, Feinstein continued, taxpayers spent $2 billion annually on illegal immigration. Feinstein added that illegal immigration involved a battle for “space” between the aliens and citizens – space for jobs, for classroom seats and for housing. More immigration means less space for citizens, said Feinstein.

Thirty years later, however, Feinstein joined the Senate’s open borders faction. Over her three decades in the Upper Chamber, Feinstein’s immigration grade dropped from C to D.

Unbeknownst to the public, Feinstein also championed private immigration bills. She introduced more bills that protected illegal immigrants from deportation than any other legislator. Her singular attempts to circumvent immigration laws to provide for her special causes mostly involved tourist visa overstays. Some remained unlawfully present for as long as 17 years after their visas expired, hardly compelling circumstances that require Senate intervention.

On October 2, Gov. Gavin Newsom named EMILY’s List President Laphonza Butler to fill the remaining 15 months of Feinstein’s term. EMILY’s List works to elect female Democrats who support abortion rights. Per an August Federal Election Commission filing, Butler was a Maryland resident. Butler was then quickly sworn into office by Vice President Kamala Harris, for whom Butler had worked on Harris’ failed 2020 presidential campaign.

What happens next in the post-Feinstein era is uncertain. A special election involving Butler is probable, but no one knows whether the appointee or any of the other declared candidates for the full six-year term will run. Announced candidates Reps. Barbara Lee, Adam Schiff and Katie Porter are evaluating their decisions vis-à-vis the special election.

Despite California’s whopping $32 billion budget deficit, its affordable housing crisis, a soaring homeless population, endemic smash-and-grab crime and a collapsed education system, whoever permanently replaces Feinstein will vote straight “yea” on immigration expansion bills – as if more immigration is the solution to California’s monumental problems. Lee, Schiff and Porter have F- immigration grades from NumbersUSA.

Feinstein is gone, but her age, 90, and her vast $64 million wealth, exclusive of prime real estate holdings, raise questions about imposing term limits, and whether millionaires married to billionaires can fairly represent the average citizen. Feinstein commuted from San Francisco to D.C. on her private $6 million Gulfstream G650 jet. Term limits and personal wealth should but will never be considered as candidacy restrictions. Still, Feinstein’s congressional pro-immigration allies can take comfort that her replacement will carry on with the departed senator’s sovereignty-eroding immigration expansion legacy.

Joe Guzzardi is a Project for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Feinstein Replacement Assures 2024 Chaos

Feinstein Replacement Assures 2024 Chaos

A Friend From Carolina

A Friend From Carolina

By Bob Small

If we’re looking for a bald Republican candidate for president, look no further than Brian Friend of North Carolina, whose slogan is “America Reborn 24;”

Friend moved to Kure Beach, NC in 1987 and received his bachelor’s in accounting from UNC-Wilmington, while washing truks for $4.50 hour.  

He also has a masters degree from the former Jones International University in Forensic Accounting/Advanced Taxation.

He heads Port City Insurance which he started in 2003.

In some ways, his campaign is boiler plate GOP, describing it as

Pro God,
Pro Military,
Pro Law Enforcement,
Pro 2nd Amendment

And he adds the statement that “America needs to be baptized”.

However, he sees the need for other changes.  He is for affordable housing, choice for vaccination, school choice, cutting healthcare costs and trade schools

He also wants Americans “stranded in Afghanistan and Yemen” to be returned.

He is also anti-digital currency and defends bail bonds saying, “it is essential to . . . to keep dangerous criminals off the street, but also to let criminals that are not dangerous  the opportunity for release.”

See also  Brian Friend – Ballotpedia 

A Friend From Carolina

A Friend From Carolina

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

By Joe Guzzardi

To add to the hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of words that have been written about President Biden’s unconstitutional, criminal disregard for protecting the homeland would serve little purpose. Now is the time for outlining what must be done, assuming a patriotic administration replaces Biden’s.

