To 5G Or Not To 5G

To 5G Or Not To 5G

By Bob Small

One of the topics that followed me home from the 2023 Children’s Health Defense Conference was the rush to 5G and the results of that rush.  5 G is the fifth-generation mobile network. 

Delco is part of the whole push to 5 G but first let’s speak of the “alleged” advantages of it.  According to an article in Interesting Engineering 5Gs advantages are speed, reduced interference, reduced latency orresponses between devices, wider bandwidth, and “a revolution in how we communicate.”

Of course, there aren’t any health risks, right? 

Opinions differ.  

Just  one paragraph from the above article:  For example, citing a large body of research on the hazards of exposure to EMF, more than 240 scientists, who together have published more than 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the effects of EMF, have appealed to the United Nations for urgent action to reduce EMF exposure emitting from wireless sources. These scientists also submitted a letter to the FCC, asking it to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5th-generation wireless infrastructure.

The folks at Environmental Health Trust who attended the conference, organized because of these possible risks.  Dangers they cite include the need to build antennas closer to each other which will further an already existing impact on insect behavior, and an increased use of energy.

There are a number of federal bills that address the situation. These are HS 3557, HS 4141, HR 1338, HR 3565, HR 4510, HR 6492 and S 2855. You can review them here.

PECO has already begun their tree-cutting binge in Delaware County, including Swarthmore and Marple.

It’s especially egregious in Swarthmore, which has been designated as a “tree city” and also a “bird town”. 

Oh well, maybe we can be re-designated as a “5G Tower City.

To 5G Or Not To 5G

To 5G Or Not To 5G

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