Corbett Third Debate Vs Wolf Tonight

Regina Scheerer reminds us that the third and final debate between Gov. Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf will be 7  tonight, Oct. 8,  on C-SPAN or on your computer at

We are obviously not big fans of Corbett  but he does trump a guy in bed with Pennsylvania’s anti-child educational establishment and whose  political backer is a California billionaire who wants to shut down Pennsylvania’s refineries, mines and stop the extraction of its natural gas.

You don’t think the PSEA is anti-child? Why does it exalt those who harm children for money? You don’t think a school strike harms children? You don’t think it’s about getting more money?

Corbett Third Debate Vs Wolf

Corbett Third Debate Vs Wolf

One thought on “Corbett Third Debate Vs Wolf Tonight”

  1. I would rather vote for Tom Corbett over that jack ass Wolf any day of the week. All that hype about raising taxes on “the gas companies” to pay for education does nothing but raise MY taxes on the natural gas I use in my house and believe me, my bills are high enough. My electric bill is at least $100 higher than it was in September of last year. Further, I know for a fact that Tom Corbett is doing his best to cut down on wasteful state spending and save those of us who work for a living (those who can, do) from unnecessary taxes. Anyone with half a brain will vote for Wolf…but then, half a brain usually needs a “union” to help them keep their status quo both as teacher (those who can’t, teach) and state workers (those who can do neither, complain).

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