Republicans To Blame For Mail-In Ballot Fiasco In Pa

Republicans To Blame For Mail-In Ballot Fiasco In Pa — Carmerla Ciliberti puts the blame squarely where it belongs regarding the results of the November election in her latest podcasts.

She notes that it was the Republicans who controlled both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature when it passed the unconstitutional Act 77 that gave us mail-in ballots.

A court ruling that a circle is square does not make it so.

Carmela also points out that Act 77 was written before Covid was a thing.

Regarding the election, she’s not even blaming vote fraud. She says that the Democrats worked all summer collecting ballots to the point where they were confident enough in victory where they felt no need to debate according to tradition.

The ballots might have even been honestly filled out. Many in this state can’t even name our senators, after all.

Or maybe they were being collected to be filled out as needed as discussed here.

Regardless, majority rule does not trump justice or unalienable rights. Hitler was legally voted into power, don’t forget.

Being discouraged is not an option. We have more hope than we ever did. The sickness was always there but now we have managed to expose it.

Also Carmela points out that mail-in ballots can work and cites Florida where Republicans make up a third of mail-in voters with 25 percent being other.

She also notes God is in charge, wants us to be free and gives a pretty good Bible lesson concerning Moses.

Here is Carmela’s podcast:

Republicans To Blame For Mail-In Ballot Fiasco In Pa
Republicans To Blame For Mail-In Ballot Fiasco In Pa

One thought on “Republicans To Blame For Mail-In Ballot Fiasco In Pa”

  1. Yes, the Republicans did stupidly introduce mail in ballots to Pennsylvania, and I fear that by doing so they steered the state in the direction of one party rule for the Democrats. There will be no more state wide elections with Republican victors, certainly not for governor or US Senator. The Californization of Pennsylvania has begun. All that is left to do for conservative and GOP Pennsylvania residents is to contemplate moving South where their right to vote will not be corrupted by Democrats with their mail in ballots.

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