Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix

Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix — Elaine Mickman of Lower Merion was a guest tonight (May 22) on Marti Oakley’s national In the Mix show. Her topic was the conflicts of interest and financial motivations of Montgomery County’s court system, and the difficulties in dealing with it with the state shut down.

In the Mix co-host Coz Witten-Skaife has a uncle in Montco whose estate she says was robbed via guardianship. She has a pending court case in Montco.

Listen to the show here:


Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix
Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix

One thought on “Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix”

  1. People should listen to this broadcast. No one knows of the corruption in this county better than Elaine Mickman. The majority of Montco residents have no idea how deep the corruption runs in this county. There are a few of us who have been trying to get the message out. No one seems to be listening.

    This past Thursday, there was a rally in Norristown protesting the lockdown. However, many of the candidates in the race do not know the extent of the corruption in Montgomery County. So are they being indoctrinated by being “endorsed” by the Montco Republican Committee? Or the Montco Democratic Committee?

    I worry that candidates are being seduced by the MCRC Chair Liz Havey. She is close friends with Commissioners Arkoosh and Lawrence, the democrats. Liz is at odds with Commissioner Gale, the Republican commissioner. Does that sound right to you?

    The corruption is bi-partisan, which makes for the most effective corruption throughout the county, and the state as well.

    Be careful when you vote. Find out to whom the candidates are connected. When you vote for a particular candidate, you are also voting for their cohorts, no matter to which party they are affiliated.

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