Tom Wolf Corporate Tool

Tom Wolf Corporate Tool
Tom Wolf Corporate Tool

Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing cutting Pennsylvania’s corporate tax in half — 9.99 percent to 4.99 percent on net income — by 2018.

It’s probably a good thing. Comcast will certainly appreciate it.

And what are corporations but entities created by a legal process? Good lawyers and accountants can minimize net income by creating marketing and administrative expenses  that would other otherwise not be considered. These invariably benefit the lifestyles of those running the corporation.

So good for Wolf.

But we kind of wonder about his priorities. Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the nation — thank you Tom Corbett. It has an extremely burdensome property tax, which puts disproportionate pain on the elderly and unemployed, which to Wolf’s credit he says he wants to address. It also has a sales tax, which,  while on the low end does not account for the reality that the most populated part of the state is a half-hour ride from tax-free Delaware.

The income tax is also on the low end, but that is something Wolf wants to raise.

Overall,  tax burden for a resident of Pennsylvania is in the nation’s to 10.

Yet, the first thing Wolf talks about is cutting the corporate tax.

The ease of living in Pennsylvania does not look like it will improve.

Unless you are a corporation.

Tom Wolf Corporate Tool


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