Coal Cools Planet?

Coal Cools Planet? — The informative ZeroHedge starts 2024 with scientists skeptical that global warming is catastrophic whereas attempts to stop will be.

Contra to the establishment narrative W. Jackson Davis says that there is an overall negative correlation between global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations over the last 210 million years .

This meshes with Professor Ian Plimer claims.

Demetris Koutsoyiannis and Christos Vournas say that the greenhouse effect is about water vapor, not Co2.

Most amazingly, H. Nair et al writing in the journal Climate and Atmospheric Science say that switching from carbon energy means a drastic rise in temperature.

The smog of coal plants reflect back that warming solar radiation, says Nair’s group.

Crazy, huh.

The rebuttals have been generally handwaving, name calling and character smears, as per these screeds against Plimer. They’re like something heard on second grade playgrounds rather than by intelligent, educated adults confident in their data.

If carbon emissions really caused catastrophic warming, the powers-that-be would have had our energy grid converted to nuclear two decades ago.

We certainly wouldn’t be ripping down hydro-electric dams, and those shrieking the loudest about it wouldn’t have carbon footprints magnitudes higher than average or buying multiple seaside mansions.

Coal Cools Planet?

Coal Cools Planet?

One thought on “Coal Cools Planet?”

  1. Oh my, another lie by the totalitarians who want to enslave us. What a surprise that they’ve inverted the truth yet again… You know what would be a real surprise? If the majority of our fellow Americans would wake the F up and realize that we’re at the end of the line of freedom and join those who are already awake in trying to save our country.

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