Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

After Gov. Corbett is retired this November (or May) perhaps he can move to Hollywood and reprise the role of Frank Drebin in a new Naked Gun movie. Not only does he look like him, he acts like him.

Daryl Metcalfe who represents the 12th District in the Pennsylvania House and is one of the most principled people in the state legislature has just speculated on Facebook that Gov. Tom Corbett is behind a series of anonymous robocalls that have been made against him.

Metcalfe posted:

At the end of last year an anonymous website was launched to libel me in an attempt to discredit my work to protect taxpayers. Two Robo-calls were made to drive traffic to their website. A survey call was then made testing the name of who now is expected to be a primary challenger. Many wondered if the anonymous attack was by the Governor’s people or by the Democrat Attorney General’s people? The circumstantial evidence points to the Taxing Tom Corbett the Governor. What do you think?

Metcalfe, who is a staunch and loyal Republican, is facing a primary campaign by Corbett supporters. Metcalfe has not come out in a significant way against Corbett other than to lead the opposition to some of his bizarre and liberal legislation such as his 28 cents per gallon gas tax hike.

Metcalfe has yet to announce support for Corbett’s primary challenger Bob Guzzardi. It’s time to get on the bandwagon Daryl.

Visit for Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?
Visit for Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

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