Simply put, with a new administration, an effort to return aliens home – removed compassionately, but nevertheless sent back to their native countries – will have to begin immediately.

Assuming the incoming administration makes immigration enforcement a priority, a significant decrease can be made in the presence of those who willfully mocked U.S. laws, aided and abetted by the president and his corrupt staff. If anyone doubts what Biden is up to, the president explained his mission:

“I’ve also directed my team to make historic increase [sic] in the number of refugees admitted from Latin America. People fleeing violence and persecution, who simply want their kids to have a better life.”

Wrong! Biden was purposely deceptive. The arrivals aren’t refugees or escaping so-called violence; they’re coming for jobs and social services.

Naysayers will claim that removing what could be more than 10 million illegal aliens, the total that’s predicted to have entered in a single Biden term by January 2025, is an impossible task, and they’re right. As an example of what could be accomplished given the hypothetical new administration’s commitment to enforcing immigration law, consider that the Department of Homeland Security, created from scratch 14 months after 9/11, is today the third largest federal agency, a behemoth that employs 240,000. Only the Departments of Defense and Veteran Affairs are larger. With political will, desperately needed, much can be achieved in little time.

For starters, the newly dedicated-to-preserving-U.S.-sovereignty 119th Congress could focus on the nearly 750,000 Venezuelans that have received Temporary Protected Status, a total which includes the 470,000 that the Biden administration recently designated for the sole purpose of saving New York Mayor Eric Adams’ political hash. Manhattan, wrote one critic, looks like a refugee camp. Doling out work permits is certain to lure more Venezuelans to the border, and eventually to New York.

On September 23, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s right-hand man in the subversive plot to destroy historic America, designated Venezuela’s TPS for 18 months. Conveniently for the hoped-for new White House team, Venezuelan TPS will expire March 2025. The three-month time period between the January 2025 inauguration and TPS’ expiration date is plenty of time for the incoming president to assemble a dedicated team of immigration officials. And while those officials are investigating Venezuela, they might as well look hard at other “temporary” foreign-born residents like Somalians whose TPS designation was granted in 1991 – three decades ago. TPS should be, if not eliminated, dramatically cut back.

The incoming administration should also review the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who have received parole improperly. Parole status allows for an individual to temporarily come to the U.S.; there are time limits. From the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website:

“We typically grant parole for no more than one year, although we may grant parole for a longer duration depending on the reason for the parole. Parole ends on the date the parole period expires…”

Since the parolees have no compelling reason to remain, and assuming they’ve exceeded their fixed time limits, they must be deported.

Cleaning up the TPS and parole mess would just be the iceberg’s tip, but nevertheless a good start. Since TPS and parole include work authorization, the designees’ removal would open up hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs for Americans And the chance is good that once the word got out that enforcement is a reality, self-deportation could follow, at least to some degree. Self-deportation means that illegally present individuals, aware that removal may be at hand, decide to leave on their terms rather than on the fed’s timetable.

A huge outcry would follow attempts to remove unlawfully present aliens. But the reality is that once a foreign national decides to enter illegally, he knows that he faces three possibilities: 1) remain indefinitely and undetected, 2) be legalized in a sweeping amnesty and 3) be deported. For decades, the first two outcomes have played out. But Biden’s refusal to protect the country is so devastating that Democratic bastions nationwide like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles, all brought to their knees by the migrant invasion, are begging the White House for relief, pleas that are ignored.

The invasion cannot continue. Schools, hospitals, housing and budgets are at near-collapse. Immigration expansionists have prevailed for more than half a century – too long. Herbert Stein, economic advisor to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, summed up today’s chaos best. Stein, referring to the shift in the U.S. balance between foreign debts and foreign assets, but in a remark applicable to the ongoing invasion, said: “If it can’t go on forever, it won’t.”

Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

Immigration Law Time Limits Parole But Is Not Being Enforced

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