Sobering Talk Concerning Pa

Sobering Talk Concerning Pa

With Matt Brouillette of Commonwealth Foundation (center) are Whitey Coyne, Lisa Esler, Charles Martini and William Lawrence Sr.

Matt Brouillette, president and CEO of the Harrisburg-based Commonwealth Foundation, one of the nation’s top think tanks, gave a sobering talk this evening, April 28, about what taxpayer activists and fighters of corruption face in Pennsylvania.

He said the reform Gov. Tom Corbett is pushing regarding the state-controlled distribution of liquor is “not about getting the government out of the booze business but giving the appearance of convenience.”

The privatization of the state owned “Wine & Spirits Shoppes” is popular with the populace across partisan lines. It’s not going to happen because it is not popular with special interests who send the bucks to legislators.

On a much more frightening note, Brouillette also said critically needed pension reform is not going to happen either.  He said state workers were “circling the wagons” to stop legislation to change their pension from a defined benefit one to the defined contribution one now the norm in the private sector.

He said the largest state-backed pension funds SERS and PSERS, that handle the retirement money for state workers and school teachers respectively, have unfunded liability of $57 billion and it’s “going up”. He noted that local school districts are on the hook for half of PSERS money so expect massive property tax hikes.

“There is a general lack of will to tackle the pension crisis,” he said. He said the solutions being proposed involve the state cutting its regular contributions and will only make things worse.

“If Republicans controlled the governor, house and senate, we might get some resolutions,” he said. After a pause, he said “You are supposed to laugh at that” the punchline being that the Republicans do have complete control in Pennsylvania.

“It’s not funny,” said a woman in the audience.

Brouillette agreed.

“The Big Government Party is the majority party in Pennsylvania,” he said. “And it has both Republicans and Democrats.”

Brouillette said that is the reason why his group is pushing paycheck protection as the priority.

Paycheck protection is found pending legislation HB 1507 and SB 1034 that ban the use of public resources to collect, bundle and transmit public sector union dues and PAC contributions.

“If an elected official tried to have money automatically deducted from an employees paycheck (to use for a campaign) they would go to jail.”

The PSEA and other government unions can do just that legally and without the employees permission as how to use it.

He said this is the main reason why the Big Government Party is in the majority in the state.

Brouillette says the Republicans are two votes shy in the senate of getting the reforms passed.

Brouillette also said that HB 1154, the bill that would end the allowance for union members to stalk, harass and threaten the use of weapons of mass destruction during labor disputes, was amended in the Senate in a way that supporters in the House fear that it was neutered.

In other matters, support was requested for Megan Rath who is taking on Democrat Congressman Bob Brady in Pennsylvania’s 1st District and for Bob Guzzardi who is running against incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in the May 20 Republican Primary. Guzzardi, who is also a vocal opponent of Common Core, has made fighting for pension reform a linchpin of his campaign.

Lisa Esler noted that the group will be participating in an NRA Women on Target Instructional Shooting Clinic, June 28, at the Northern Chester County Sportsmen’s Club. The cost is $35 and covers the use of firearms, ammunition, shoot supplies, a t-shirt and goodied bag along with snacks. Call Theresa Reynolds at 610-304-5873 for information or email her at

Maria Heider announced that there will a Twitter clinic co-hosted by Americans for Prosperity, 6:30 p.m., June 19, at the Marple Public Library. Call 610-572-3442 for information or to register.



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Corbett Lied

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Guzzardi had his first TV interview this afternoon with KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

The topic concerned the claim that Corbett broke the promise he made in 2010 not to raise taxes.

Delano rather brutally illustrated Guzzardi’s claim that he did.

The interview can be seen here with a transcript.

Corbett Gang Files Appeal

This is not a caricature of Gov. Tom Corbett but of the late Leslie Nelson in his role as Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun movies. You can be forgiven, however,  for thinking otherwise.

It’s official.

Gov. Tom Corbett has, figuratively, taken a 10-guage double-barreled shotgun and blown off both of his feet.

The party hacks, who for some unfathomable reason are desperately trying to keep Corbett on November’s Republican ticket, appealed, yesterday, April 16, the well-grounded decision handed down the day before by Commonwealth Court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt that lets reformer Bob Guzzardi stay on the May 20 primary ballot.

Guzzardi, it should be noted, is purposely running a shoestring campaign and refusing all campaign donations.

