Demons No Power Over Pigs Or Us

Demons No Power Over Pigs Or Us — We may also learn this from what befell the heard of swine. Wicked demons are cruel, mischievous, hurtful and treacherous to those who are in their power.

The fact clear proves this, because they hurried the swine over a precipice and drowned them in the waters. Christ granted their request that we might learn from what happened that their disposition is ruthless, bestial, incapable of being softened, and solely intent on doing evil to those whom they can get into their power.

If there is anyone among us who is wanton, swinish, filth loving, impure and willingly contaminated with the abominations of sin, God permits such a one to fall into power and sink into the abyss of damnation.

It will never happen that those who love Christ will become subject to them. It will never happen to us as long as we walk in his footsteps, avoid negligence in the performance of what is right, desire those things which are honorable and belong to the virtuous and praiseworthy lifestyle that Christ has marked out for us by the precepts of the Gospel.

From a homily of Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church

Demons No Power Over Pigs Or Us
Demons No Power Over Pigs Or Us

2 thoughts on “Demons No Power Over Pigs Or Us”

  1. Even the once good Churches, many have become too rich and powerful and so now many are infiltrated and being “run by demons” and “we their flocks” are now naive following what they now preach just like our now destructive demon governments. Cleaning up many of our Churches will be as hard as cleaning up our elections and law and order, cleaning up big rich sports, big rich international companies and conglomerates buying everything, stealing power hungry, very greedy sick people thinking they are Gods?, but are many many demons. Cleaning them all up is the only answer to save us, “Gods good flocks” from the cliffs edge and recovering back our good real God and the blessings he bestowed on us. He is waiting for us to act and take back the clean goodness of what he has freely given us to protect.

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