Austin Forman Triggers Left

Austin Forman Triggers Left –The same unsigned story “debunking” Austin Forman’s internet sensation Pallets Full of Ballots is appearing on small blogs throughout the nation.

You can see it here and here and here and lots and lot of other places.

Austin Forman Triggers Left.
It’s a good song. Check it out here

We know because we are getting pingbacks as we are cited in the article. Apparently our comparison of Austin to Woody Guthrie did serious triggering. Frankly, we are going to walk it back. Austin is far more musically talented that Guthrie ever was and has a much better sense of humor.

It’s beyond weird to subject a poem, song or work of art to debunking. Art, by definition, is not meant to be literal. That such a shrill attempt is occurring is actually an indication of panic. You Democrats really have doubts Biden fairly won the election? Why, then, are you talking a song on the internet so seriously?

There are serious, objective, concerns by credible people of major flaws in the Nov. 3 election. They must be conclusively and fairly addressed for half the nation to respect a Biden presidency.

The real fear is that the cheating is unprecedented and goes beyond simple partisan game playing but involves adversarial foreign powers.

That’s what should be taken seriously. Honest liberals should not hand-wave this away.

Austin Forman Triggers Left.

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