Only two things can happened with the case now officially before the state Supreme Court.

— Corbett wins it. This means the Supremes overturn a decision made after a fair hearing that revealed Guzzardi did not use fraud to get on the ballot and that a significant number of Pennsylvania voters want him there. This would cement in the minds of those voters that the judicial system is corrupt and the Republican establishment cannot be trusted to protect them from government which is after all their reason for voting Republican. This not only kills Corbett but severely damages the party.

— Corbett loses it. This means Guzzardi gets publicity he otherwise would not have, and still causes the GOP base to wonder why the party establishment wants so badly to keep this guy off the ballot.

Visit for Corbett Gang Files Appeal
Visit for Corbett Gang Files Appeal

Frightened Corbett Faction Plans Appeal? is reporting that the Tom Corbett faction is planning an appeal of Commonwealth Court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt rejection of their challenge to throw Republican gubernatorial challenger Bob Guzzardi off the May 20 primary ballot.

If accurate, it would not merely indicate that Corbett is scared of Guzzardi — who is running a shoestring campaign and pointedly refusing all donations — but that they are terrified and absolutely desperate.

If they fear Bob Guzzardi in the primary what hope can they possibly have in November?

Of course, what they fear, perhaps, is that Guzzardi is putting the needs of the state ahead of politics.

Maybe they should be afraid and maybe the Democrats should fear as well.

Visit for Frightened Corbett Faction Plans Appeal?
Visit for Frightened Corbett Faction Plans Appeal?


Guzzardi Wins Ballot Challenge

Guzzardi Wins Ballot Challenge — Bob Guzzardi, the reformer seeking to unseat incumbent Tom Corbett and give the Republicans a halfway chance of keeping the governor’s office, is on the ballot in a decision handed down today by Commonwealth Court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt.

Corbett’s team sought to keep Guzzardi off the ballot claiming he lacked the minimum number of valid signatures, misrepresented his occupation on his nomination petition and did not timely file a Statement of Financial Interests with the State Ethics Commission.

It is thought they spent between $25,000 and $50,000 in the futile endeavor.

Corbett’s team managed to knock the total number of signatures in Cumberland County from 131 to 104; in Delaware County from 182 to 159, from Lebanon County from 142 to 104 and from Northumberland County from 127 to 108.

The rule for ballot access requires 2000 signatures with at least 100 coming from 10 counties.

The objectors then levied challenges against 20 of the remaining names in Cumberland, 14 in Lebanon and 19 in Northumberland.

Corbett’s team picked over clear typographical errors, the use of diminutives rather than full names and even hired forensic document examiner J. Wright Leonard in a futile attempt to impeach the signatures.

Guzzardi’s attorney Gretchen Sterns successfully defeated the challenges citing case law and, at times, getting affidavits from those whose names were allegedly wrongly marked.

The occupation misrepresentation claim was based on Guzzardi describing himself as a “semi-retired businessman and lawyer”.

Corbett’s team said this was false because his state attorney license has been in inactive status since 2011 hence he was falsely calling himself a lawyer.

Judge Leavitt noted that Guzzardi’s description of his occupation was logical and consistent with common usage, and that there is no evidence that the electorate was deceived.

Regarding the Statement of Financial Interests, Guzzardi had filed one with the Department of State. Judge Leavitt found that the procedure changed this year and the directions for submission were confusing. She said the Guzzardi’s campaign was given incorrect information by “a Department of State employee with apparent authority” that he only needed to file with that department rather than submit a separate filing to the Ethics Commission. She noted the Department of State issued a receipt to Guzzardi that it shouldn’t have as he was filing with them the original rather than the required copy.

She noted that Guzzardi promptly correct the omission up learning of the problem.

Bob Guzzardi is on the ballot for May 20 in the Republican gubernatorial primary. As noted Corbett supporters spent at least $25,000 in an attempt to knock him off.


Guzzardi Wins Ballot Challenge

Guzzardi Explains Campaign

Guzzardi Explains Campaign — Bob Guzzardi, whose roots and sympathies are firmly in the middle class of the Springfield, Delaware County where he grew up, is opposing incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in the May20 primary election.

Guzzardi is running a self-funded campaign in which he is pointedly refusing all donations. It may be historic.

Here are the policy answers he provided to a questionnaire from the York Daily Record.

Should Pennsylvania sell and privatize the state-owned wine and liquor stores?

