Billion Dollar Budget Gap

The Pennsylvania House reconvenes  today, June 2, and  will begin finalizing a budget proposal for the  2014-15 fiscal year.  The deadline is the end of this fiscal year which is June 30.

The House will be in session for the vast majority of June to finalize a budget along with other critical legislative priorities, says State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129)

According to the Independent Fiscal Office, year-over-year revenue is actually up, with Personal Income Tax up roughly 5 percent over last year.

Cox says this is indicative of continuing employment gains and a growing economy throughout the Commonwealth.

He points out however that revenue growth overall has fallen far short of expectations, leaving a more than $1 billion budget gap between estimated and actual revenues.

Cox says the full report is in the PDF file at this link.

He notes that budget news can be tracked at the websites and

Comments by legislators about the budget can be heard at


Billion Dollar Budget Gap

Billion Dollar Budget Gap

10 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Budget Gap”

  1. It’s high time to reign in the welfare “gravy train” for illegal immigrants, drunks and those who obviously are playing the system. Pennsylvania will save a half billion in revenue just by purging the welfare rolls and seeing who truly needs it versus those who are abusing it.

    perhaps our “liberal lion” in the senate will finally see the light on how screwed up his ideas are? More importantly, it’s time for those who voted for this scoundrel to wake up!

    1. You are so insensitive. Next you’ll be saying people shouldn’t get 99 weeks of unemployment. Don’t you get that all labor is really done by magic elves and that they are the only ones that need to be taxed.

        1. For every percent of tax increase let’s reduce the salaries of all state employees by the same percent.

  2. Let’s sell the damn state stores and make union contributions against the law.

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