DNA Tests For Obama, Sestak Neckties?


When Congressman and Springfield, Pa. native Joe Sestak told newsman Larry Kane last February that the Obama administration offered him a high ranking job if he would drop out of the Democrat senate primary here’s what really happened.

See, it was former President Bill Clinton who made the offer. Yeah, President Clinton, that’s the ticket.

And it was for a unpaid advisory job on an intelligence board, see. Nothing impeachable, get it? And an unpaid advisory job would tempt anyone to drop out of the race, right?

A tip to President Obama and Congressman Sestak, wash your neckties. You know President Clinton didn’t take the stage in this farce for nothing.

See Thank You, Joe Sestak.

One thought on “DNA Tests For Obama, Sestak Neckties?”

  1. I can’t wait to see what happens next with this. Title 18, Section 600 is pretty clear about interfering with an election by making offers to a candidate to get him to withdraw. It doesn’t matter if the offer has no pay associated with it, or if it’s offered through an agent. I don’t like the idea of a special prosecutor, but our corrupt, er, excuse me, esteemed Attorney General seems reluctant to follow up on this.
    I thought Obama was as bad as Jimmy Carter, but he’s worse. Carter may be a spiteful, bigoted man with leftist ideas, but I think he’s generally honest.

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