Elon Musk Calvinism And The Matrix

Elon Musk Calvinism — Hipster captain-of-industry hero Elon Musk is claiming that we live in a computer simulation.

The Bank of America thinks there is a good chance he is right.

Take a moment to laugh — or tremble if you should have an account with BoA — then realize that there is a strand of logic here.

Elon Musk Calvinism
It is inevitable that everyone will be driving this, or not.

Nature follows laws and this makes science possible. It is impossible, however, to account for these laws by nature alone. Even truth itself can’t be found from a recipe.

Obviously, there is something beyond nature. Musk and the BoA analysts appear to be staring at the red pill pondering whether to take it.

We encourage them. They will not find the Matrix though. The reality that awaits is not Agent Smith but God.

Read the Bible, Elon. It’s a good thing.

Elon Musk Calvinism

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