California Billionaire Backs Wolf

California Billionaire Backs Wolf  –Maybe I’ll be voting for Tom Corbett after all.

Tom Wolf, the opponent of Pennsylvania’s embattled incumbent governor, is getting a  $50 million gift from Tom Steyer, an uber-liberal  billionaire from California who is fanatically opposed to the extraction of gas from Marcellus Shale.

Steyer is also promising to cough up another $50 million for Wolf via his NextGen Climate Action PAC.

If Wolf’s friends are people like this 1-percenter he’s not fit to be governor.

California Billionaire Backs Wolf

California Billionaire Backs Wolf


3 thoughts on “California Billionaire Backs Wolf”

  1. Tom Wolfe is a snake…all his plans involve taxing and spending. He will be another “fast Eddy” Rendell just blowing the taxpayers money.

  2. This is another good reason to vote for ken Krawchuck. I will remain a Republican for now, but those Libertarians are starting to look good.

    1. I made the mistake of voting for Perot back in 1992…never again will I vote for a 3rd party candidate so we can end up with dope smoking, fornicating, self centered narcissists like clinton and obama.

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