It is not the government’s core function to operate, control and promote the use of beer, wine and liquor. There needs to be a “separation of sin and state”. It is the role of government to tax and regulate. We need the traffic cop. If the liquor stores had been sold, the proceeds could have been used to fund both pension spike and “crumbling roads and bridges falling down.”

Do you support privatizing management of the state lottery?

The lottery is not only gambling but it is a rigged game. It is not a core function of government to operate, control and promote gambling. There needs to be a “separation of sin and state”. It is the role of government to tax and regulate. We need a traffic cop. Proceeds of a sale can be used to finance both the pension spike and “crumbling roads and bridges falling down.

Should Pennsylvania raise the minimum wage?

The best job training is a job. Raising cost of labor means fewer jobs. An arbitrary, artificial and inflated wage rate centrally planned government bureaucrats punishes silent victims, particularly, in inner city by reducing jobs available. Higher minimum wage correlates with higher unemployment among young adults, particularly, those with limited work experience, limited training and limited skills.

Spiraling unemployment about young black men will not be helped by an artificial wage.

Do you approve or disapprove of the transportation spending bill that was signed into law in November?

Act 89 of 2013, clearly, violates Article VIII, Section 11 of the Pennsylvania Constitution as well as Articles III, Section 1 and Section 3. It imposes a $2.4 billion dollar tax increase on motorists, truckers and the trucking industry. There was no grassroots demand to repair crumbling roads and bridges falling down injuring and killing children but an industry driven initiative by campaign contributing crony hacks benefitting from billions of highway contracts. Secretary of Transportation Barry Schoch was, in effect, a highway contractor lobbyist before Gov. Corbett appointed him Sec. of Transportation.

Do you support state funding for charter schools?

I support expanding parental choice and control in education decisions. Parental control over a child’s education is the key to providing a “thorough and efficient system of public education” as required by Pa Con Article 3 Section 14.

I support expanding and funding Charter Schools, Cyber Charter Schools, Education Improvement Tax Credits, and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credits. Charter schools are safer than government schools which are unionized bureaucracies. Non-union charter schools cost about 80% of cost of unsafe and educationally dysfunctional government schools.

I will not increase government spending and that may mean goring the ox of the unionized government bureaucracy school monopoly. If government schools are so good, why are parents forced to use them?

Do you support or oppose a plan to require new state employees to participate in a 401(k)-style retirement plan as opposed to a current state employee pension system?

“Perhaps the most important thing taxpayers should know is that the state has
been spending more than it collects in revenue for six straight years. Gov.
Corbett’s proposed budget would make that a seventh year.”
Elizabeth Stelle of Commonwealth Foundation Feb. 6, 2014

Auditor General DePasquale warns of municipal tax increases and bankruptcies
because of the pension spike.
Scranton Times Tribune, March 2, 2014

“State Spending is at an All-Time High
Elizabeth Stelle of Commonwealth Foundation Feb. 6, 2014

PSERS and SERS project total taxpayer contributions for these two plans will increase from $1.7 billion in 2011-12 to more than $6.1 billion in 2016-17
a 257 percent increase.

Commonwealth Foundation, March 15, 2014

For drilling, should Pennsylvania have a severance tax based on the volume of natural gas produced or an impact fee based on the number of wells in operation?

All gas, oil and drilling companies pay all Pennsylvania business taxes like any other business corporation. “The Power to tax involves the power to destroy”. When one business is singled out for special taxation, then any business can be targeted; no business is safe from the General Assembly’s avarice. More power to the General Assembly means fewer resources for individual citizens to pursue happiness in the way they choose.

SPENDING IS THE FOCUS OF MY CAMPAIGN. THERE IS FISCAL ICEBERG AHEAD THAT WILL TAKE US ALL DOWN. Pennsylvania needs to be a place to grow businesses and to grow old and government spending is taking so much money that we cannot feel safe in our businesses or in our homes.

Do you approve or disapprove of Pennsylvania’s 2012 voter ID law?

I am beginning to think this is not as important as I once did. There have been no prosecutions or even reports in Philadelphia from Commission Al Schmidt that evidences any voter fraud which is surprising. Both Commissioners Schmidt and Stephanie Singer are very smart and very honest and if there were wide spread voter fraud we would know about it.

Do you approve or disapprove of how the state legislature has been handling its job?

