College Mandates Should Mean Outrage

College Mandates Should Mean OutrageHaverford and Swarthmore colleges along with Villanova University mandates all students be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 to attend classes.

Widener University mandates the vax but cites on its website an allowance for medical exemptions, while Neumann College’s Covid page allows for medical and religious exemptions.

The only Delaware County college being smart is the community college.

“Beginning with the Summer I session and going forward, vaccination will no longer be required for students, faculty and staff,” DCCC’s website says.

Why aren’t parents outraged at the schools that mandate?

Your child must put a drug in his body that remains untested-to-standards; the long-term effects unknown; the concerns about the short term effects legitimate; and the ineffectiveness without dispute, else he can’t attend college, which is now a necessity for a professional career.

You tell us the emotion that should be felt.

College Mandates Should Mean Outrage
College Mandates Should Mean Outrage

5 thoughts on “College Mandates Should Mean Outrage”

  1. Last week, the CDC declared that unvaccinated and vaccinated people are to be treated the same. Kills me how the people who run these “institutes of knowledge” are so incredibly stupid and ignorant.

    stu·pid /ˈst(y)o͞opəd/
    having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

    ig·no·rant /ˈiɡnərənt/
    lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

  2. Our colleges and universities are supposed to be the leaders in science and education. Sadly, we all see them transforming into indoctrination camps.

    I have been telling my daughter for a couple years now, she’s 11, that if she chooses a profession requiring college, and she chooses Liberty University or Hillsdale College, I will help pay for her schooling where scholarships fall short.

    1. Please don’t forget Grove City. It’s a very good school and they don’t take federal funds so they aren’t beholden to the Feds. Also, the cost is unbelievably reasonable. Take a look!

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