Denise George Firing Draws Few Headlines

Denise George Firing Draws Few Headlines — It’s been a week since the Democrats released Donald Trump’s tax returns and no headlines. Yes, if there was dirt in them, there would have been headlines.

It’s also been a week since  US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George was fired after suing JPMorgan Chase alleging the bank failed to report suspicious activity regarding the late Jeffrey Epstein’s accounts in order to garner sweet bucks from Epstein’s pedo-trafficking operation.

Again, no headlines.

Denise George Firing Draws Few Headlines
Yes, she’s a hero

Now, that’s one that would make a thinking person go hmmmm.

There’s no dispute she sued JPMorgan Chase and their’s no dispute she was fired three days later.

An independent press would be a little curious. Real journalists would be asking questions and writing headlines.

You don’t think they are covering up twisted behavior by extremely powerful people do you?

Sorry, stupid question.

Denise George Firing Draws Few Headlines

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