Dimmock, Pa. Was Concern At Georgia Conference

Dimmock, Pa. Was Concern At Georgia Conference

By Bob Small

Reviewing some of the 50-plus materials gathered at the 2023 CHD (Children’s Health Defense) Conference in Savannah, GA. I decided to start with materials from Pennsylvania. 

As a formerly practicing Green, I was familiar with Dimmock Environmental Research Center.

Dimmock is in Susquehanna County and is infamous for fracking gone wrong. 

Dimmock Environmental quotes Section 127 of the Pa. Constitution which says “The People have a right to clean air, pure water.”.

The documentary Gaslands provides one introduction to the problems and can be watched free online.

Gasland (2010) | Watch Free Documentaries Online 

Cabot Oil and Gas, now Coterra, pleaded no contest to 15 criminal charges in June 2020 and agreed to pay millions for new water system in Dimock

“There were failures at every level,” then attorney General Josh Shapiro  said. “The local elected officials where someone would normally go, ignored them. The regulators whose job it is to set the boundaries for industry to operate in, failed.” 

Ray Kemble, a resident of Dimmock, said “The higher-ups of these companies, they should be going to jail.”

Environmental Attorney Rich Raiders, who is also a petroleum engineer, said “industry workers from Texas and Oklahoma came to Pennsylvania without any knowledge of the state’s unique geology and didn’t bother to find out. “

For a full recap of the 2010 settlement see  Dimock, Pennsylvania Residents to Share $4.1 Million, Receive Gas

However, former Gov. Wolf decided to again allow fracking in Dimmock last year. See Pennsylvania lifts ban on gas production in polluted village

One reason may be that  “Pennsylvania is the nation’s No. 2 gas-producing state after Texas, and Susquehanna County, where Dimock is located, produces more natural gas than any other county in the state. “

Not everyone agrees with this decision, as the Pennsylvania Green Party informed me, as they are part of the Better Path Coalition.   Better Path Coalition

However, the whole promise of clean energy may not be as economically feasible as promised.

Or it may be;  Go Green Without Going Broke: Affordable Tips for …

The internet has at least five articles on each opinion.  

https://www.gpofpa.org › an_essay_against_fossil_fuel_pipelines 

An essay against fossil fuel pipelines – Green Party of Pennsylvania

Dimmock, Pa. Was Concern At Georgia Conference

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