Biden Ran Ukrainian Mob Says Tucker Guest

Biden Ran Ukrainian Mob Says Tucker Guest — You wonder if things can’t get be any worse and then you hear a snippet of an interview of L. Todd Wood that appeared on Tucker Carlson Today.

Tucker Carlson Today airs on Fox Nation which is the subscription service of Fox News.

Wood is the founder of CD Media. He is an Air Force Academy graduate who flew Pave Low helicopters during special operations before leaving the military to become a Wall Street bond trader, then an author.

He recently toured Ukraine, praised the people and damned the government.

“Ukraine is the safe space for the organized crime syndicates of the world,” he said. “These are Bond film-level villains who made a living in a volcano lair . . where they are laundering billions in American aid.”

Note: Congress approved last month giving that nation $40 billion in additonal aid.

Wood said these crime rings ran information operations agains Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

“This is the Deep State safe zone,” he said.

Regarding our current White House resident, Ukrainian politicians and journalists claim he laundered $4 billion through their central bank into off-shore accounts, while Obama’s vice president.

“Joe Biden was essentially running the organized crime rings in Ukraine,” says Wood.

“They call Biden, ‘the American gangster’,” he said.

He also noted the bioweapon lab claims.

Watch the interview snippet here.

Biden Ran Ukrainian Mob Says Tucker Guest
Bond film-level villains?
Biden Ran Ukrainian Mob Says Tucker Guest

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