Councilwoman Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract

Councilwoman Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract — Delaware County Council is proposing to amend a contract to Lewis M.Hunt shoveling the Chester dentist/funeral parlor owner more tax dollars to reserve three beds in a community living arrangement for county residents if needed.

It’s agenda item 9-O and is scheduled for approval today, May 15.

Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer had some questions at yesterday’s work session. She wanted to know the the relationship was between Hunt and the agency supposedly doing the work. Watch it here at about 1:16 or just click on agenda 9-O.

Watch it Elaine. You keep asking questions you will end up voting for Trump.


Hey, start asking questions about Delco’s Children and Youth Services.

Councilwoman  Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract
Be careful, girl. Or you’ll become MAGA

One thought on “Councilwoman Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract”

  1. Thank you for asking the right questions Ms. Schaefer. Now do we really need so many trails in Delco? Cut back and give the taxpayers a break.

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