Brazen Fox Of Brookside Road


Brazen Fox Of Brookside Road
This fox (right corner by the shed) was photographed shortly before noon, today, April 24 on Brookside Road at Greenhill Road in Springfield, Pa. It ran around the house a few times fascinating the little girl who watched from her storm door and maybe making her mom a bit nervous.
Brazen Fox Of Brookside Road

12 thoughts on “Brazen Fox Of Brookside Road”

  1. Traditional ways of animal control fail miserably in dealing with this scourge of the suburbs. Homes are too close together for firearms. Errant birdshot will ruin your home siding’s day not to mention grandpa’s.

    And these vermin are far to clever for traps.

    No, it is time to unleash the hounds and bring back the hunt!

    The problem that must be resolved is that horses are also impractical for suburban backyards. Thinking outside the box is needed. The answer is bicyclists. A fox hunt on bicycles. The riders, of course, will wear traditional attire and yes the hunting horn will be kept as is.

    My ideas often do not get a thank you but I will still “you’re welcome”.

  2. Mr. Tarry. You have a very good idea. I say thank you.

    Wouldn’t bicycles be too slow? How about mini-bikes or even motorcycles?

  3. Only problem, Mr.Tarry, is that bikes have to stop for traffic lights, and the fox will cruise right through…

  4. Thank you Positive Thinker for thanking me. You truly live up to your name!

    The reason why motorized two-wheeled vehicles won’t work — although I certainly do respect organizations that do use them such as the Shriners — is because our good friends in the environmental movement may object.

    We need them on board for this to work.

    Further seeing a throng of bicyclist fox hunters in their colorful livery would set a good example as to the importance of physical fitness. You are quite right in that not every citizen would be in condition to participate in a bicycle fox hunt.

    Still those that do will set a fine standard and better our community.

  5. That is a legitimate observation. However, it should be no problem to grant fox hunters the same legal exemptions from traffic signals as funeral processions and emergency vehicles have.

    It would be reasonable of course to require them to sound the hunting horn before proceeding through but that would be about the only stipulation needed.

  6. Mr. Tarry

    I do think you are right. The environment is too important and bicycles will be better.

    Please count me in if you should do this. I am in decent shape and would love to participate.

  7. The Wisdom of a Fox

    A fox once lived with his family in a yard on Windsor Circle in Springfield. One day a nasty dog came round that way, and hearing him prowling round, the fox’s wife became very anxious, for she knew that her young cubs were in danger of being devoured.

    “Do not be alarmed,” said Father Fox. “Whenever the big dogr comes within hearing I will say, ‘What are the babies crying for?’ and you will answer, `They are asking for dog meat.'”

    Presently the big dog came along, and this is what he heard: “What are the babies crying for, my dear?” “Why, they are asking for dog meat; we must find a big.”

    The big dog ran for his life, and at some distance he met a wolf. “Why are you running so fast?” asked the wolf, whereupon the tiger told him what he had heard. “Do not be so foolish,” said the wolf. “Return with me and we may both be sure of a good meal; but in order that you may not leave me in the lurch, let us tie our tails together.”

    This being done they returned, but the wily fox was quite equal to the occasion.

    “What are the babies crying for?” asked he. “For dog meat,” answered his trembling wife. “They need not wait long,” said her husband, “for I have sent a wolf to fetch a dog for us.”

    Hearing this, the big dog fled faster than ever, dragging the wolf, by whom he thought he had been betrayed, upon the ground behind him.
    Thus the fox by his wit had saved his family.Thus the fox by his wit had saved his family.

  8. Using honey badgers is a horrible idea. Hawaii had a rat problem so the arrogant capitalists brought in mongooses to kill the rats unaware that the mongoose hunts buy day and the rat is out at night so the mongoose ate all the birds

    It was an environmental disaster!!

    Trying to use honey badgers to control foxes would just give us honey badgers which are far more vicious.

    A very bad idea.

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