Republican Governor Corbett broke his promise of “No New Taxes; No New Fees” and is now lying about it in his campaign commercials. The Republican General Assembly has been more than complicit in spending more, borrowing more and taxing more. I want to be the voice and the hand of the Forgotten Taxpayer. Article IV Section 16 of the Pennsylvania Constitution is a powerful tool.

Do you support legalizing online gambling? Expanding Casinos?

From what I know, internet gambling cannot be taxed or regulated so I don’t think it is a good idea. The expansion of casinos is a decision for local municipalities. I neither favor nor disfavor but prefer to let the people decide if they want more gambling or not. Where people prefer to spend their money is their business, not mine.

Should abortion be legal when the pregnancy resulted from incest or rape (and six other abortion questions)?

The questions are simplistic and do not address difficult and complicated moral, theological and personal matters. Life begins at conception. Medical science is clear. It is common sense. An iPad does not begin at conception. Infanticide
cannot be tolerated. Late term abortion, partial birth abortion is infanticide and barbaric. Who would advocate for such a thing? Why would they?

Abortion is a moral wrong but most of us do a lot of immoral things. The way to reduce, even eliminate abortion, is to change hearts and minds, not to enact more coercive laws. No law can make you a more moral person or love your neighbor. If you won’t obey God’s law, why would you obey mine?

Pennsylvanians have reached a compromise between anti-abortion purist position and the pro-abortion 24/7 position. Interfering with this compromise by the citizens is not a priority. Let us see how society evolves

Should we have more laws to regulate gun ownership (and three other gun questions)?

Pennsylvania Constitution Article I Section 21

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

This language is contained in the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776. The original 1776 Constitutional provision was modified in the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1790 and the words have not changed since 1790.

Guns should not be in hands of felons or mentally ill people who are a danger to themselves or others. We do not need more laws. The police and the Courts need to enforce the many gun laws we do have.

Do you support or oppose allowing adults in Pennsylvania to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use? Do you favor or oppose allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if a doctor recommends it?

The science about the value of medical marijuana is ambivalent and inconclusive. Oncologists have not advocated using medical marijuana. I will defer to science on this issue. Colorado is experimenting with legalized marijuana. Let us see how it works out. I think it will end badly but I may be wrong.

Should Pennsylvania legalize civil unions for same-sex couples? Should Pennsylvania legalize same-sex marriage?

Historically and etymologically marriage is between a man and a woman. Men and women are different, spiritually and physically. There is no reason that homosexuals, to be authentic, should act like heterosexuals. The dynamics between a man and a woman have a totally different dynamic than between two men or two men.

Why should your party’s voters choose you on May 20?

Because it is clear that I will be the voice and the hand of the Forgotten Taxpayer. That I will gore the spending oxen that need to be gored to reduce state government spending at all levels, state government borrowing at all levels and reduce the tax burden on taxpayers in order to make Pennsylvania a place to grow businesses and to grow old. Tom Corbett broke his “No New Taxes; No New Fees” promise to those who voted for him in 2010 and he is lying about it in his campaign commercials. The polls have consistently told us that Tom Corbett is a November loser. There is a reason for that. does not deserve to represent the Republican voter.

I am a Limited Government Constitutional Republican who will not increase state spending or borrowing or taxes or fees. Count on it.

Guzzardi also notes that he is a strong opponent of Common Core.


Guzzardi Explains Campaign


PCN Hosts Guzzardi March 18 2014

PCN Hosts Guzzardi March 18 2014 — Bob Guzzardi, the Republican alternative to Tom Corbett in the May 20 gubernatorial primary, will be the guest 7 to 8, tonight, on Brian Lockman’s call-in show on PCN.

Those with questions are encouraged to ask that by calling 1-877-726-5001.

The show can be heard here.

Bob Guzzardi (right) with Roger Howard who is seeking to represent the 158th District in the State House



PCN Hosts Guzzardi March 18 2014

Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

After Gov. Corbett is retired this November (or May) perhaps he can move to Hollywood and reprise the role of Frank Drebin in a new Naked Gun movie. Not only does he look like him, he acts like him.

Daryl Metcalfe who represents the 12th District in the Pennsylvania House and is one of the most principled people in the state legislature has just speculated on Facebook that Gov. Tom Corbett is behind a series of anonymous robocalls that have been made against him.

