Montco Child Support Case Rigged?

Is Montco Child Support Case Rigged?

By Elaine Mickman

My son’s child support was unlawfully terminated December 2018 when he was a minor public school student. I filed all proper legal recourse, but hearings and due process were denied.

The Domestic Relations Director suggested February 2019 that I file a “New Complaint” for which preliminary proceedings occurred March 2019, April 2019, and May 30, 2019 while my child suffered without support.

Is Montco Child Support Case Rigged?

A Sept. 13, 2019 Order reconvened the Support Master Evidentiary Hearing for Jan. 6, 2020, but my Ex flouted the Rules by prematurely filing for an Exceptions Hearing at the Courthouse without a required Recommended Master Order, without purchasing both Support Master proceeding transcripts, and without the Support Master Hearing concluding so that he could bypass the Support Master Hearing where evidence and testimony are presented to eliminate a Record.

A Montgomery County Court Judge “ordered-away” my Constitutional Due Process Right November 2019 at the request of my Ex, compelling me to file an appeal Dec. 11, 2019.The Court scheduled Ex’s Exceptions proceeding for Jan. 7, 2020 while the Court postponed my Jan. 6, 2020 Child Support Master Hearing to Feb. 7, 2020 at the additional demand of my Ex. Just 3 days prior to the Feb. 7, 2020 Support Master Evidentiary Hearing, the Judge entered a Feb. 4, 2020

Order stating that my Child Support Master Hearing was Stayed because a Dec. 11, 2019 appeal was pending regardless that the Judge conducted my Ex’s Jan. 7, 2020 Exceptions Hearing, applying a “double-standard” to favor my Ex while “starving-out” the UNEMANCIPATED child who has been without support for 14 months and further delaying a hearing for due process. The Judge took my Ex’s Jan. 7, 2020 Exceptions “under advisement”, but “Justice delayed is justice denied”.There is no explanation for the Judge’s actions in which my Ex received “Special Treatment” to bypass the Rules, other than my Ex “buying access to the court” otherwise known as Quid Pro Quo.

Where’s the Judicial fairness and impartiality ?

Why are the County Commissioners “championing” the court rather than exercising Executive branch actionsince Commissioner Arkoosh is a member of the Family Judicial Advisory Board and the Court is funded by the County which is losing Federal funding by my child, and other children, being denied child support?

Is this Montgomery County personnel/elected Official’s “self-interest” over County interest?

Mrs. Mickman is a resident of Lower Merion

Montco Child Support Case Rigged?

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