Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break

Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break — State Rep. Paul Costa is a party leader whether it be in the Democrat caucus in Harrisburg or in the parking lot before a Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Costa, who has represented the 34th District since 1999 and who had chaired the House Subcommittee on Licensing as a member of the House Committee of Liquor Control during the just-ended Democrat majority, pleaded guilty, Nov. 24, to disorderly conduct stemming from his  Oct. 3 arrest for an incident in the parking lot of Clark Bar & Grill before the Steelers-Ravens game.

Costa was caught passing around a doobie.

In return for the guilty plea, misdemeanor drug charges were dismissed, a nice break since disorderly conduct is a no-record summary offense, whereas a record of a misdemeanor would create difficulties if he should want to do something such as, say, get a liquor license .

Costa paid a $50 fine plus $137 in court costs.

In fairness, minor marijuana arrests are more often than not handled this way in the state.

Costa is 50 years old.


Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break

One thought on “Dem Party Guy Cops Plea Gets Break”

  1. Solon Paul Costa,as a member of the booze committee in Harrisburg, should be familiar with happy weeds. I’d bet a doobie or stick of Mary Jane that he knows a thing or two about what is sold on parking lots before football games.

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