Fayette County Election Machine Update

Fayette County Election Machine Update — A request for an emergency injunction was denied this afternoon, Aug. 31, by Fayette County (Pa) Common Pleas Court Judge John F. Wagner to prevent voting machines and other materials from being flown away to who knows where.

Wagner cited lack of standing by plaintiffs, said plaintiff Gregory Stenstrom.

Stenstrom, an election integrity activist from Delaware County, filed jointly with Jon R. Marrietta, Jr.

Marrietta was a candidate in the May 16 Republican primary battle for Fayette County commissioner.

Marrietta’s 5,206 tally was 121 behind Scott Dunn and 554 behind Dave Lohr.

The top two advance to November.

Wagner denied the injunction request.

He told the county representatives, however, “I don’t need to issue you an order to tell you that no election machines or materials are to leave Fayette County.”

Stenstrom said that multiple whistleblowers reported that a medium-sized cargo jet and Gov. Josh Shapiro’s Beech King Air made unscheduled landings about 9:30 a.m. at Connellsville Airport, and that aircrews said they were there to load county election materials onto the cargo jet.

Shapiro was supposedly attending an unpublicized meeting regarding a project, said Stenstrom.

He was reportedly at the meeting for a short time then disappeared for about four hours.

The planes were flown to Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe about 25 miles away, Stenstrom says.

The county says the error rate in the May 16 primary for six selected precincts was 1 of 1,489 Republican ballots or .07 percent.

Stenstrom and Marrietta say the error rate was 9.09 percent for mail-in ballots and 1 percent for in-person ballots for an aggregate of 1.72 percent. They say the law requires a county-wide recount for an error rate over .5 percent.

They had asked that certification of the primary be delayed but the county board of elections certified the results last night in an unadvertised meeting.

Stenstrom says this violated the Sunshine Act.

He said they will be appealing to Commonwealth Court.

Stenstrom said he is helping Marrietta because of his integrity and courage.

Documents, videos and photos of what is going on across state can be found at Patriot.Online.

Fayette County Election Machine Update --
The Pennsylvania Governor’s Beech King Air 350 at Arnold Palmer Airport this morning

Fayette County Election Machine Update

4 thoughts on “Fayette County Election Machine Update”

  1. I think that being distracted with stuff like this doesn’t advance the ball. I am not a fan of Governor Shapiro but I sure don’t think he had his state aircraft fly to Fayette County to assist in stopping election integrity in the Republican Primary for County Commissioner in Fayette County. I just don’t.

    Not to mention the Fayette County Airport is a general-aviation field so one would expect that all landings are unscheduled. And I am sure the judge is right, none of the election materials are leaving period.

    1. Let me give you another question. The Beech King Air 350 is registered to the Pa Dept. of Transportation(Number N81PA). It was built in 1999 and purchased in September 22, 1999. If purchased today, the cost would be 8M, so 24 years ago I’ll estimate maybe 4M. With that said, our taxpayers own this plane.
      Since Josh Shapiro is now Governor, does he have access and control over who and what flys in said aircraft alone?
      I would think that we the taxpayer has every right to know the same, since we paid for the aircraft.
      Would really like to know the answer.

      1. I certainly agree with you that the citizens of PA have a right to know how their money is being spent and that includes use of Pa-owned aircraft. I would assume the the Governor, as chief executive of the Commonwealth, exercises control over Pa-owned aircraft.

        The information about this trip was and is available. “Governor Shapiro and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn visited Yough River Park in Connellsville, along the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage (GAP), in Fayette County to launch Pennsylvania’s Office of Outdoor Recreation.” https://www.governor.pa.gov/newsroom/this-week-in-the-shapiro-administration-governor-shapiro-opens-doors-of-opportunity-highlights-work-to-expand-the-commonwealths-workforce/

        Again, I am no fan of Governor Shapiro but I don’t see anything wrong with having this PA aircraft used in this way, particularly since it was all made public. I would rather spend time on those things that I think are a problem.

    2. Being distracted with stuff like this??? Whistleblowers came forward at the risk of their livelihoods to bring this information. The people of Fayette are trustworthy, hard working Americans who have been rolled over. Fayette is extremely important as it is the 3rd poorest County in PA, yet sits on more natural gas then Saudi Arabia. It also has a 125 million dollar prison project thanks to Pat Toomey. SHAPIROs stupid green new deal , and wanting to push this agenda, makes Fayette prime target. Money laundering , crime and corruption are in Fayette. I could go on, but this is not a distraction. This is a targeted County.

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