Chinese Election Interference Proved

Chinese Election Interference Proved — We published on Dec. 1, 2020 a story expressing concern about Chinese involvement with the election.

Facebook hired-gun Lead Stories “fact checked” it which resulted in our getting more clicks than any story before or since.

Thank you Lead Stories, you pathetic tool of running dogs.

We’d just like to say:

Ha ha

Ha ha ha

We were right

See and saw.

Eugene Yu, the CEO of the U.S. election software company Konnech, was arrested Oct. 5 in connection to the storage of election data on Chinese servers as Kanekoa News succinctly sums up.

Happy birthday to me.

More will be coming out and we suspect that the Chicoms are not even going to be the greatest villains.

By the way, the New York Times “fact-checked” the claim that Konnech was sending data to China regarding poll workers and called it a “conspiracy theory”

On Oct. 3.

Ha ha

Ha ha ha.

Chinese Election Interference Proved
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Chinese Election Interference Proved

2 thoughts on “Chinese Election Interference Proved”

  1. Wow finally someone says truth about what is happening and Happy Birthday.
    I wonder if you have the same as Canada? Canada has over 3oo “unofficial Chinese Police stations across our country so True North is reporting? They are supposed to be looking after their own people we read, even the ones who are Canadian Citizens? So how fixed are our elections? Then again who runs the UN? and is now going after Elon Musk for his peace talks regarding the Ukraine where secret USA military boots on the ground not just weapons are being deployed.
    So does the world really need Pres. Trump back, I sure think so. Canadians do not realize yet how taken over we are and should be terrified. I am praying the USA’s next election is not corrupt, we need the USA very honest again and strong to protect the world. I keep praying for Canadians to wake up too.

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