Gordon Denlinger Seeks Brubaker Seat

Gordon Denlinger Seeks Brubaker SeatState Rep. Gordon Denlinger, the Republican whose 99th District is contained in Lancaster County, is seeking to replace retiring State Senator Mike Brubaker in that body’s 36th District.

It’s a safe Republican district.

Denlinger is the brother-in-law of former State Rep. Sam Rohrer, who is one our favorites here, and is strongly endorsed by taxpayer activist Fran Coppock, who is Sam’s aunt.

On the other hand, taxpayer activist Bob Guzzardi is rather cool to Denlinger’s candidacy noting that Brubaker had not proven himself to be The Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend” and that he fears Denlinger will simply follow his lead. Guzzardi cites Denlinger’s votes for the debt increasing Capital Budget.

Mrs. Coppock simply asks that potential voters and supporters check him out.

Gordon Denlinger Seeks Brubaker Seat

State Senator Ted Erickson Won’t Seek Re-election

State Senator Ted Erickson Won’t Seek Re-election — State Sen. Edwin “Ted” Erickson won’t seek re-election in 2014, it has been announced. Erickson has  has represented the 26th District of Pennsylvania since winning a special election in 2001 after his predecessor Joe Loeper, pleaded guilty to tax-cheating and was forced to resign. State Senator Ted Erickson Won't Seek Re-election

Erickson, 74, is a Republican. He easily won re-election in 2010.

Erickson served on Delaware County Council from 1982 to 1989 before becoming the county’s executive director. Before that his election to county council he had been the chief administrative officer for Upper Darby Township.

Erickson has a Ph.D in biochemistry and micobiology from Bryn Mawr College. Before entering government service he was a tenured assistant professor of biology at Hamilton College where he taught microbiology, biochemistry and general biology. He also taught general biology, anatomy and physiology, cell physiology and zoology at Drexel University and East Stroudsburg State College  He is a former member of the Army Science Board.

State Senator Ted Erickson Won’t Seek Re-election

Politicians And Primal(ary) Fear

Politicians And Primal(ary) Fear — Bill Shuster coming from the most Republican district in Pennsylvania, voted YEA to the bankrupting 2008 Farm Bill but changed his tune this year due to a  serious primary challenge from a competent opponent says activist Bob Guzzardi

He submits for your enlightenment the evidence:

Farm Bill Vote 21 May 2008

Yesterday’s (June 20) vote

“‘Primary’  is the only word incumbents hear,” said Guzzardi and he urged all who cared to support Shuster’s 9th District primary opponent, Art Halvorson

He praised HeritageAction and specifically Mike Henry and Kurt Brown for changing Shuster’s stance regarding agricultural crony capitalism.

He also praised Donna Ellingsen and Jamie Cox who visited Congressman Joe Pitts in the 16th District who had voted NAY in 2008 but appeared to be waffling this time. Guzzardi says Pitts’ district had become “less conservative” and his vote was in question. He did the right thing in the end, though.


Politicians And Primal(ary) Fear

Alieta Eck Will Be On Ballot

Alieta Eck Will Be On Ballot — Political newcomer, Dr. Alieta Eck, submitted nearly 2400 signatures to qualify as a Republican candidate for the US Senate in the New Jersey race to replace the late Frank Lautenberg, reports Don Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC.

The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, along with the Bayshore Tea Party, assisted other conservatives in this effort, Adams said.

While Alieta Eck has not received the media attention that her primary opponent, Steve Lonegan, has generated, she will be a force with which to reckon, Adams said.

“The inherent problem with the almost perennial candidate, Mr. Lonegon, isn’t just his inability to win a statewide primary battle . . . , it’s his baggage and negative tone–which almost guarantees he will lose the general election,” Adams said.

He noted that polls already show Mr. Lonegon badly trailing the likely Democrat Senate candidate.

Alieta Eck, on the other hand, is the real conservative deal, he said.  She practices her conservatism by living it–founding the amazing all-volunteer Zarephath Health Center which provides free healthcare services for the less fortunate.

“Dr. Eck has also fought valiantly against ObamaCare–organizing and leading the medical community in opposition efforts.  And in so doing, she, unlike Mr. Lonegon, has not been handsomely paid by Americans for Prosperity.  Again, she has volunteered her time and expertise,” Adams said.

Adams said that Dr. Eck if nominated, will put a positive, optimistic face on conservatism.  Under the right circumstances, she could, conceivably, pull off a political upset.

He said, however, that Mr. Lonegon is a probable general election loser whose unappealing, negative messaging will drive away independents and set back the conservative cause for years to come.

Alieta Eck Will Be On Ballot

Alieta Eck Will Be On Ballot


Alieta Eck Seeks Lautenberg Seat

Alieta Eck Seeks Lautenberg Seat — A prominent conservative medical doctor and ObamaCare opponent, Alieta Eck, has decided to enter the Republican primary for the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey left vacant by the death of Democrat Frank Lautenberg, reports Don Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association Political Action Committee.

“While our PAC is not endorsing her candidacy at this time, we hope that, if you live in New Jersey, you migt consider helping her gather 1000 signatures  over the weekend and on Monday morning so that her name can be placed  on the ballot,” Adams said. ” Other conservative groups are already circulating petitions.”

Here are two important links–one to Dr. Eck’s website and one to her nominating petitions for download.


Click to access ecksenatepetition.pdf



Alieta Eck Seeks Lautenberg Seat

Rob Ciervo Primarying McIlhinney?

Rob Ciervo Primarying McIlhinney? — Newtown  (Bucks County) Supervisor Rob Ciervo is considering a primary challenge to State Senator Chuck McIlhinney, reports Bob Guzzardi.

McIlhinney is the Republican who is the major obstacle to the privatization of Pennsylvania’s state-owned liquor monopoly and other small government reforms.

McIlhinney ostensibly represents the 10th District although many note that his true constituency appears to be those benefiting from business as usual such as Pat Deon and Gene DiGirolamo.

Ciervo is notably not affiliated with the Bucks County GOP leadership.


Rob Ciervo Primarying McIlhinney?