Metcalfe posted:

At the end of last year an anonymous website was launched to libel me in an attempt to discredit my work to protect taxpayers. Two Robo-calls were made to drive traffic to their website. A survey call was then made testing the name of who now is expected to be a primary challenger. Many wondered if the anonymous attack was by the Governor’s people or by the Democrat Attorney General’s people? The circumstantial evidence points to the Taxing Tom Corbett the Governor. What do you think?

Metcalfe, who is a staunch and loyal Republican, is facing a primary campaign by Corbett supporters. Metcalfe has not come out in a significant way against Corbett other than to lead the opposition to some of his bizarre and liberal legislation such as his 28 cents per gallon gas tax hike.

Metcalfe has yet to announce support for Corbett’s primary challenger Bob Guzzardi. It’s time to get on the bandwagon Daryl.

Visit for Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?
Visit for Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

Corbett Supports Paycheck Protection

Gov. Tom Corbett has announced his support for pending legislation that will ban the automatic deduction of union dues from public employee paychecks reports Pennsylvania Independent.

Voluntary deductions will obviously remain allowed.  Paycheck protection empowers union workers as it allows them to withhold funding from leaders who may not be using the money, well, appropriately.

The legislation is being shepherded  by John Eichelberger in the senate and Bryan Cutler in the House.

This type of legislation is very good and necessary. If Corbett should actually sign it I will once again return to being his supporter despite the gas tax hike he has foisted upon us and his attempt to run an Obama supporter as the Republican senate candidate.

Still, if one gets a chance to sign a petition for Bob Guzzardi, the retired businessman seeking to the get on the Republican gubernatorial primary ballot, please do. Knowing the voters have an option on May 20 will certainly help keep Gov. Corbett’s mind right.

Corbett Supports Paycheck Protection

Corbett Voter ID Stance Will Hurt Him

Independence Hall Tea Party PAC President, Don Adams, called on Governor Tom Corbett to immediately appeal Commonwealth Judge Bernard McGinley’s latest ruling on Voter ID to the full Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

“Governor Corbett should not appear to be sitting on the fence.  The Governor signed this Voter ID law and should be vigorously defending it.  His relative silence tells us a great deal about his leadership or, should I say, lack thereof,” said Mr. Adams, a resident of Cheltenham township.

“To boot, the Corbett Administration was charged with implementing the 2012 law and the court’s most recent ruling indicts the record of that implementation.

“At the very least, Governor Corbett should have already responded to the court’s criticisms.

“The fact that the Governor has yet to announce an appeal–and has not yet issued a strong rebuttal of the ruling–is extremely troubling.

“The Independence Hall Tea Party fought hard to get the Voter ID bill enacted into law–taking it on as a major legislative initiative in late 2009.  If the Governor refuses to fight for it, why should we fight for his re-election?
“Friday’s ruling by Judge McGinley, a lifelong Democrat, struck down the recent law on its merits, but not its constitutionality under PA law.

“Bottom line, we are concerned that the Judge’s decision will allow voter fraud to continue in the commonwealth–particularly in Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties,” said Mr. Adams.

The false notion advanced by the Judge’s ruling, that there is no evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, is completely incorrect.

“Even partisan Democrat pols like Ed Rendell and Chris Matthews have admitted that voter fraud runs rampant in the state’s largest county–Philadelphia.

As noted National Review columnist John Fund pointed out in his recent article:

In 2012, Philadelphia city commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican, issued a 27-page report on irregularities he found in a sample of city precincts during that year’s primary. The report, which looked at only 1 percent of the city’s districts, found cases of double voting, voter impersonation, and voting by non-citizens, as well as 23 people who were not registered to vote but nonetheless voted. Schmidt also found reports of people who were counted as voting in the wrong party’s primary. “We identified hundreds of cases of voting irregularities [in select precincts] that warrant further investigation,” he concluded.

“A Philadelphia Inquirer poll, among others, has found that nearly 70% of PA residents favor Voter ID–but Judge McGinley has ruled against the common sense of the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians and their state legislators.

“That is the definition of legislating from the bench,” said Mr. Adams.

“If this decision is left intact, it will lead to further feelings of disenfranchisement among a majority of voters who believe their ballots are being undermined by the unchecked cheaters among us.

“If Judge McGinley’s decision is not immediately appealed by Governor Corbett, we will seriously consider withholding our support from the Governor,” said Mr. Adams.

“The Governor’s re-elect numbers are currently in the tank.  He’ll need us in November.  We need him to do the right thing now.”

Corbett Voter ID Stance Will Hurt Him