Prune Juice Pork Chops

Prune juice pork chops — or to give it some elegance, aged prune juice pork chops — is a dish perfect when you find in the freezer boneless porch chops acquired in a long-ago sale and discover in the cupboard a bottle of prune juice with a three-year-old expiration date.

It is surprisingly good.

Actually it is rather delicious.

Prune Juice Pork Chops

Pat two small chops dry then give them a rub of two teaspoons of salt, two teaspoons and a teaspoon of black pepper. Let them sit in the frige for an hour.

Cut an onion in rings.

Heat a splash of vegetable oil — or even some non-stick spray — in a Dutch oven or large pot. Put the chops in for a sear. Pull them out and put in the onion slices. Let them get soft, then add just enough prune juice to cover. The juice will deglaze so remember to scrap so the brown bits on the bottom can be included.

Add two tablespoons of brown sugar. Let the juice come to a simmer, then return the chops. Braise them until their temp hits 140 F. It won’t be long. Remove them to rest and let the sauce reduce. When reduced pour the sauce and onions on the meat and eat.

Yes, it’s a yum.

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2 thoughts on “Prune Juice Pork Chops”

  1. Sounds delish! Except I don’t have the prune juice. But thanks for the recipe. Reminiscent of your dad’s cooking.

  2. Prunes go well with pork. I’ve used them to stuff a tenderloin-cut a pocket in it, then stuffed them in with some coarsely ground bread. Soak the prunes first, in rum. I’ve done the same with apricots, too.

    And apple cider makes a good marinade for pork, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone following Bill’s blog!

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